Friday, December 25, 2015

Warriors have transcended self doubt.They have conquered satisfaction..

What I mean is,reality says that 28-1 in the NBA in 2015 is an impossibility. No team can concentrate so much to win 99% of its games that far into the season. 20-9 ok,that would be great and most teams would lord that over the writers as true greatness. Except for the Warriors.
They are perpetually hungry to win..every possession they are possessed. The last time I saw that? John Woodens UCLA Bruins that went 73-1 over three years with Walton. Every team made a run at them...every team wilted. Notre Dame got lucky more then UCLA lost.
The Warriors are making the pro's look like 1970's college ball domination.
Kerr?  He's just along for the ride. Lacob I notice isn't flaunting "if it aint broke don't fix it" with public complaints or the opposite- bragging. Smart guy. Me and him should hang. I have a few brilliant ideas on how to cure cancer.
That's good. Start with the Warriors and end with all about me. The good life!

I put all the effort to write this...and it gets half the views of my cat's thoughts post. Its true- people love cats and hair talk. Whatdaya know?