Monday, December 21, 2015

The day Gary Radnich fixed a fight to have Muhammad Ali knocked out.

He last month he showed a photo of "Some computer heavyweight fight I promoted in 1972" know when he was a shameless promoter.

That brought out my light bulb. I remember that. It was pay per view at a theater. It was Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali IF they ever fought. Radnich even said on kron4 "I paid some guy for computer work"

It was so obvious,Radnich was playing on the hate Ali generated with old time boxing fans who didn't like an uppity colored man.

So what did happen in that fixed "computer generated fight" ?...It turns out that Rocky Marciano knocks out Muhammad Ali in the 14th round!

That would never have happened! know that.

That goddamn Radnich..such a weasel self promoter. "Proud Family man"...LOL. He would hold hands with the klan if it made money.

Let me add that...even then being very young I knew why it was made that Ali then at his near best was made out to lose. Of course the "fight" was created to teach his kind a lesson.Also, I had no idea who KRONs future sports "Director" was back then so no possible bias.

Raddy..the real Raddy exposed.

ps. Raddy that day on kron sure as hell didn't mention who fought..and lost. Hell no brutha.

pss "Proud family man" hold hands with crooked gamblers on knbr!