Saturday, December 5, 2015

Steve Berman- hypocrite and sell out.

When I see he's favorited or whatever it was a Radnich tweet?,THEN read him whine that 95.7 banned him? I say I had him right on.
He as you well know "banned" me for a bogus made up reason..never telling readers the local franchises and KNBR were not happy with me.
See? Thats why he 's posting that his site is a waste of his time. He's spinning wheels while his family waits for him to get a real job. NOW,if he wasnt cookie cutter- I would have supported the guys blog.

Dont tell me its not done that way. I'm too old to care what the excuses are.

Maybe he could use his site to push Gamblers- call now for FREE info!- the kick back is pretty good I hear.