Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weirdest thing Gary Radnich ever did.

In my opinion?  He went on Comcast and told how he had talked to Richie Lieberman and they agreed to a verbal shake of hands and peace. He said it with dead set sincerity. He even thanked Richie for once selling to Radnich's daughter a Volkswagen for a few hundred bucks. "Rich has to do what he does,and I respect that".. I know Kate Scott was shaking her head the whole time,Krueger and Mike the producer gritted teeth. "Richie and I are friends". All said on camera.

48 hours later Radnich says--out of the blue,nobody had said a word about RL- "I tossed Richie a bone" "See,that's how you do it..he just wants something to chew on" and Radnich was throwing his head back and shrugging his shoulders like a mafia Don laughing at those stupid cops. "That's how you handle a guy like that"  "I remember when Rich would ask me for some insider info. Why would I do that for somebody like him?" "Never trust a guy like that".

Oh man,was that bizarre. In two days? With no reason? In Public. Hypocrite,strange and I think a perfect example of a Bordeline Personality Disorder. Praise somebody with sincerity to high heaven,then turn on them for no reason. Especially when it happens in 48 hours. Man he's got some real issue's that Radnich.

It tops berating the old Piano teacher, or driving through red lights or maybe even taking Vicodin right before he all that.