Monday, December 28, 2015

The ALL Testosterone Bay Area News Team.

The guys that dig chicks,and chicks dig them. The kind of guys who the counter woman gushes at and he in turn smiles and gives her a wink and a thank you. Chicks love that.
Now,if anybody named disagrees,contact me and I will tell the world they are not virile. I want to be fair.

Reggie Aqui. Just started,but young and full of energy in a city of beautiful woman starved for a good man. Anchor man no.1 Woman dig a man who shrugs to make his cuff links show. Maybe adjust the tie. Yeah,I know all the tricks. For my newest book....

I think you have to go with Raj Matai as co anchor. He and Reggie do look alike,but that's not  why I picked Raj. You should have seen him make Tu Vey melt on  "Check Please". She was a puddle of water. He likes to flirt that Raj.ho-ho-ho as they say in France. I bet Raj has a few F buddies around San Joezee.

Weather guy? I think the height,the deep voice, the Elvis sideburns...Paul Deano. He I bet, has the leaning over and down soooo close to the ladies down to a science. He's not a weather guy to drive a Prius.

Sports? Again Mark Carpenter. The other sports guys? Are for the all Viagra team. Not youngsters.Jason Applebaum uses blow up dolls. He has his needs.
 Mark 6' 5" and likes to do extreme sports. I think. The ladies wonder if he's extreme in ..hee-hee-hee. He only buys Ray-Bans. No cheap stuff.

Special Interest story reporter? Stanley Roberts. Yeah,he gets all the high society ladies hot and bothered as they dream of dark ethnic meat from a local celebrity. He's even got the name....

If you look like any of these guys? NO excuse not to do well in the department of Amore.

Again,If you feel I've wrongly portrayed you?,I will do a correction if asked. No problemo.