Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why is there nobody great in local sports radio?

Mediocre,bad takes,outright stupidness,not funny but think they are, and only the gamz integrates.-and that's not prime time spots for them.

See this what gets me- Tom Tolbert gets highest ratings...but only because unlike the others its because he isn't bizarre or says stupid things often. Bizarre includes paid reps of the local teams and those totally different personalities from show to show,format to format like radio to tv. So Tom wins by being normal or default as they say. That's a real low bar.

I'm waiting for the Bill Walsh of sports talkers.

 I'm telling you all,if Lowell Cohn had done a second job at being a radio host,that would have been close to a great radio host. Maybe that's why big radio bizz didn't make an offer. Why KQED never had him do an hour or so of sports talk?..what a waste. His theme song? "Under my thumb"...hee.

Bruce? eh,when he does the Bronx barroom shows he ain't lived like he thought he has. Guests like Bruno are somebody else's game- be original with guests. Not like better Bruno's are hard to find.

I know when I said I never thought the day would come the Warriors would get a better Rick Barry in Curry? I think its a sure thing I will never hear that great sports talker I can enjoy in my lifetime. Oh well.