Thursday, December 24, 2015

You got yer rains.

I don't mind the rains so far. I hate the cold mornings when its clear. That near freezing should be illegal in the bay area. I hate cold.

So far the damage report is one soggy newspaper. How it could be totally soaking wet IN a plastic bag just a couple of hours after hitting my driveway?

I do miss the flooding we used to get before all the new storm drains went in 30 years ago. I do!..It was cool to see a near Rio Stan in front of the house. What a shame kids in the bay area don't see that in summer when you could float boats and stuff. No,we get all our rains in cold winters. A demerit to the climate.

Christmas eve. Did I tell you last year I was bad and all that happened was Santa's Reindeer left droppings all over my car windshield as they flew past my house? Talk about smear!..bada- boom.  Kids like that joke.

Back to the Almond Roca's I was given as a pre Christmas gift. Or,maybe it was for C-day,and I just got hungry...