Thursday, December 10, 2015

Will Barry Thompkins cost Stanford another Heisman Trophy?

I can hardly wait to find out who he votes for. As you all well know,Toby Gerhart lost by ONE vote. And what local would vote against our own? Barry Thompkins that's who. He voted for Colt McCoy- who was injured and never played a full season!.
That vote had "payback" written all over it since Barry at the time did Stanford Football TV casts. Imagine biting the hand- and for no reason given- that fed you?
It had to be a beef between Thompson and.. Harbaugh who is so lovable ( my choice- Am I right Barry? Of course I am) Stanford administration? Wasn't paid enough? They never sent him a Christmas card?
The fact the media revealed his vote gives you an idea of the anger he created. I'm not the only one to say to Barry- what gall!.
Imagine taking that away from Gerhart because the head coach didn't defer to some part time TV announcer.  That is low.