Monday, December 28, 2015

The ALL WOMAN News team of powerful pheromones. Makes men moan.

Heather Holmes no.1.  She oozes sexy. Her eyes twinkle. Every womanism she has is hot. She's not wasting her nights.
no.2  Natasha Zouvres. Its a tough call between her and Jessica Aguirre or Janelle Wang. I just think Natasha is who you ask to the prom. Or an exciting tonight-wink-wink. Julliette Goodrich. I bet she's good is right...
Weather Woman: Another hard call. Rosemary Orazco has the model looks and height, Roberta Gonzalez has the sex kitten thing going and the ample bosoms. I think Annie Hong is a woman that fits the pheromone thing..the longer you look at her the more she draws you in. You feel something.
Sports anchor. Ann Nakano has L.A. looks,N.Y. sofisteecation. I actually thought she was a national anchor turned local. She likes guys a bit muscular and dark. Hmm,I know somebody like that. Kate Scott would be there- fantastic legs and hints of an open minded sexual woman. I like the sound of that. Mindy Bach- looking good on a guys arm. Thats the second most important attribute to a woman according to men.

Metering lights observer: Robin Winston. Cleavage galore and a rarity- a dark skinned black woman. uh-huh,mmmm. She knows how to look good. No pantsuits and hushpuppys for Robin.

So If any of these woman want to say I'm wrong?..well,I'm not. Case closed.