Saturday, December 31, 2016

Raider season of lame ducks and now dead ducks.

Hard to be excited when the Davis household is still got a grip on the team.
But I tell you 100%..Mark's Karma did in Carr's Karma. It was a totaled collision.  A tax write off for Mark. Free.

Stan even better then weatherman at predicting the weather..

Last week I tweeted no way to the frigid temps predicted this week. Teens to twenty's. I said "mid 30's". I know my 21st century bay area weather let me tell you.
Guess who was right?
I guess I DO know everything!

More on why tweet blog ect..

Besides the other two posts on it I left out "Changing the World one post at a time". About sums it up.

Trump sounds like an angry blogger/tweeter type.

Who is now President of the USA.  crazy.  He doesn't have the temperament is right.
Don't blame me. I didn't vote for him.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Watching "Despicable me" alone isnt fun.

Follow this..I recorded a few months ago Despicable Me part 2. So,later me and the 5 year old sit down and watch it. Do you know,I started to get into it? It was making me laugh.and anything that made her laugh makes me laugh watching her laugh. At the end I thought "They make these kids movies pretty clever now a days"
So a couple of weeks ago I record the original Despicable Me,that I had never seen. Well,the Holidays and all that keeps her busy..And one night there's nothing on. So's I decide to watch it.  After 15 minutes I hadn't laughed once and was bored to death,I actually felt a bit stupid. Turned that off.
It came to me..these movies have to be watched with a kid. A 5 year old who laughs at the sight of minions,or a fart sound. That's about 95% of watching these movies...the other 5% is admiring the artwork and you know that goes quickly to "what else is on?"
Its like when she says "I got a boo-boo at school"..its a  million dollar cuteness.

Kira Klapper dressed to kill and thrill today.

Wow.  Anybody ever see her and Rosemary Orozco in the same room at the same time?  I admire you if you have.
How much farther would she have gotten if she changed that crazy last name?

Prince,MJ,George Michaels..what 80's music star is next?

Boy George?..80's stars are dropping like flies now. Madonna?..It started with the guy from "Big Country"..then the guy from "INXS" offed himself doing the David Carradine belt turn- on, trick. Killed them both.
To see them come out of nowhere to be stars...then big stars...then realize its been 25 years since a last classic's hit for them....then,to write how they've been gone for a few years. Life is too short on the good parts..waaay too long on the bad.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Curry...More Lincecum then Mays.

By that,its a certain play with your legacy,take needless risks.  I thought for SURE Lincecum was going to get a bronze statue one day. That right now is a cloudy event.  Tim,did things in his off seasons that brought his career to a screeching least in production.
Curry? Last night did EXACTLY as I wrote a few days ago...Warriors start to run away...he goes all vain and showboats..the other team- and its every team now- makes a big comeback on his stupid loop passes,blind passes...they never work. Auto-turnovers. Its why Curry is stumbling for him...the 3's are not falling like rains..and he has to depend on Durant to save the team.
I would have thought when he slumps,he would put his nose to the grindstone,instead he sort of goes into denial.
Like Lincecum did,not Mays.

Tweeting.blogging..all that. 21st century Crossword puzzle solving.

My Father loved to do the NY Times crossword puzzle every day decades ago. Filled it out too on his lunch breaks as a clerk. Sort of a one man operation with his own work shed"office" for the Railroads.
I think my Blogging and solving problems of the world in text?..same thing. No money is made,no fame or adoration-lol. Not that I know of.
Keeps my mind sharp. Nothing worse then a dull razor- right?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bi Polar people are the luckiest people in the,la,la....

As long as I'm being Mr. Sensitive lately,let me tell you I've known people who were bi polar- officially,not self diagnosed. Like you might think of people who go to therapists and groups and all that,they were bright woman. One told me a funny story of getting so high on what they used to call manic depressive, mania,she went out and bought a new motorcycle.  She had no idea on how to ride a motorcycle. Now,she owned one.
Another,a young beauty told me one day she drained her savings account and handed out money on the street in Berkeley.  Man,to be there when a young beauty not only talked to you..she GAVE you money.
Me? When I go down..there is no luck that it gets "balanced" with binging on joyful things. Let alone senseless joyful things.
My best best is to get really old and senile-lol. Its depressing to think about that.

New Girl....KNTV's Vianey Arana..

Ha,She's funny. Vivacious..and of course very attractive. No shrinking violet. Why,If I was only  two or three.....decades younger..
She might have to change that ethnic first name. Something more American sounding like "Jane". Or Madison- sophisticated.
Well,those aren't the best ideas maybe-wink.

Why did George Lucas even pick Carrie Fisher?..I tell you..

Of all the beauty's in did the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debby Reynolds even get in George Lucas radar?  He didn't want Michelle Pfeiffer?
Its the old Hollywood system..she's connected,George see's that if he chooses her,funding becomes easier and the Studio's approve all for his movies.
Same for Jamie Lee Curtis. She has no face,no acting talent that stands out. So,why would she walk past budding starlet models to be hired for Jason movies or even more incredibly the star in "Perfect"? her best JLC was far from perfect,more like a 3 with a nice body...but she was given those roles. Connected.
Its crazy how some talented people are given a firm salute when they die...and that's it. Others who have nothing but lots of fluff and connections..get the near saint treatment send off.

Studio's in Hollywood think people in the audience can't put 2 and 2 together as to how the media runs.
Well,I can. I can even put 3 and 3 together.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Science trivia...

If you stood on a Neutron star ( you can't) and held up a teaspoon of the star to a height of three feet,then let it slip off the super spoon you used? It would hit the floor at a speed of FORTY FIVE MILLION miles per hour.  That small size of neutron star would also I should tell you weigh about as much as 1,500 Great Pyramids of Giza.
Neutron stars are interesting..Science thinks that they have a crust of diamond about 9 feet thick and under that...they don't know. It could actually be a superfluid denser then diamond. Comprehend that.

Neutron stars are so dense that when an object does hit them that because of the speed of the spinning star- hundreds of rpm to possibly thousands ..that strange things happen. A mountain sized asteroid would instantly be absorbed and flattened equally over the whole diameter of the star..about the size of the Earth.
Get this, star quakes from that cause rips in the surface to ALWAYS run north to south and as I understand it some kind of instant mountain ranges rise a few inches..then sink. All that releases enough energy to be emitted by the star to pretty much exterminate any life on any planet within light years. Lucky for us one we saw was 50,000 light years away,a full half a Milky Way galaxy in still screwed electronics on Earth.
All,from sinking a few inches.
Fun to learn.

Come to think of it..Japan's Tsunami that we see on programs all the time like a great black wave..was caused by Japan being moved eight feet.  Very large things are not supposed to make sudden moves.

Pregnant again??

Is that a bump on Kari Hall?  Is that another bumperoo on the new girl on Ch2?
The old days of no kids to work as an anchor on TV is dead. No Connie Chung or Leslie Stahl and old school News woman giving up on mom casting.
What a stupid idea that was. No kids just so you can read the news thinner?..

I want to "unlike" the World on my Facebook.

If I had one of those.
Hell,make it the Universe. Think big I do.

Star Wars actress and 80's singer show drugs take a toll.

Both had made enough and were taking in enough comfortable income to last for another century. So,what does it say  Larry the Mormon Hobo will outlast them?
I'm worried what Tylenol has done to me...


It seems like its been months since we saw sunny 70's. But I guess that was in November. Amazing how fast you can forget what a true warm day feels like. Its like when you get a really bad flu.. after a few days,you forget what being healthy feels like.
80's ,90's? We had those just weeks ago. Feels like last year.

Monday, December 26, 2016


What we could do with that huh?  You know,give me 38 billion and I will say you are my friend too. And mean it!

Where's Heather Holmes?

Hmm.Haven't seen her in a while.  I'm seeing the new one and the returnee's from babay making. No Heather.
I KNEW that bumblebee shirt was bad luck!

I can tell you what the Warrior weakness is....

No composure. The big names let fame go to their heads. Especially Curry. Last year in the 7th game,it couldn't have been more immature of the guy than to make a behind the back pass with a minute to went into the stands. That's the kind of thing "Stoned Larry" would do on the playground while laughing his head off.
I see it all the time with Curry...the Warriors start to get a big lead vs a team that has played them close..Curry then fires up a prayer 3 pointer from 35 feet away. It misses badly..then other team with a short court comes right back with easy points,the Warrior's momentum is now gone.

Klay-ups. He's got some thing about easy layups..he over thinks and blows the easiest of baskets. Its a career trend for him also.

But the Christmas Cleveland game..14 point lead,9 minutes left and the big four just passed the ball like they had no ability to slow the off the clock. No,the faster Cleveland played in desperation to catch up...for some strange reason the Warriors tried to outdo the chicken with the head cut off routine.
I never see Kerr pull a Warrior out of a game like say a Popovich would for very selfish and bad play. Kerr is the "friend coach" and the team walks over him too often.

The Warriors have a talent loaded team..but don't play smart.

I think, Joe Lacob needs to get Kerr to hire an assistant coach who will COACH passing fundamentals on this team-spend hours on drills. Get their heads out of the clouds. Too many times Curry and company think they are superhero's.
They ain't.
Curry is not the 3 pointer he was the first half last year..that phase of his life came and passed..he needs to work on solid fundamental play. Is he playing to win or playing to impress Stoned Larry?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 1965.

Just  child..but I remember it was rainy and these songs were played all the time on the radio or my brothers phonograph.
 What THEY were playing on TV and radio.
What my brothers were playing.

Maybe more later...

Merry Christmas..!

Yes,we did the family thing,presents and food!. cats got bacon too.

Merry Christmas to most of you!

Others..the usual feeling. Mark Davis got his lump of well deserved coal for Christmas didn't he?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

I had privately put a curse on Mark Davis..oh boy did it work.

I was going to post "I put a curse on you Mark Davis" but then I forgot to write it out on this old blog.

How neat would it have been now huh? Well,I guess Mother Oakland took her anger out..I got that out in time.

I still got my Voo-Doo-Doo-Doo curse on him. I hope it hits closer to home on the next round.

Mark Davis shows no loyalty to Mother Oakland.

Mother Oakland gave birth to the Raider franchise,and Mark Davis leaves her in the cold.

You notice that famed Raider talk of "family and loyalty" has been on the down low.

Why does David Carr talk like Elvis?

"I first of all want to thank today's win to Red,the Colonel,and Mama. Thank you very much"  "Lord almighty I was just a burn'in out there on the field....thank you very much"
Then Carr at the Podium did some air Karate Chops and a high kick....

Thank you,thank you very much.

Friday, December 23, 2016

More reasons to not like smarmy Tiger Woods. He plays with Trump.

Obama had Curry..and the nowhere Woods I imagine, was busy at whore houses all over the world. Steroid cheat and big Chump man. Wood's woody for Trump..
At least Tiger Woods is now as relevant a golfer as the guy won the Pee Wee golf Championship.

Rain. Sure. We need it. uhuh.

Uh ...Now that we got the cheer and mantra out of the way. Let me say,I've had enough today already to last the rest of the year.
I'm going to put my chin on the windowsill and look forlornly out at the empty lot next door. Count the hanging dead leafs on the tree's. Not a good looking chick for miles I bet. Nothing to break the monotony of today.
Rain...sure..good to see. Yep.

Why does the Bible people say "Ye" or "forsaketh"?..ha.

Mid century British slang was popular 2,016 years ago? lol. I get it..the pious belief in the Holy Book and all that. But,those stories in their don't jibe with my getting older and becoming  lay scientist type.
So there's that blend in me that chuckles at some radio preacher telling his flock the Lord punished the tribe of Egyptians by drowning their swine. lol..seems awful petty for a creator of the whole frickin universe to get into tribal rumbles. Not too mention,taking it out on innocent piglets minding their own business thinking piglet thoughts in a meadow.
It goes on and on like that. Like don't worship your neighbors manservant as a 10 commandment. Ok,I promise I wont worship that.  Zoe Dechannel,Scarlett Johansen I could worship. Heck before she left I felt pangs of worship for Kate Cagle before she left KRON.
But,I digress.
I get it.  Christianity just isn't going to be let go of anytime soon. Same for all the other religions and the superstitions they hand down. We all want to think something big watches over us and steers bad things away. We don't want to reason...why does he send bad things to us to begin with?

The way they talk was the start of this. It still makes me laugh to hear all the pronouncements in the Kings English Ebonics.

All the good media still good.

What more can I say about that? It would be boring to dish out compliments for everyday good work,and it would also be boring to write.
So? If I don't rip you..then you know you haven't crossed lines. If you are mentioned a lot in a negative way by me..that's what you are. You can live with it I'm sure.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

When Pam Moore reads to little black girls in the ghetto....

"Now girls,before I start I want you all to notice something. I am much lighter skinned then all of you".
THAT'S what I think she gets out her social work.  I don't see her really making an effort to read to the Swedish Montessori school of Saint Frank.

I'm tired of winter already. I need to plant something...

Tomatoes,Jackfruit,something. Sick of the morning cold and the low sun in my eyes. That ain't natural. I don't have a permanent tan from being an arctic dweller. I'm people of the sun. Damn,I should have moved to soucal in 2004 when I had the best chance.
No,none of this Woolly Mammoth hunting by great was warm days,city's of eternal springs. 80 in the day,65 at night just the way I would like it.
Being 37 degree's north of the equator could be worse- Kansas City. It could also be better- Bermuda.
But I want the sun light to stay more even too..none of this short and long day stuff we have in the temperate zone. Subtropics sounds like civilized weather.
For me,a civilized person of the sun.

I told you Kanye West burned his mind out on crack.

Or something like that. You think all those photos of him almost cross eyed is because he has a vision problem? Astigmatism?
His out of control for nothing is drug induced addled brains. I mean Taylor Swift set him off. What more proof do you need?..oh,that's right,he loves Trump and Trump loves him- boom,even bigger proof!

I sweat the small stuff all the time. Here's my musical why...

Can't help it. I  know what I know. Feel what I feel. Whoo,death might be a relief I think.. sometimes. Other times..its just rotting away for no good reason-lol. So,best I get in my truths while alive.
But,as Dr.Phil once said to me- "Don't tell me your problems" I now return to the musical part of our program...
Of course, I also feel that some DESERVE the pain. They could use more...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Greg Papa ripped off Bill King. Why doesn't somebody say it?

When I said on 415 Media Radnich talks about everybody but the man he ripped off- Eddie Alexander,its equally true that Greg Papa came to Raider football with an almost identical sound, TD call for years very Bill Kingish. He's changed it since then to be more like the Gooooooooooal Latino announcer. Once a thief always a thief,But,I digress.  Papa's start locally couldn't have been more King 2.0 and that explains why Papa has never said the words "Bill King" on 95.7. Not once.

Amy G. not moving on. The true sad news is neither is the rest of the sports media. None of them would be missed.

The more I see Amy G. getting ripped by Trump voters,the more right she must be. Unlike the rest of the media..she's open that her job is to make the team look good.
Then you have the sports journalists who spend a whole life catering their cajones to the local team corporations and THEY look down at a Amy G? That's a hoot. That's a hardee har har.
She tells no lies about telling no  lies.

Why cant we gather the bay area sports media and send them to the front line?

Not a one would enlist. I'm so tired of these right wing sports heads being GIVEN free money for opinions that are wrong.,stupid and half baked. That's when they try.

KNBR and the Game along with Yahoo are all advertising supplements who pretend they have opinions. I've lost  count of the how many liars go on air and claim "Management NEVER tells me what I can and can't say" ..what a load of crock.  At least an Amy G. would admit..she's there to put a best light on the team that pays her. But the Bruce's and Papa's and Radnich..all sleep with who is the team of station's choice while giving you "the truth". Phffffft to that my friends.

Look at Bay Area Sports Guy's blog. Its dead in the water. His "media" column was the most interesting part of his blog/dot com.  Its now about as timely as Nixon threw out the first ball. Is he really making a living off of that? For a commercial enterprise it has no point. HE sold out.

Yahoo? Had high ratings in the beginning. So,with views now getting out..they watered it down to the Tim,Ray and Ann show. Shockingly- those three seem to agree on everything.  Whats not serious? They all agree about that.  Who is wrong?  They all agree. Something fishy once again in bay area media.

This market is so glass walled to somebody with a different take, its just rolls up like a potato bug and rolls into a hole when that person crosses their path.

The audience they pander too? Its all red state. In a blue state. To me this is where the fix is in. Its keeping power as is, as always.

Whew! Hot in Hayward on shortest day of the year.

I saw 67F. Needed my shades. Now,move here and gentrify!

Greg Papa- the Idiot's smart man.

I have to laugh at what the King of Narcissism and animal cruelty jokes puts out there on 95.7  He's the pinnacle of whats wrong with Sports radio- cronyism and retreads..Lund to KNBR,Bruce to 95.7, Dumbkoff and Middle man to 1050..Dibs to 95.7
Uh,you notice there is no retread of people of color? One and done if your of color. If Rod Brooks is dumped by KNBR?..he ain't going to be hired by 95.7  Rod who? Done what for 18 years?

That's why sports media is the most racist and stupidest media in the world. Including the bay area.

Papa  on Andy Luck? blows.

Papa? I would rather be a nerd then YOU,a turd.
Take that.

One more on  Greg Papa. He says "It tears Mark Davis heart out to move!". Yeah,Papa sucks Mark Davis like a little whore.
Mark Davis when it comes to money has no heart or loyalty to Oakland fans. Like Dad.

To Obama's discredit...he hasnt fired the FBI director.

Whats the point? The FBI director ignored directives. So,fire his ass.
Obama's weak points are coming out now. The chance to do something..and he hesitates. I was listening to KPFA an African American woman was telling truths of how Obama when he was first elected had the majority of the House and Senate like Donald Chump has right now.

Only Obama wasted years trying to be bi partisan president of all time. All he could have done those years. Sure Obama has been the most progressive president in decades..but he had much more all there in front of him.

Obama wanted to make his enemy's like him,respect him. 8 years later he should get they just laughed at that.

A Happy Christmas song for you...Kool kats and hipsters alike.
Crank it up dude!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

You watch. The Blue States that turned red for Trump? WILL ONLY GET WORSE..

I know Trump types. Now,he's going to get them for being blue in the past. He's not going to life a finger to generate any change. What he might do? Is like he did with the NY ice rink and Carrier..pure PR.
The rust belt will wish they just had the rust as before...Trump will cause a collapse.

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Trumps affects wont be felt soon". I'm hearing and reading that everywhere.

Let me tell you..don't take that as reassuring. I'm old enough to tell you there is a lag,a residual affect that WILL be felt years from now. I wouldn't doubt there are school kids today who will read when they reach college that an action done by the Trump administration is now wreaking havoc on name them. Ecology? Culture?,Economy?....WATER.
Americans who wanted change let the drunken, crazy, genie with a comb over, out of the bottle.Or tanning booth.

Jim Kozimor not even doing half Yahoo shows anymore. Why?

Its not like he has something else bigger. He might have rubbed somebody wrong? I doubt his last contract said..a 50% cut in hosting duties.
Illness?  Bora-bora for Kozimor?
Who knows.

Claudine Wong takes Hayward city manager down a peg.

Hayward hired some ice queen power blond who is SURE she is too cool for school and too smart for you.
She gave Claudine in an interview the runaround,double talk..just obfuscation big time about the resignation of yet another Hayward official. This time the Police Chief. The City Manager actually tried to stare down Claudine Wong.
I hand it to the KTVU reporter who might not excel at happy talk..but you try to outsmart her and she's in yer face. Her questions really pointed out the manager was being a weasel,and avoiding giving out info to the public.
Yeah,it was one of the best news interviews this year of anybody at any station.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

KRON's Jeff Pierce a disciple of Mike Hegedus and a bigger disciple of Rod Serling...
Close as I can come writing out that style. Like,each story is from another dimension....

How cold was it?

Cold enough to melt the leafs of the Red Banana. Ornamental,its not a fruit giver. My edible Banana? Much better..singed a bit,but green. Fingers of ripening banana's hanging below.
That's the garden update of the day.

Why do we Tweet local Tv people?

You know I've sent a few out there. I'm not sure why! But I do know when they take the time to answer you..its hard to go back to "And what a rack she has!"..or "Damn,It looks like his nose came right off the banana boat".  I might be defeating years of well earned anger from dealing with the internet co inhabitors. I wouldn't call them trolls...but  I'm sure a few people would. Or, just the world in general.
So  now asking questions of mostly normal people has to require a change in direction. I don't see myself getting into "you suck" tweets. I'm usually a take the first punch guy. Then the gloves are off. With me,they are leather garden gloves for the most part..damn cacti have thorns.

Maybe I Tweet out of curiosity. Boredom next to a keyboard. Key- bored,is a perfect name for what the PC use is.
Well,I'm a hoping I don't say something I meant well at,taken wrong. Laura Anthony is such a sourpuss.....Her hubbie best not EVER pinch her cheek.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Who are the degenerate woman according to Google views?

Well,for interest I typed that phrase into google. I KNEW nothing X rated would come up..but I wanted to see what the term would show.
Guess what? Mostly White,liberal,college educated woman showed up. Followed by middle eastern woman for some reason.
Nothing about a woman and Greg Papa and a hole in the ground. No..its now a conservative's political term if you can believe that.
Hillary believes  me.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump stirring up shit already. Just what you want from yer PUSA.

He never fought in a war- deferments like all republican hawks. So now he's talking big shit as,I hate to even write it..leader of the free world.
Yeah,its great China is flying bombers near Japan and taking our research buoy's as of today I heard.

But Trump admires the KBG agent in charge of Russia. Its fits Trumps idea of who he is and who he wants. Like I said,Trump thinks of himself as royalty..his kids divine beings from his loins. Like aristocrats think.
Its why Trump..plain jane american...went after woman who spoke in some Euro accent. That's his fetish,his dream society.
I never thought this country would sink so low as to elect the worst of the worst.  Where's his tax returns? Where's the "bigger then Watergate Hillary emails?"  Whats his plan other then to tear down a century of civil advancements? He's president wrecking ball.

I dont get how Christian conservatives forgave him with "We wanted a leader not a pastor". So,why were they all aghast at Bill Clinton?  So,if morals dont mean much to them deep down..what is it with Trump?
Racism. You see who answers my posts on internet politics? rabid,"Purge this country" types. Like the crowd worked up by Hitler. I ain't the only one to say that. Hit man had his seig heil..Trump has his little pinkie finger in the air and his Angus Young (AC/DC) lips flapping away. Getting the racist feelings stirred up in America.
If Donald Trump thinks a nuclear weapon will solve a problem? He will do it.

I see only bad things for four years. Impeach him or pray for a soldier to convert to islam in the SS.

I complain,95.7 heard.

I posted on 415 media that the new guy has pipes that co hosts with Papa..and his mic sounds like its right over his mouth...Papa by comparison sounded like he was at the other side of the table and a "Do you hear me now" kind of thing.
Today they fixed it I noticed.
My power in the media grows by leaps and bounds. Unless my shoes get untied and its bounding and tripping. Its happened before. Nike makes such slippery shoelaces,don't want to stay knotted...

Roberta Gonzalez with best weathercast of the year...

Today: " We need a break, from-taking-in-all-SEVEN-inches"  Oh,yes yes- tell me more! Marylin Monroe could not have done a better forecast.
Stan Bunger gave stone silence. To enjoy what he just heard no doubt...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oakland Berkeley hills ignored by weather peeps.

The hardest rains I ever felt happened in the Oakland hills. It was what a tropical monsoon must be like. Wipers full blast,I could barely see. The roof of the car was pelted by huge drops.
By the time I got to Hayward..that rain was just...rain. Nothing big.
Now,the locals give Oakland rainfall from the Oakland Museum..not reliable and never seem to match the rest of the eastbay..well,the definition of not reliable. So,I propose they get a weather meter up high.
PLUS- People in the Oakland-Berkeley hills care about the weather I bet more then flatlanders who worry about gangsta teenage neighbors much more. On a commercial basis- who's likely to watch for hills stats? People who can afford to buy things. A sort of win win for weather watchers.

What I want for Christmas..

G.I. JOE. Hot Wheels and lots of track. Slot cars..H.O. trains. A ten speed Stingray Bike- metallic blue with TWO stick shifts. I will be good forever if I get one,I promise.
Spirograph,Creepy Crawlers- that make those little rubber spiders and worms and cool things. A Microscope. Those are so great. A Telescope- see what I said about microscopes.
Lots of Army men,Civil war and Dinosaurs. Ice age Mammoths. Those curved tusks are sooo cool.
James Bond car. Batman's car.
Drawing pads,colored pencils, I could spend hours drawing Raiders and Animals.
An Ant farm..just watch them dig tunnels. They looked happy.
A new VOIT basketball. Those always put a smile on my face.
So,now just waiting for the Sears,Penney's and Montgomery Ward's Christmas catalogues to get here.
I can hardly wait!..

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chronicle sports writers poo-poo Oakland's offer. "Just stalling" says Killion.

Figures- right?

Why did Donald Chump bring his daughter and son in law to a meeting??

How is that ethical?? THEY still are in business aren't they?

Whats going on ? Why is he breaking all ethics if not laws with no consequences?

Gary Radnich takes legal action vs 415 R.L. media.

He announced on his radio show that the company lawyer is going to write Lieberman a letter saying "He will now be monitored".
Radnich's take is...if he's wrong sometimes okay. But he claims that Lieberman is deliberately making up storys about Radnich that are lies.
He never gave money to Donald Trump.
He never had a problem with any KRON weather woman. uhuh..sure.
He likes Steve Aveson and vice versa.
He's not a racist.
He's not anti semitic.

Of course Radnich isnt going to go into it about parking in Handicapped spots,Asian anchor putdowns,Cathy Heenan,or the many things that just might make you think about him in a bad light-lol. Too many of those to list.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

KCBS Jeffrey Schaub "City to build a new stadium for the Oakland Reindeers"

Then,he caught his gaffe.

 I hear the QB for the Oakland Reindeer's works for carrots.

Donald Chump being blackmailed by a Turkey.

No need for me to explain it on internet news. But- just as I predicted Trump would have woman surface in the election,this guy leaves himself - the country more importantly - open to some sort of blackmail or manipulation. Its who he is and how he operates. He's not spent a day in office and he's beholden to Russia,Turkey,and upset China to the point they had a nuclear armed plane fly into disputed lands.
Not one day in office.
He's a political lamebrain. Hate the environmental movement? He makes you EPA chief.  He ignores yesterdays pasts if you agree with him. But he will carry a grudge against good people forever.
We need to impeach the guy. NOW.

Flip and Flop couple,flop as a couple.

Look at HER,look at him. Look at HER,look at him. Add that she is now wealthy and successful, Ms. "10" has no need for a neurotic Mr.3.
His Mom as hard as it is to believe is actually blond and very attractive. Not hard to see she was a head turner when young.
Well,Mrs. Flop wasn't his mom.
I know Jewish guys- especially in the entertainment area- love blonds- who doesn't really? But you better have all yer shit together when you go after the Swedish bikini team.
It was always a wonder to see them two together. He wore T shirts,she was in Versace- or name  woman's clothes brand that's expensive. I'm not really up on that...

Jessica Aguirre has legs and she knows how to use them...

 I like how she sits with some leg flash. She's got great gams.  KNTV needs to clean up that glass desk of papers and keyboard. Just blocks my view. Put them on Raj's side.

Darya and Radnich proclaim "Brady better then Montana"

Why KRON is scrounging to survive with minds like that.  You do know that over the years Gary Radnich has said "Brett Favre" was best all time,better then Montana?. That changed a few years later to "Peyton Manning is better then Joe Montana".
Plus the guy roots for the Dodgers.
He deserves every thing he reads in text and emails..pour it on!

What a parasite he's been on the bay area.

Monday, December 12, 2016

KRON getting tidy.

Radnich on a stronger time leash.and I dont see the mess of cables all over the floor. Same for personal belongings in bags at the feet of anchors.
They may have even hired a floor buffer to clean it finally.
Glad to have advised KRON.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ford tough? Where's Ford reliability?

lol. You don't see Ford or Dodge or Chevy bring that up. Tough? Longest on the road? What does that mean? What does it amount too if you're constantly taking it to the mechanic,pouring money into repairs?. Like Radnich and his Bent car. Spends more time in the mechanics garage then Raddy's.

Steph Currys 3 point shot averages return to Earth.

He 's still one of the best. But what he was last first 3/4 of a year? a Danger as he even approached half court. Anything was possible.
That otherworldly shooting is gone. He's not putting up the big arching shot like then.he's more conventional,flatter..and why his 3 pointers bounce off the back rim so often.
Confidence. I think he feels pressure to make them rather let it come natural.
He was one of the Gods last season. I never saw anybody who could shoot so far so accurate. Now?..he's good,better then most.
But not transcendent like last year.

Are you going to buy a new Audi for Christmas?

As your perfect looking wife and all aryan children admire it in the driveway of your 3 million dollar home?
Audi should be more truthful. Show the average looking apartment dweller in his average looking apartment, just making enough to make the payments on his leased Audi. How its cleaned his savings to get the down basically rent the car and keep it under a carport.

KRON and RL media 415 ending?

Well,you can never predict the future. Nothing last forever. Lets hope for the best. Making a living right now is always a day away from disaster..

Saturday, December 10, 2016

College football uniforms looking Paramilitary.

Is that the University of Whatasmatta U. or a Swat team Death Squad?   Army or the SS?  Oregon or team Narcotraffickers fully funded in South America?
Nike soon to make a athletic shoe that looks like a paramilitary boot. It will be a hit. No more sprained ankles..

Hillary should have taken the high road...AFTER she won.

Thats the problem with Democrats. 

Crabtree is now killing the Raiders. Is he hurt?

Its like he has no idea where to put his hands when a football comes at him. He's dropped drive and game killing passes right in his hands or chest.
I think he's afraid of getting hit. He was catching everything early in the season..and some big hits put a hurt on him he can't forget now when he reaches for the ball.
You did notice when Crab dropped an easy one,Carr looked angry and after that..targeted the other guy. Who cant catch a cold..

I wonder..just maybe he has sore ribs and the Raiders aren't talking?..Nothing cracked or broken..but a direct hit hurts like hell.
Media,INVESTIGATE!. I can't do all the thinking around here.

Racist tells Juju Chang "She's an honorary white person"

I know,I get that myself all the time. Its not a compliment. Its kind of a dirty twisted way to dehumanize you for being..educated. Since the racist feels all the best qualities of life are only white man created or appreciated.
I notice that black men in sports is not a good quality according to racists. And they have no answer to all the Jewish scientists now and in history. Well,probably like Asians "They are honorary white men" who should live in a land white racist men don't want.
For now.

College Football regular season over already?

Time flys when you pass all the life milestones and getting older is all that's left. I wanted to see who was playing who a shocking reality-ha- to see its over.
Yeah,some filler games...then the bowl games in January. But,it seems like just yesterday Cal played an August game- didn't they?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Rudy Giuliani? He wants no part of the insanity.

He see's it. He knows we elected- YOU types elected a crackpot.
Donald Chump scares all now.

Trump mocks you the common man. On the news.

"They say,why don't you appoint somebody who made a normal income to a post instead of millionaires and billionaires? Your president said with dripping presidential sarcasm. "BECAUSE I WANT PEOPLE WHO MADE A FORTUNE!". He finished with. I didn't notice much smiles from his own crowd.
I think a tiny bit of light hit them. Four years to go.

No black teachers ever have affairs with students?

Its always the attractive fair skinned teacher. My theory?  Ethnic cultures don't care if a young educated woman teacher takes a liking to their sons. Give them good grades too long as your at it.
Its always the mother in Danville who goes all to pieces and dramarama that some blond hussy took her son to places he liked going to.
This whole thing of now blasting these woman as "predators"  and "sex offenders for life" is just crazy.
With girls its another story. Pregnancy can be involved or forced physically. But,You know all that.
32 Year old woman with 17 year old man . Where's the crime?

ps..ok,I found some female African American teachers..BUT, did they commit the act with black or white young men?..See,part of my theory is..a black woman and black student..nobody cares.
Something to ponder deeply. Why when I was a student didn't?..ha.  Hey,some did flirt.

My wild Furry Friend.

Beats me where he came from. I'm in the city but I guess he could have waddled out of the hills...crossed 4 lanes of fast flowing Mission. Now,there he or she furry garbage disposal. It started when he came out of the dark nights to eat leftover catfood in the back yard.  So,I started putting out what I otherwise would have thrown away..all types of bones,leftover meals. He can crack and eat bones I think dogs cant. Yet this little guy about the size of a big cat never makes a fuss. He and the cats hang out..never fight.
Once,I left the door open at night..and what did I see in the middle of the night getting up to relieves myself?  That Possum was asleep next to the two cats. Out! I says..and there he went a waddle..not a run.

He eats ANYTHING. I bought- huge mistake- Sour Cream at Dollar Tree. Never buy food like that from them. Frozen veggies are lowest quality you can imagine too. The sour cream tasted nothing like sour cream. It was like Milk blended into unflavored jello. My furry friend cleaned out the whole tub in one night. Good,I fed the hungry.
He's got big eyes that kind of plead with you to feed him. He looks right at you..reading you. If you don't flinch? He goes back to One track mind.
 I think he sleeps under the house. Lots of room. One funny thing about that put out a dish of water? He cant drink without stepping in it too. Next day is little water and some mud.
Oh well,Happy Holidays furry friend.

Trump cares about appeasing nobody but lovers of the almighty dollar.

You thought a man born wealthy and lived wealthy is going to help the low and middle income workers? You see who hes appointing? ALL exploiters,ignorant of modern science..but money grubbers each and every one.
He worrys about his TV show.

All we can do is hope and pray Air Force One Pilots,or limo drivers convert to Islam . We might not last as a civilized country long enough to impeach that maniac.

Radnich also taking time off..he never did before.

To take 2 days off when his usual 2 weeks off late in December happens is more of maybe seeing KRON's reboot in the near future..and so eat up all the off days and sick Pamela Moore is doing I suspect.
Nothing lasts forever. Nothing.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hayward Kava/Barbershop..gathering spot for losers with no GF's to make deals about drugs.

Gives you an idea of how far sophisticated SF or Berkeley or Silicon Valley reaches. Just short of Hayward all around.
I'm waiting for gentrification to take over. Me? I have roots here 30 or 40 x deeper then anybody else. I am immovable.
Kava..putrid and you need to drink a case of it ( I read) to get a buzz. lol. Spending money at a Kava bar. Idiots pastime.
(They might not be openly dealing in that shop..but drug talk can't be far behind. You should see those guys standing in front of that store..heads swiveling to see if they are being watched. Uhuh.)

Sure,I'm far more autodidact on top of schooling for the local crowd. But why should I hide that? like my top rated car,my exotic garden. If dummy's cant take it..get out of my way. You only live once. Those punks don't even deserve their once. I go my own way.

Drove by. I see a Barbershop right next to Kava. Take your pick which one they hang out the most.

KNTV trades for Aon interview.

The Chronicle is howling-probably because they didn't think of it- because we got to hear the nutty Leassee of the warehouse fire explain why his world is more important then your world.
I think when you talk local news..How many are really going to do this? This was a fast way to get information out.
I wanted to hear him. Didn't you?

EXACTLY as i predicted. Exactly. Trump making up his figures to fit his fantasy world.

"1,000 jobs"..turns out thats not true at all. 1/3 overestimated and still thousands more are STILL going to Mexico. Yet,that company will pay 11 MILLION dollars less in taxes.
"He's going to invest 50 billion dollars and create 17,000 jobs".  The media says proof at all or even sure who that Japanese businessman is.
Donald Chump is already the biggest liar there is to even be PUSA.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump not even pretending he's equal opportunity with ugly woman...

SO far,most are white, blonde,wear lots of pink, and attractive. No fatty's for Trump. Its four years of the fantasy America we never had,remade like all are a movie. Starring Donald Chump as president.

KNTV noon misses Scott McGrew.

Sam Brock is sort of generic. He is though a fantastic over achiever..nobody knows who he is and yet he's one of the highest paid anchors in the bay area. For a noon anchor? Hmm,he's special to somebody. His mom has to be proud.
The KNTV noon news really had a NPR old timey comfort feel With Kari,Kris and Scott bringing that lived life wisdom. Bring that back.

Hunger Games and the future..

Its mostly White with 17th century Euro- French Fashions in style.  Some black people....One,Lenny Kravitz has a real job of the very few sprinkled in. A few Jewish people who like to shoot arrows. Asians and Latino's are extinct.
The Trump future!

Gold Messina Pam...

No mention of Pamela Moore at KRON.  Catherine Heenan has filled in . Radnich the first fill in said nothing at all to her. She made a joke about turtlenecks..he went on like he didnt hear it. Second time,all Raddy said was at the end "Back to Steve and the woman who nearly ruined my fucking life and killed me,and I the day I forgive her is the day I died!!!!!!"
Well,he really just said back to Cathy..

Cold days not what they used to be.

If that's what Arctic fronts do nowadays..cancel Mazatlan plans and stay in the bay area. Man,41f is so mild compared to past fronts.
I tell you,even if you don't believe in Global can't ignore Urban warming of 7+ million people huddled around SF bay. It was just 3 when I was born.

The Traffic feels like 50 million.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Thoughts while vacuuming..

I was vacuuming and I guess it's the white noise that always gets me into Thoughtland when I do the floors.
One is- I notice family radio (610) out of Oakland is playing serious Christmas music...the kind you heard in Catholic school as a kid. See? SO much time has gone by I now like that choral music of when men sang like men and woman like woman. A simper time.  Sure,I like the rock old time Christmas music too..KBAY for that.
But,for the old stuff that is " All the family is back together,living laughing and loving"  going into the past,or "Evening alone in winter with just a few candles and listening before you fall asleep". And maybe a lot of... A time when you believed with all your heart in Santa and Angels and goodness...
...well,Family Radio might be good for a listen.

Kari Hall and Anny Hong back at it.....

Both returned from the Mama business to the TV business.  I liked Annie's Facebook page..lots of eye candy photos. Check it out.

Rock and rollers need a life reset button..

Don't we all? But them especially. I'm watching 120 minutes and looking up all those old alt bands and what happened to who since 1980-1989.
Its not pretty. What were once young faces..are wrinkled,fatter and usually balder. The write ups can be sad. The original singer for Faith No More? just a regular joe now asking for jobs because he's about to be evicted says Wiki.  In the vid for "We care a lot"..he looks like me at 24.  Now? He's just an old dude. But,he did keep his weight down-lol.
Its like that over and over..impressive resumes to the mid 90's maybe..then this: "So and so reformed the band after 20 years and put out a new album in 2009"..That absolutely nobody bought or heard of.
Or..maybe worse they created a new rock band in their 40's and sold their music on line. That nobody bought or heard of.
They also always say "It might be our best album ever".oh boy,delusional or just desperate to sell get a taste of 30 years ago again.
R&R is for young people,only innovated by young people.  Bowie couldn't really pull it off in his late 30's.ya know?
One other thing to note..Some of the best young rockers in their time were snubbed by the older crowd at awards time. Its kind of pathetic,but that's the history of rock and the Grammies- MTV awards.
Faith No More losing to David Sanborn and his sax. Says it all.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weather records..not so accurate.

I was going to pester the local Meteor people..but the "official" high yesterday all time for Salinas was 92f in 1958.  I don't believe that for a second. That would be nearly 20f warmer then Hayward was that day. And we hit 74f... .a record that still stands.
1958-1962 Were major drought years. Most of Hayward's hottest- well,warm- December records are from 1958 or in another drought December year- 1977.

NOAA speaking of weather, says Jan 2016-Oct was the hottest year of all time on Earth.

Let me tell you something- this Tuesday a cold Alaskan arctic front is moving in to the bay area. Low in my parts are supposed to range from 37f -40f.  THAT is the warmest arctic event I've seen since getting into exotic gardening around 2000.  37f isn't even close to 1990's 24f or 1972's 18f.

I don't even have to cover the most tender tropical plants I have.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yes,what is that feeling Matt Damon has for Emily Blunt?.

I watched some old Damon sci fi movie where he is in some sort of a time loop crossed with "The Graduate" ending.
So,you have to endure for 90 minutes or so of Matt Damon's character not understanding why he finds Emily Blunt so attractive.
Yeah,its a wonder.

Trump making a new world order. He's one scary meglamaniac.

Sure,he loves all the other despots and loony leaders. He's one of them. So only certain business interests are drooling. The rest see big brother giving those favors while mom and pop are ground under the boots and treads of multi billion dollar corporations.
Trump wants the past he says? Yes,he wants what Eisenhower warned about. The military industrial complex establishment.
He gave Carrier huge tax breaks. They are not only a multi billion dollar corp. They also have military contracts.
Trump was raised wealthy,started out with 14 million dollars to play risks. And all those red states blue collar people think he knows their pain?
He only knows how to work them..real good.

Trump a man who has spent a lifetime fighting paying decent wages to the common worker and not paying his own income taxes is worried about YOU?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Red Bluff,Grass Valley ,Anderson the top ten for crimes in California. 80% white people pop.

Huh.Man,you let them take over and the crime rate goes WAY up!

I ran across the punks nest..

So,I'm walking to pick up my car,oil change and a new belt..when I hear somebody Heyyyy me. I look over and its "Macho,macho,man" the punk on the motorcycle and two of his punk buddys.
So,I HEEEeeeey back at him and in front of his friends start singing Macho, You know how that goes. He makes one step to me. I told him c'mon..lay a finger on me. He stops and they like rats go inside...the Hayward Kava shop. No wonder. They hang out and get high on that putrid tea all day. No wonder he's not gone 8 hours a day. Does some dealing and hangs out at yet another "You wanna get high" recreation shop in America. Clubs to Mary Jane dispensary's..Americans loved to be numbed in the rat race.
Kava..what a laugh.
I take it he's not latino btw like I thought. Maybe Pacific Islander. A short one. Who should know better to pick on somebody bigger and smarter than him and his three friends put together. Hell,my cat has him beat.
You know it was a nice day today..I was taking pictures of the hills across the street. Being close to the greenbelt..and too close to scum.

Maybe Hayward PD should know "Kava House" is a hangout for dopers?

Do I try TOO hard?

At least I try. And hard can be a good thing too.

Aaron Rogers and fame and hate.

Over a month ago Roger's brother let it fly that he and Aaron don't talk and haven't talked in a couple of years. He added that its the same with the rest of the family. That sounded strange.
Now,its being reported that the Packers team no longer likes Rogers...he's being put down as aloof and not team oriented.
Wow,that didn't take long. Only a four game losing streak and everybody is dumping on him that's IN his life!..Its not the fans..its his family and teammates. Hell,O.J.'s own family hasn't said a bad word about the guy to this day. So,Rogers is in new public hate grounds.
What did he do?
He lost football games,mostly.

Rupert Putkin? Sure,Im the only person blogging about the media,tweeting,facebooking..that evil internet.

When a veteran of media posting looks down at me as "Rupert Putkin like"..that's more worried about a shadow. If anything about me stands's that I've been good at it.

He makes a living at it- good for him. But,don't get condescending.

A one Horse apparition divided by magician,do-do-do lookin out my backdoor...

Look at all the happy people dancing on the lawn,bother me tomorrow,today I have no sorrow,do-do-do, lookin out my backdoor...

Where would John Fogerty go if he had written that song today? Its not rock,not modern country. Not really alternative.
And yet,there I was humming it in the shower 45 years later.
"Listenin to Buck Owens"..

Fun in bloggerland...

I started with depredations...and now I have stepped out to tweet local media about whats going on.
So far,a little chit chat.
I do get the feeling they are not going to tweet hard journalistic gripes. Like sourpuss Laura Anthony who's a little low on community relations talent even at chit chat level. She's the pinnacle so far.

Even when I read her tweets to others it was like reading a female Jack Webb in Dragnet. Dry,to the point, and no more!

To have hotties like Rosemary Orazco or Lisa Argen send me little tweets would have been my dream years ago on one of those dating websites. Now? I would be their much older suitor and who wants to make a younger woman live like an old lady before her time? Wouldn't be right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Radnich and Papa are major breeders of familiar contempt.

As in "Familiarity breeds contempt". Maybe,its not a good idea to take every single job on air in one area that's offered to you. Be less of a whore. Try spending a little less to get by?
Unless your mellow like Dick Enberg...coming on grating on everything that's opposite the real bay area is one fucked up way to get ratings.
ok..Now more people hate them ,then like them.  I see people call Papa, sleazy all the time. Radnich? Had it made until the whore wanted all the pie about 10 years ago. He's wiped out the previous 24 years  of good will being the total ass the last ten...and doing knbr,cable,kron,cable..kron I mean he just can't say no.
Whats he taking with him? The knowledge that his wife can spend all the insurance money on a real hot young man now that he's dead?'s whats going to happen. He prays spinster..I say she hits the floor running all over the world..uhuh.

Neither one can pull off being media Kings here. Kings at being media whores they achieved.

One more thing on Raddy. I'm not one of those who think he doesn't spend enough time with his family. I think from the sound of it,what he needs to do is give his family a vacation from him!

Ahmygod. Its the under 30 American Latino's that scare me...

EVERY day their faces on TV for just the most stupid violent crimes. Breaking into a home to drink milk,then trashing the home for no reason. The drive fast in a circle crowd..idiots. The almost communist attire of hoody and baggy pants. Lots of black clothes.
The under 30 Latino's are just humiliating the rest of Mexican Americans, causing racial divides with the majority. Goddamn,cant they read a book once in their lives? Find the spoon in a tree- something!
I call it as I see it. Poverty doesn't make you drive in circles real fast.

Well that was different..Radnich hangs up on boring Bobby Evans.

Evans was making my eyes heavy mumbling and talking to his dog off air I guess. Well,seemed like it.
"You cut him off 10 minutes early!" said the exasperated Kruger. "I wanted to talk more baseball"..and then Radnich just said Evans was giving them nothing to talk about.
He wasn't.

People who want only the best..

I'm watching a couple look at homes in Hawaii and they complain that one beauty of a house has carpeting and "That 80's tiles in the kitchen". It always reminds me when I watch those shows and they sniff at 2 door white brand new refrigerator or white stoves as "Not stainless steel".
Back in the 70's and 80's they lorded over the rest of us they had the deepest shag carpeting and where we had Formica counter tops in our house they have "White tile" on pine colored cabinetry"
They paid through the nose to have the "The best things in life".
Now? Carpeting is "dirty"..and its granite over that "ugly" white tiles.
See? Its all in the head. All. How superior you are to own a great turntable and Trinitron in the 80's...both crap by today's standards. Yet,people felt like a million dollars to have them.

"Knock down this wall and make an open concept...the same wood flooring all through the house". Thats like a mantra on HGTV.
Great,lets all make our homes into dance studios where there is nowhere to hide. Not even in your own home.
And if the kids make a mess? Good luck trying to make your house's open concept look like nobody lives there. A stray toy ball in those homes makes the whole place look like a mess.

Imagine making kids feel bad in the 80's because they didn't have an Atari to play Space invaders. Junk!..ALL in the head!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Don Trump and here's what I have to say to you...

Are you losing,falling behind,can't keep up? Well,hurry the hell up and fall off that cliff because you losers are ruining my view of a great America.
If you cant get ahead like I did with a 14 million dollar loan from Daddy that was never repaid..go to hell my friend. Straight to it. Old? If you are not productive now and never saved enough for the last 20 years of your life,cry me a river. You should have made a hot blond like my daughter who would marry wealthy and support you. Me? I'm the Donald,and only need to look at her ass.
Look,how can America be great if it isn't just like me? I suffered. I could only grope woman,when I should have been able to rape who ever I please. They would have been lucky woman.

I am going to change the country to resemble Disneyland x Monopoly. Fun,until you land on bankrupt and can't get out of jail. Especially if your Mexican.

Trumps "Patriots" all about taking away democracy.

You watch- medical care through the roof..previous illness? GET THE HELL out of their office!
Civil and constitutional rights are going to be trumped on.
Besides Elaine Chou..its all the best side of Danville combined with Boise and North Dakota complexions.
We are now the prey,not citizens.

Kruger to Radnich " You're a one man woman"..Freud loved it.

It had to be today's feminine show got him twisted. Its a wonder they didn't break into tampon talk.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elaine Chao mentioned 100 times today. She's CHINESE! She's a She! .and she's married to a white guy republican..

That's how it going to be..not much from the media about Trumps taxes,how much Trump is bilking the government so Melanoma can live in a palace in New York, Or about an adulterous Petraeus in the cabinet. The guy that gave secrets to his slutty lover. Nothing. Instead,Elaine Choa screams the media. Trump is no racist,he loves chinks!
All those red states better prepare to get what they wished for.

Mike the floorman nails Radnich...

"Mike likes to correct me on air because he wants to embarrass me" joked Raddy over some trivia. Then Mike comes back with "I have to, 'cause when the show's over you run out too fast". THAT got  big laugh from the set. Radnich looked egged.

True story of when 5 year old was 4 years old...

Look (Me)! Donut (the cat) is on the woof"..she said. Me,hearing that cuteness ran with it. "He's on the woof?" I sez. "Donut,come down off the woof!" I further sez.
She,calmly and matter of factly says to me. "Please,don't talk like me"...


Monday, November 28, 2016

Lisa Argen tweeted me. Made my day...

AND,she put a heart in there.  That's right- throw me a bone and I'm a happy guy I admit it. A little gnawing on somebody I've seen for years on the telly felt nice.
Get enough bones and you can make a tasty soup.

I have my shallow side.
A heart,so cute from a hottie...
"Hold your head high!,Hold your head high!..Hold your head highhhhhh"  Argent.

Taco Bell's worst crew -Evuh. Union City..

Fronting Food Maxx in Union City. I ordered 4 basic tacos and a bean cup. DO you know I waited 30 minutes in the drive through? With only 4 cars ahead of me. Time ticked glacially. Maybe I thought,they have a lot of walk up?..or so I thought. After 25 minutes,I get to the window...they take my cc. ANOTHER FIVE minutes or more..of just sitting there waiting. I'm like,this is the slowest crew ever.
She gives me my food- no apologies. As I drives out and around...there is only a single hobo in the whole place! lines of people,no backlog. Those girls who had that shift were just shooting the breeze. Wondering about Justin I suppose.
Now,I never was dark..they never saw any look on my face. Yet,I get home and my bean cup is pushed half way up. I got gypped on my beans. $9 for all that and the Tacos were half cold.
I will bet all I have that particular franchise in front of FOOD MAXX IN UNION CITY IS OWNED BY A TRUMP MAN. I'm sure. He runs a crappy business and stingy by the looks of it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Papa needs a new pair of shoes!"...thats the family issue!

I think he's using the old "You were nothing as a sports station before me" on 95.7   Or "Lund is gone- chip in his salary to mine".  Makes sense to me!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Yep,Papa holding out on 95.7 most likely.

His family issue things let him do a lot of anything that isn't his own show.  I guess he wants a raise and 95.7 (could have-hee) tells him- "You voted for Trump" So thanks for saving us money Greg- no raise,and don't let the door hit yer ass on the way out....

People who know what God thinks.

I was listening to somebody who went on and on about what God meant. He knew for sure. No doubts.
Amazing that I don't know the mind of my cat..but  the "preacher" knows what the great inventor knows.
I'm not even sure about the mind of an ant. They are tricky devils.

Its like preachers are the ultimate sports hosts. Experts of every nuance of all sports. Very few ever admit like Jimmy Swaggert they were wrong about Harbaugh or Del Rio in their own way. I was part knowing of gods mind I guess with JaMarcus- I got that right as el busto from the start. That leaves everything else in his mind about the universe I dont profess to know or understand.
Just me I guess.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday is now 2 weeks says Honda. Orchard Supply had Christmas stuff up already last month.

How can BF be two weeks? See? American business will run any idea into the ground. When people would camp out to get a real end of year save? Now,its all BS.
 btw,Look at how the older woman runs in the door in pants..then the next scene she's wearing a skirt. Honda trickery!

Rockin around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee was going on KBAY..Well,I kind of dig that. Maybe Christmas music a little early is just the opposite,its business doing something feel good for a change.

Food Source gets one thing right- lines. My fav ghetto- barrio market.

What  I cant stand about rival Food Maxx? Managment hires as little help as possible..and if you are stuck in a looooong line? There you stay.  Food Source has some crazy things happen around it sometimes...but they open up new lines if the one or two they have back up. They operate with open eyes.

Food Maxx? Lines can go back  to where the food shelves are right behind you. Man,those people look tired too. Nobody that a Gary Radnich in his beater Bently would admire,but I feel for them..that's a lot of pressure.

A Stan salute to Food Source. Now,go back more store brands....

REPORT: KRON to go under in January.

That's a hell of a season greeting. Some who will be hired locally I'm sure-
Will Tran.
Alicia Reid.
Rob Fladasomething. Can never remember that last name.
Kathy Heenan..I hope.
The rest who are newer are used to going town to town,so not so hard on them.

Del Rio's Hayward Humor.

Notice it?  About the 4th down call? "I think the refs saw it right and made the correct call"..Perfect. Sounded like the old Haywardian sarcasm I know and expound. Unlike SF hipster? Here if you don't like it -- we lump you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kalm and kool music for the day..

I cant get enough of looking at her. 20 years later and she still smoulders. Plus,just try and stop your head bobbing. Uhuh,I see you..

Trump pushing us closer to a civil war,autocratic rule...disaster.

When he say's he filling his cabinet with Patriots..and all are white so far,he's already too close to the red button of doom in the White House. He's Kanye Trump under the surface. All about him.
This guy is going to have planners tell him how to survive a war vs the Chinese...or he'll nuke North Korea..Iran. Who knows?
You did see he's already breaking ethics if not laws by not divesting his business from his family. He's done just the opposite.
As long as his mantra is niggers and wetbacks,his backers will allow him to destroy America.

Everything is infinite. So,how can we ever know everything?

You heard when you were kid- no two people are exactly alike- not even twins. No two snowflakes- I took their word since it never snows here.
Then you get into science...chaos,butterfly two waves of the ocean - all the countless ones formed all the time,are never EXACTLY alike. Nothing is. From one end of the universe to the other waves can be damn close..but never the same perfectly.
I'm sure we one day will find not even atoms are exactly alike if you could get down to the's electrons wizzing around and another atom are like two clouds on earth- look the same,but are not.
Close,but not even two things in this entire Universe and maybe multiple Universes..are never the same.

How cute is Kanya now Taylor?

He's no doubt a heavy drug user..Meth or crack or coke minus cola. Its why he's agitated,paranoid and no self control.
My theory no.1 of the robbery...could be whats pushing him into high gear. There is no way that insurance company is calmly writing a check for 11 million. He's getting poked to explain a lot.

Psych is rehab. But,he wont change. Back to no self control asap.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nothing will improve under Trump. Not even Melanoma.

You watch...nothing will be better for you. Nothing. Then Trump and his minions will claim this and that with no proof. Then,CBS will show that even with one eye closed and the other behind a thick rose colored glass..Trumps figures dont add up.
I can see it. Prepare for 4 years of " We won again,and again,and again"..with nothing to show for it but propaganda.
No republican in the last 140 years has done anything worth a damn and yet they control everything.
America's deep seated racism boiled over. All it really took was looking at a black president who accomplished, to get the middle vote to join the far right.
Weird they elected him to begin with,then weirder they hated him for being a good President.

The tribe of "Dan". How funny.

All Jewish people with a twist of fate could be Dan's.  The country of Dan.  We could have Danmas and put presents under the Dan tree.
What you learn surfing even religious radio. Hey,in the bay area we could all be Ashleyites.

Raiders play historic game in Mexico City..local media does nothing special.

Not even a pregame on Comcast Sports. Yahoo lays an egg.

Tells you what "Businessman media experts" think of the local bay area sports and who watches and who the culture is. Money to be made...left on the table.
They didn't life a finger the chingathos.

Kanye West losing it worried his insurance scam to be exposed? Hmm?

Possible. What's going on behind the scenes we dont know. I know the insurance company sure hasn't cut him and Kimmy a check for 11 million.
And yeah,I think this guy is nutty enough to cook up a scheme for "easy millions" matter how much he already has. Ego,man ego. Show bizz and bragging rights to tell close pals "I fooled the fools".
He could be breaking under the pressure of a police investigation.

Plus- In his little brain? "If I suck up to Trump,they won't go after me". Uhuh.

Lets see what Harvey and TMZ have to say...crickets...

Elizabeth Wenger back in the news bizz...KCBS.

I thought I had read she quit it all a few months ago? A face and the rest made for TV is on the radio. Go figure.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hey I went over 180,000 views...biggest and ,most popular reads are....

Still Dan Ashley's hair. Numero uno.
Harvey Levin.  I think people want to read something about the guy since all other bloggers fear him. I think he's a log cabin Republican. They pretend the Republican party cares for them.."down deep"..!
It helps them have no shame over raping America for money.

Diane Tuazon. KRON lost some high profile people last and this year. Kept one...

... Radnich are always near the top. People HATE GARY RADNICH. Just HATE HIM. whew! Nobody in the bay area is hated as much as the self avowed "Spiritual man" who tells poor people "NO more handouts for you bums!". He timed it for the Holidays. Spiritual.

Kaepernick,Kant nick the endzone.

He's really close to a BAD Qb. His skills are that he heaves a no threat deep,is no threat at threading the ball..ok,a duck of his gets through. But you and I can make a pass if we throw enough even in the NFL.  Thats near where Kap's skill level is.
He's gangly,isnt spotting open field to run let alone pass.
When the game was 13-10? You saw the difference between he and an NFL QB...once just threw terrible passes and was 3 and out over and over...the other had poise. Poise and skill won easily.

The 49ers need to draft a QB.

Kap,invest wisely and have a nice life.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Black man crys over food from SF Foods for Family's. Radnich would tell him "No more handouts"..

I got this one juuuust right. Radnich was all pumped up by Fran Tarkenton's free market shit. Its why he got excited and yelled " No more handouts!" A quote.
See,Radnich and the Trump pr people want you to know...its the hobo's,the homeless,the unskilled,the elderly sick. Who CONTROL the Congress,The Senate,they tell tell the Generals what to do. Willy the wino created the tax system of the rich where you take a 20 year break from paying taxes.He's so tricky.
That's what Gary Radnich- KRON and KNBR's spokesperson wants you to know. He you see, "Works my ass off".  Well,I see there's plenty left. Lots of stomach and chin too.
So just like those voters who want Willy to stop his tyranny so offshore tax havens of those poor bullied multinational corporations will end,Radnich puts his finger right on the crux of it all. Like he usually does.

Not only is Papa not doing his own host Dibley not there either...

Sounds like he and Dibs might not have been perfect compadres. One drives a hybrid,the other is another Raddy with Silver Clouds and other gas guzzlers.

Friday, November 18, 2016

I guess we all now know how much the Radnich family gives to charitys. Zero.

We don't need to see his taxes. Although I bet when he goes to school events and fundraisers..he writes that off as a donation. What a guy. He gave a speech "Stay in school"..wrote it off for thousands.
No,he wont be with KRON people ringing a bell for the SF homeless asking for handouts. Not now or ever.

I saw a Bently go by the house a block down..

Silver with a woman inside. In MY part of town? What? are they giving those crappy cars away? The silver looked..not so shiny. Must be a used one like Raddy's.

Just had a thought. The woman was older middle aged,chubby and white. You think it was Raddy in a wig???!  Huh? stalking me in disguise? You never know.


Or,he didnt.
Again- he's on live at Comcast..a no show on his own show. Today they called the show "The Afternoon Delight Show" Papa mentioned.
I think he's tired of the routine,the wrong partners...and maybe he's seen his reputation take a hit because he took the risk of cheap pandering to get ratings. He got ratings..and sold to the Devil kind of thing.

Radnich rails against "handouts". Here we are in the holiday season too.

He knew it..its why more Trump ideals got him all excited as Fran Tarkenton wound up Radnich who was lathering at the mouth.
Yeah,the poor,the disadvantaged ,the disabled live for handouts. They drive the best cars,live in the nicest homes. We all know that.
Raddy was just foaming at Tarkenton's spiel. His voice got excited. No more handouts for negro's! thought Radnich.
I wonder how many homes Mason McDuffy will foreclose on ? How many people were given large loans they and the banks knew couldn't be repaid?
I'm going to laugh my ass off when the news reports kron's Gary Radnich was found slumped over the wheel of his loaner 1998 Volkswagon d.o.a. of a cardiac. You see, the Bently dealership can't fleet enough loaners to keep up with the demand.

WHERE IS GREG PAPA? Raiders still in Oakland..but he's not at the 95.7

I cant hear every moment of his show..but the fill in's aren't forthcoming on where the host is or why.
Since Lund left,Papa has sounded bored with the show.
If I had to guess- he might be upset that the Gamz can't find a permanent co host he approves of.
A  local celeb of his stature usually can hand pick who they want. Yet,..the gamez just rotates who they have on speed dial.
Just my conjecture. Usually right too!

Deport criminal Aliens? I'm for all that. Its what we do now isn't it?

Deport them or put them in jail for crimes? Isn't that whats been done? Their criminals...they sneak back. Don't obey laws. Its what they do.
I think what Trumps going to do is rip apart soft targets. Family's..working, with children. They can't afford lawyers,they aren't vagabonds that can crash on a dopers couch until they figure out their next move.
I guess train cars used for cattle could move 30 million in 4 years.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ha! Racist Sid Rosenberg added to racist Don Imus show!..Radnich buddys.

Sid "Serena Williams is a chimp" Rosenberg is now working for "Those college Nappy headed ho's" Don Imus. All who know Imus well have called him one of the biggest racists in the media. He only has proven that over and over.

Sid,who Gary Radnich calls "What every sports host should be" Has never thought a thing about Radnich married to a black woman and with brown children. No,Sid would never do that. SO, Radnich seeing the genius of Rosenberg- like he saw the genius of R.Kelley.- uses his superior intellect to rise above the rest of us and give Rosenberg a forum.
Gary is such a pal.

Radnich Bentley breaks down...again. I told you.

He couldn't turn off the radio to a loaner car as he had the "once again" tone of voice about the Bently being in the repair shop. Big $$$ to replace a screw.
I told you. The English car media- toughest in the world - called the Bently "The most unreliable car made".
See,I knew Radnich wasn't about to admit he pays through the nose to pretend he's a got a fantastic car to make everybody jealous all these months- but I was sure it's a high cost POS.

Only people who know anything about life laugh as the old fool keeps AAA busy picking him up all over town.

World famous Professor predicts Trump will be impeached. He read my blog.

You read it today. He predicted every White House winner since 1984. You also read it here days ago when I predicted it first in the country.
Same reasoning he gave..came to me to. This country is there for him to reap. Try and stop me he thinks.

KRON must feel the end is near. Anchorman does magic tricks on air. FOCUS KRON,focus...

 Once again the Radnich influence made KRON the KLOWN NEWS of the bay area. If it was funny,or made any sense or even timely...but it was just a group of students on the final day of school saying "what can they do, suspend us for summer?"   Pathetic, as Radnich thinks he's kicking in the final wall.
What else is pathetic is how much he hates being a sports anchor. His constant whining about reading about offensive lineman- who cares he asks? How about people who actually like sports? I answer.
He wants to break down walls? rip Jed.  Uncle Gary is so wacky he thinks he's a rebel to support the ultra wealthy.

PLUS: Hows this for fucking up a bit? When Aveson pulled the stale "coin from the ear" trick that made Pamela Moore squeal just like a little girl?...the camera angle was high enough you could clearly see Aveson pass the coin from his right hand to his left "under the table" .

Pamela clearly has issues. The pressure of KRON going under is unnerving her.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jack in the box now has a Spiracha. Very cultural food.

Next they will have the Huracha..old shoes dipped in deep fat and on a sesame street bun. Every bit as healthy as JITB's other foods too.

Radnich starts to lose focus at 6:45,Producer cuts him off with music...

Like they gave him the hook in Vaudville. Radnich insults were going out to everybody on the set. So,I can tell you he had an agenda before the segment even began. Pissed off about something.When he tries to tie with thinnest links possible some news story to going after everybody?,that's his way. Its unfocused,rambling..and does nobody anygood.
So,KRON played music right over him and even Moore did the "6,5,4,3,2,1"..and Lodes at that, told Radnich "Goodbye"....

Then of course Radnich got upset by that then over did it at 8:45. Read the post on Magic tricks . It had "you dont tell me"..I'm Uncle Gary...

waaa-waaaa-waaa,Radnich cry's for Damon Bruce.

"Some blogger did a survey of how long will his marriage will last"..Tears..real crocodile tears was Radnich on air over it.
Radnich up at 1am reading blogs? LOSER!

Let me remind Radnich,I have a job,home,and all the rest. Do I wish my income was higher? Who doesn't wish they made more money? He does.

For him to go on air and cry over somebody he hates,who hates him,and try to sell that some survey bothers the man who drove Kathy Heenan and Diane Tuazon off the air is pure Radnich hypocrisy.

Why he even brings it up is amazing. I think he loves to be spanked. Had, "Spank me daddy Stan" written all over it.

Kerr and Walton two of the brightest coaches in the NBA.

Both anti Trump. I have all new respect for Kerr. The fact he spoke up is so against the coaching grain- look how pro Trump coaches like Bellichick and Saban at Bama handle Trump questions in typical coach speak,makes Kerr look like the real man.
Walton. Any son of Bill Walton is not a Trump man.

Steve Paulsen,denier of Global Warming?

The other day "I had (somebody) tell me ,that he had never seen a November this warm. I told him,last year this time  (within 3 degree's)"
Yes,last November (2015) was actually one of the very few months since 2000 that was below average.
But,I notice he likes to pick at anything that says global warming is happening.

If you like to grow plants...then you know the bay area is milder. You know it. Plants that were only seen in soucal as late as the 90's are now growing here into shrubs and trees.

Paulsen's forecast always seem conservative or he'll say "I don't think it will go over ( F)"..Then it does, usually.
I better keep an eye on that guy. He does work for FOX.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Greg Papa boycotting 95.7 theGame? ala Radnich?

Ok, just  wild guess on my part..I haven't heard much sports radio ...but the last two week's havent heard Papa on the Game,but he's there every week on Raider's postgame and of course PBP. But not on his own talk show.
Is he disgruntled with his own show?

Pamela Moore gets angry at Radnich last night...

He told how KRON is asking he and Moore to fill out paperwork for some kind of payoff. Hmm,why would KRON do something like private insurance sounding as Radnich made it sound?
Or,is it part of a severance package being worked out?

What got her angry I took it, was that Radnich made it sound like- if HE goes,she HAS to go too.

95.7 gets smug about Gianna the sex reader.

"They don't get it"..they mean me of  course. I DO get it is their problem. Maybe some young and dumb listeners think animal abuse is funny. I don't.
If Gianna wants to say every hole of hers was filled last night at a sex party in her front room..fine,say it. But don't pass off animal abuse as the same.
The fact I have to explain this to adult just pitiful.

Monday, November 14, 2016

95.7's Gianna Franco your man-animal sex story reader. What a boost to her career...

Today I caught just the tail end of man-goat wrestling she had just read.
If this woman had any ethics? She would go to H.R. and complain she's being asked to do story's of animals abused for laughs and she opposes that.

The reality? 95.7's young Trump type producers - names never given,faces never seen tell her "Be one of the boys"..she,knowing that standing up makes her "One of them SF types"..actually humiliates herself on local radio by giving in.
She even mentioned that she was asked to do something that was so over the line sexually,THAT she couldn't do.
I see it as she's being sexually harassed,and is in that "Do I risk my job complaining to men about what other men just like them, want me to do?"

Well,its the only way Gianna.  Or have your kids listen to mommy be another potty minded and -divorced- Greg Papa.

HA! It didnt long for racism to come out. I get honked at in Pleasanton and told something about being sent back...

Some guy in his big Dodge trunk,saw me sitting at a light...and and as he made a right turn passing me in the other direction-- I got the title.
I'm not going anywhere,and if Mr. contractors truck hadn't zoomed away as fast as he could I would have taught him. By the time my light was green- he was long gone.Oh, I looked.
This is THE SAME corner near downtown Pleasanton white old men were holding up Trump signs the day before the elections. Near that the police department.
I bet the whole Tri Valley is buzzing..with hate and smiles.

Trump has not revealed his taxes and is hiring family. Nepotism..

So,he's already going back on what he promised and like I predicted is building an aristocratic White House.
His chief strategist..what a hoot. A life long right wingnut. You do notice all around Trump are white?..all. His " I think I will hire"..Caucasian.
This is like some dystopian future science fiction movie. And,he's still dozens of days from even taking office.
Oprah says she's not worried. Oh,I feel so much better.

Armstrong and Getty claim media is not telling you the racism is "faked".

That's what you are now going to get from dopes like them. The famous right wing conspiracy thinking to explain everything is now going full blown wacko.
I like the the one where left wing billionaires are conspiring to give you their money!.oh- ho. There is no sense or limit to them right wing conspiracy's.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let me tell you Trump is not going to go after punks..

Oh,he gives that impression....But,He couldn't really care less. No,he's going to try and remake this country into his own image. European,Russian,pseudo aristocratic....great for the wealthy.
Muggers and thieves?..please. Trump is trying to burn down the last forests to grow cows for McDonalds.
You see his kid? NO smiles and pouty lip? Damien in the Omen,isn't he?  Kids of public people who are like that? Are never going to deliver newspapers.
I'm going to have a trove of things to complain about..

Oh,and Michael Moore who says "I knew the white man in Detroit would go Trump over jobs"...BULLSHIT!...When Obama was elected president the big three Auto company's were on the verge of going under- it  was OBAMA who loaned those company's money to float. He made them PAY BACK THE LOANS also. Remember?  So,once again Stan says its not the economy that gave Trump the White really was bigotry and hate.
The irony as I see it..we will see MORE CRIME not less. The white collar big bizz crime will once again break this country..or come close.

How soon can KRON dump Pamela Moore? aka Pam Moore?

She's gotten insufferable. Nauseating. I would take a thousand of the worst bay area anchors before I would hire her. Her constant fawning and well known lie "Everybody Looooooves you Gary"  all the way to her, how blond can I go before people laugh?,as her hair color constantly changes. Sort of like her skin color has over the years.
Pamela doesn't have a husband..and it shows why.

Friday, November 11, 2016

This is like a Batman comic..where the joker appoints all the known thugs and crooks to highest office in Gotham.

Rudy "Lie cheat and steal"  Guliana..treasurer of the bank.    Newt "cheat on wife with cancer and dump on her at the hospital" Gingrich,chairman of the defense. Oh,and all these crooks? Are hawks..who took deferments for 15 years to avoid fighting! Just like the Donald.
Chris "raise the bridge on liberals when they come to pass" Cristie..another great man.

SO far Radnich had on no black guests to question.

He's asked all the middle and older white males about Trump. Gee,they all support him. Fran Tarkenton,Greg Cosell,I missed the 49ers color man's answer the other day as the interview was ending as I put the show on. A Trump guy I would guess.
He hasn't had any people of color on the last three days at least.

But you know- Radnich is NEVER told who can and cant be on the show and at what times at conservative KNBR. Oh,no.

Due your patriotic duty. Turn in a Meskin today to the government.

Do your part for America,help rid the country of Meskins.

"Look MA! A Meskin!..and ANOTHER!..look,more over there! Donald's hotline.

We need your help to find them in ever corner like them cucaraches. Fill the buses and ships of Trump lines and take them back to where they belong- New Mexico. no,strike that..old Mexico.

 Snitch and spy on yer neighbors. Make American Great again. Just Great.

Meredith Vieira has really aged..not well.

She looks older then Joy Behar.   There is something about her that says unhappy. Her book where she talks of being abused also said other things she didnt realize.  When she wrote an abusive BF locked her out of a hotel room- naked- and she slept in the hallway all night like that?..uhuh.
Her love of wine? She has the face of somebody who drinks,- a lot.
She seems like another of life's walking wounded..even if she hit the financial jackpot of life with fame and fortune.
Saying she loves the wrinkles on her face seems pretty extreme. Like a cover.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stan dedicates this song to the election results.

Its fits the mood--


Give him nothing,fight every inch he tries to take. I warn you and advise you- its how you deal with this man who will lie and smile at it.

Its not so much a Republican..its such an asshole, arrogant person and openly stone age thinker President.

Xenophobe,misogynist,spoiled brat liar born wealthy, fantasy lifestyle, and has shown no interest in any culture that isn't part of making him money.

I have my home. I'm all American. But,I'm going to to hate watching the fabric of the country erode day by day in huge swaths as laws and rights are rolled back. I'm sure not immune to inflation or health care costs. But I think I can die in my own home,not in Modesto priced out of the bay area.

Who would have guessed that after the changes of the 1960's..those children would turn their backs on all of that? That after the bankers looting of America in 2000-2008,That white males would go right back to a president who will deliver more of that- to a higher power level. White men wanted blood.  Trump to America is the new Stephen Foster - only he won the north too.

Every time I think of those Danville homes having a huge happy party at Trumps win?..I just see celebrate more shootings parties.

Deport Melanoma,IMPEACH TRUMP.

Race riots here we come. If Trump and mid America think people of color and the good white liberal will just let a half century of civil and environmental rights be ripped from us...
The elections are rigged alright. They put in power Don Hitler by manipulating the electoral vote to destroy democracy. It worked for the worst President in my lifetime- George Bush jr.  Now we have a fascist as President.  All because of racist politics.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump to now reveal his taxes. LOL LOL LOL...

He's all love today...but,you watch. He's a "get you" kind of guy and things WILL GET WEIRD. The government that he ran as saying is too intrusive? Will be all over social programs,lefty people and Democratic interests. IRS,NSA,CIA..oh Donald Hitler is going to love the power. Like he said about nukes "If you have them, use them"..same as presidential power.

Get the buses ready and the men in black helmets to round up 29 million Mexicans. To do that in four years is going to run right over family's day and night 24/7.

What gets me too? Obama created one of the strongest economy's we've had in years..right AFTER BUSH AND THE BANKERS brought this country to near poverty on its knee's. So,no,It was not a vote on the economy. It was "We hate the Mexicans moving here, and the niggers shooting police. Kill those fucking Arabs" vote.
Trump could have groped any woman he wanted during the debate.

Goodbye environment,Goodbye Forests. "Ranchers and Loggers to get relief" says Ryan.

That means Yosemite's wolves and bears,coyotes,eagles can now be killed off.  It means log off the last Redwoods long before a Demo liberal ever gets close to the White House a half decade or more from now.

Hey- catalytic converters? Who needs them. There is no global warming. Bring back tan air in California.

So say goodbye to wind farms, solar energy, or hydrogen and sea weed fuels. Those are now expensive science hobby's. We got a real thinker in the White House.

Polls show- Stupid White men voted for Trump. Vote is one smart thing they do.

70% of white HS dropouts and non college white men voted for Trump. 85% of white men who said they wanted a "change in government" voted for Trump.
So now inflation will rise- like it did with Nixon's war machine and then Reagan's borrow from the working class and spend,and then George W's of course collusion with bankers almost bankrupting this country..all the presidents of stupid white men.
Carter, Clinton, and Obama..this country thrived.

  But,we know who really has the power to get stupid white men to vote....
Smart white men.  Smart white men brought in African Americans to work for free. Smart white men bring in Mexicans to work the fields and dirty jobs with lowest pay and no benefits. They bring in Asian's and Middle easterners to be cheap tech and take care of grandma at the old folks home.

And when dumb white men get angry they cant find a job?...Smart white men tell them "blame the Mexicans and foreigners! And the Smart rich man adds- and vote to lower my taxes to zero! Then,they do.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wow- America is more racist then Even I thought.

I mean- I know the whole world is racist. There isn't a country in the world that doesn't favor the lightest skinned of the population as best,smartest and of course the standards of beauty. Stay out of the sun or you'll get dark say Mexican,Indian,Asian, familys to the daughters.
But,America just went whole hog race war on me. Truck out the brown ones,block the middle eastern...let in all the European and Russian who want to come here. Whew,that's radical.

I thought a clown like Trump must be an egomaniac to even run for President. He was almost a Pat Paulsen to me. Or - who was the guy Dana Carvey imitated? that. (Ross Perot)

Well- I did write here on my own blog many months ago..America loves to go from one extreme to the other. Kennedy to Nixon,Carter to Reagan, Bush to Obama.  Obama to a man that's just scary simple minded and out in the open about it. Trump.

Trump says America is a Ponzy scheme? With him as President- it will be borrow and spend like no other..for walls and Armys and ..well,buy a ticket because those movies of a future America in anarchy will come true.
If African Americans are angry..and an Obama is president,what will a Trump do to the hornets nest?

We might be up shit creek my friends.

77F..maybe 79f. NICE!

My car thermo said 79f..but it does have asphalt heat to deal with. Got home and 77f was going.
Nah,no record. That would be the drought year,1976 and 83f.  1976 was one hot year.

95.7's Gianna Franco tells everybody about man and goat sex.

I'm sure she tells her kids dirty jokes all the time. I mean,it was just at school's out time. She should be PTA mom of the year.
Way to go Gianna. Yeah. And it fit so well in a sports show.

After KRON..will Radnich take on Kruger?

You do know he's like two different people. One is Radnich on KRON being the big blowhard and everybody better know their lane...and Radnich who steers clear of teasing Kruger fearing Kruger who's a hot head might just not be in the mood. Kathy Heenan? safe to push around. Kruger? you take yer chances. Radnich beat up on Joe Hughs? yeah,like kicking the cartoon puppy who loves Spike the bulldog "He's my hero!"
But Radnich has to be Radnich and some day with no KRON..HE might wail on Kruger.  Lets wait and see huh?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Who at KRON I never want to see again after KRON goes under...

Pam Moore. She can get the hell out of town and take her severance money and throw a real wild child party- go girl. Go far,far,away.
J.R. Stone. Get drunk and tell yer Mom's friends you like older woman...

Mike the office Raddy licker.

The back story decision makers...the droll ones who tell raddy "For Q and ratings,be yourself"..Yeah,demented.

Alicia Radnich. Hand here hands there and all the wrong hands. Try working for extra money.

Darya. She knows why. In a movie,she jumps off the bridge because she's known all along what she did to make a living. In real life? Try some station in NY,get used to the cold.

The rest? Good luck. Primo,-best job I ever had- jobs are few and far between. Its a bitch when they end let me tell you.

Papa still missing from 95.7?

Ever since Lund,left, Papa has been missing from his show many a day. Whats the excuse today? He flew in from the Oakland airport and boy are his arms are tired?  Or,in Greg speak,he just fucked a bevy of hot chicks and boy is his dick tired?

75F? I proclaim Hayward a subtropical climate...

Well,not quite. But its one nice day out there. Not a record breaker,it was 83f in 1977,but still the pattern is set..always warmer,nights always warmer summer or winter then average even if days not a rule.
I'm glad to see childhood cold winter in the bay area gone. Give me our new wetter Los Angeles any day. Much more pleasant.
Had to take my hat off working. It was getting sweaty in the warmth and HUMIDITY (60%).!

Sick and tired of the self imposed Chicano young stupidity in Hayward.

By that I mean that whole bullshit Cheech talk,attitude, "Hey mon,bro,ese,holmes ( No Heather around? then dont say that to me)..its all just what I don't want to hear out of young people 23rd generation Americans. Their grandfathers dont talk like that so where do they get off?
I tell ya- its what they teach themselves. Teach,Cheech is what it is. The whole worship of stupidity,gangsters and thugs and their music culture. The smiles it brings them.
How perverse that the low rider is dead and I see cars with "Hayward Hot Rod Boys" painted on the car window and with loudest car and motorcycle on the block compadres?
If I was running for Mayor I would be running on a platform of "If you don't teach your children well,then HPD will..and it will cost YOU money". See,that's the only thing that thug children's parents worry about- don't cost us money.  Its not stay out of trouble..nope,do what you want,don't bother me and DON'T COST ME MONEY. Like get arrested.
If I never see another droopy eyed punk the rest of my life,well,I'm sorry I've seen it now..let alone more of it.
Honest hard working,military Latino's are a world away from the scum. Just listen to them speak.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Cubs winning.......Makes Bochy "Donkey ears of the year". We had them.

They were ripe fruit for the taking and Bochy tripped and knocked them into the vat of stupid.

Ah! Black young lady does worst mime of Journey song you ever saw...

The South west commercial where she breaks out into "Anyway you want it". has all the passion of kissing your grandma. She just mouths the words.
The again,the other Southwest with the white girls who also dance like "Its a living".
Southwest isn't doing a good job of hiring fiery actors. Or who like classic rock.

Steph Curry glad to have pressure off his shoulders...he was caving...

The end of last year..the last 25% He wasn't the Steph Curry he had been.  Durant is not only welcome- but "Here take the reigns" is whats in Currys mind.
Btw..Curry only tried one of his stupid no look loop passes yesterday. It was a turnover. Better then he when he does it 5 times a game. And its a turnover 5 times.

Veronica De La Cruz does anti Madison Nguen ad. Huh.

I dont think I have ever seen a local anchor or reporter in a political ad. Pro or Con.
This one? I will put my thinking cap on and totally and completely guess...Veronica met Madison at an event and she got blown off.
Revenge is sweet.

Joe Hughs bring shame to the Hughs family.

Wasnt his father a long time bay area newsman?  Now his son is just a kiss ass? for GARY RADNICH??????
Joe has to be worst union man in town.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

KRON should have hired Larry Kruger..+ Aveson zings Radnich.

I was thinking that instead of Aveson full time,hire Kruger to co host KRON sports. Why? Because at KNBR he's doing a fantastic job at keeping Radnich focused. No more stream of conscientiousness,long prose to Hip Hop music,who's married to who. Plus other topics that are boring.
At KRON? Radnich is like the adult spoiled child. Somebody needs to hold a mirror to that guy. Vote Kruger.

Radnich yesterday bragging and bragging on KRON,then says "Steve you ever see anybody self promote as much as me?" Aveson:  Just Donald Trump. 
Raddy wiped the egg off his face.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Radnich: Bentleys are sung about most by Rappers..

That answers the question "What kind of car do stupid people with money buy?".  I had an idea it was it.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Alicia John Baptiste.

Whatever she's saying Im no or yes an "H"? ok.

They really know who men listen too,them advertisers.

Kristin Sze getting sexier by the day..

She's got her Halloween orange and black and sexy shoes. She much bustier then she was years ago. Whatever the cause-- good move Kristin.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Warriors are ok..but far from a great team.

They will always be a playoff team with the big four together. But put fear into the other team they dont do.
One thing I don't like? They are a dull team to watch. None of that 2014 electricity. Where you never wanted to miss a single minute of any game.
Either I'm snobbish..or I'm right.

In any event,that could change. For the now? dull man. Dull.

Stan tells off 5 year girl. "Well,goody,goody,gumdrops" I said with dripping,vicious, snarkyism.

She said instantly beaming and smiling  " I'm a good drop!"
I cant make up what she says.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cub's el foldo makes Bochy's choke even worse...

It pretty much shows what we all felt..the Giants were going to take down the Cubs.  Except for Bochy who in his greatest moment of hubris and vanity ended the team's season.

Moore at another bay area station? No chance. Nobody wants Radnich leftovers.

True. The other stations in the bay area don't want that infecting what they have going- that's anything KRON doesn't. Do they want to hear her make excuses? Or be in denial?..everyday?
What old kroners that have latched on? Other then Vern who after 20 years and more I can see. KTVU must have had a brain cramp..and their current status proves that to hire the Apple Bomber. He brings nothing but greasy hair and the personality of an accountant. Or banker. Oh,what he radiates!
Cathy Heenan could get hired on. The rest are Googling best areas to live in Fargo. Living is cheap there I hear.

FBI director should be fired. The "Hanging Chad " director..

He couldn't be more obvious in his intent. Fire the bum.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Radnich instigates Steve Aveson to take a zinger at Britt Shipp.

Coming out of a commercial Aveson asks sort of rhetorical weather questions to Britt,but what Steve looking at the camera and asking didn't notice- Britt and Pam Moore were paying him no attention..that led Brittney to ask Steve "What did you say?"..and she and Moore- the rotten Moore- just laughed so hard. It was so funny to make the white man look dumb written all over it.
SO Radnich seeing that...later during sports did a fantastically unfunny bit that Steve pays attention to HIS stories while Pam does not ,yada yada. Just to remind people that Steve had been trashed a few minutes earlier- what a pal that Radnich is huh?
By this time..Aveson took the bait. "You mean like Britt paid no attention to me?".  From the dark shadows the KRON weatherwoman shouted "I like that". What does that mean? Who knows?.  Moore got that look on her face to try and get to another subject fast as she can.

I think Radnich as a kid abuses animals. Or worse. He's just not going to let a moment go by if he can play big Raddy and rub something in.
I warned you Steve. He's rotten,she's evil and nobody loves her like herself. She hates real men. And why she loves Radnich. That's not a put down,that's the truth.

I want to write a song where I can sing the words "My friends"...I dunno why.

Any song where they sing that? Sounds deep. I want to be deep in you. So to speak.

Kap not wearing beats headphones and World Series on the edge of total boredom.

Ever since he went socialist Kap hasn't been seen wearing those stupid oversized headphones. Or- "The Beats" company dropped him? So much for brotherhood.
6-0? If today is another no drama Obama game..losing interest by the inning.

Mama said knock you out!!

See? One of the few rap songs I like..and Raddys show never plays a bumper of it. That's just plain evil.

77f just like Sunset Strip...

Warm in Hayville. We got the nicest bay area weather,the great water,some very nice scenery. So where did we go wrong?

No such thing as a team with Radnich.Not even team Radnich. Its just Radnich.

I notice he drops in that kind of propaganda "Take my jokes and barbs for the team". SO far only Pamela Moore has accepted unconditional punching bag love. She thinks it great- but it sets woman back a century.
Kate Scott,Diane Tuazon and Kathy Heenan left that garbage behind. Britt's Ship steers her bow clear of Mr. Tump's jock supporter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Radnich BS and Brian Wilson...

I was thinking of Wilson the Giants former star relief pitcher. A bit off,eccentric,outside the box. He even had a Comcast show for more fun.
ALL RADNICH DID WAS RIP THE GUY.   Radnich,who spends a lot of time complaining about people who hold themselves these days on KRON or KNBR, when not getting a "robot" sports report,never seems to be very open to somebody different himself. Wilson was phony, was "look at me",his show had the same premise,same jokes Radnich whined for 2 or 3 years that Wilson was on top.
Radnich started off the same way to Zito. UNTIL..he the day he found that Zito was a card carrying contributor to Republicans like Georgy Bush. From the day he heard that? Zito was greatest guy ever!
See? If Radnich had gone along with Wilson,showed some respect, enjoyed he's not a Baer clone? I could find Radnich claims about himself to maybe be possible. Instead he's a phony.
Hypocrite, phony, and a compulsive and habitual liar. That's what he is.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Anybody watching local PBS? They have NOTHING that interests me.

Ever since KQED bought ch 54...KTEH or whatever its called now..just shows English programs that are of no interest to Americans. Although I get that the Atherton,maybe Danville crowd love all the pomp and such those programs have airs too.  Is that what PBS has become? elitist TV?  You watch those shows to wet your appetite for world wide travel?...that you can actually do while the rest of us can not?
That's what I see they are pandering too. Nothing educational or worth a tax write off to donate to.

Whats hilarious? The BBC would go broke if it put those same English programs on the American BBC TV. So, they show Star Trek!

I would love to see something that fits the bay a garden show that features the exotic plants that can be grown here,not more about "organic produce" a subject that's filled with lies anyways. Something about bay area wildlife..just something quality!

Day after day.. THREE PBS channels of programming..none worth a damn.

Mike Honda: I funded a half million gray Tits" !..Good for older ladies? Woo-hoo!

I played it back over and over. "I funded a half million gray Tits!"..What a man!

...i wonder what he really said if in clear English?

Radnich now starting with the Steve Aveson jokes on KNBR...

I heard it before...the progression from "funny" bits about what the "eh,he's a nice guy" quoting Radnich, anchorman "That guy was an idiot" in a few years. lol. Or weeks...

Darya ignoring all election talk on "The World according to"

Biggest news around...She's not asking her other half to tell us about the Donald. You know he sent Don $500. Because he loves that fabulous man.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This blog is rigged!

Republicans wacko righto's somehow wrestled control of that party..and you get a Donald Trump as yer candidate. Crazy.his own inner delusions and self centered view of the world is fine when he's the boss of a company that goes under and he can blame others. But,PUSA???..
I would say he would hi jack our government if he had the chance.
Sarah Palin and Trump - the voice of the new Republican party..and Gary and Alicia Radnich. Wacko's!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Root for the Las Vegas Raiders tomorrow?

Sort of takes the fun out of watching this team. They aren't dead to me because the deal isn't sealed. When it is? Who then gives a damn about them? I hope then that they lose every game and every player breaks his neck right up to the owner. That might make things even Stevens.

Stanford has 98 pound weakling offensive line.

I've never seen a line so easy to push backwards...

Pamela Moore throws $60,000 party. Because she likes to party thats why.

Radnich said the food was great too. Nancy Sinatra sang about boots. Wow,who would have guessed the person that treats those at Starbucks as peons would enjoy decadent,lavish, parties? Who?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Phillippines president? pray he gets taken out...

He's nuts. Its one thing to be power crazy- it's another for an elected President to just blurt out he's going to destroy his country's base. He's ISIS in Tagalog.
The people have noticed- he's done nothing to end corruption...he's just worked at making himself the most corrupt of all.

Radnich uses umbrella in the S.F. sun. He doesnt want to get dark!

Irony..and figures too. Then you have his anti liberal,anti progressive spoiled wife with her OCD. Yeah,they are as dysfunctional as yer typical American family-lol.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I was walking through the park...

And a pair of woman- a bit older then me walked by,one struck up a conversation with me. Right off the bat she had her hands on my arms and shoulder.
She said she lived down the street. We chatted a bit more,she told me how handsome I was. ...

What a great warm fall day...78f?

Mark Tamayo says,In Mark I believe. I did some planting of my drought tolerant plants. Winter rains is all they will need. If I had kept them potted...they would still need watering.
I take the chance of putting them out...

How much does Radnich hate having to work at 70? He's wearing sandals on the set!

He's just so sick of being a sports anchor,he's just doing slob work now. No shaving some days and yesterday he did the sports in Flip Flops. That's not "I do what I want around here" That's I have no respect for what I do and now watch me eat a greasy burger and chew while I do the scores.

It also speaks volumes about KRON's soon to be coming demise.

You just watch.. "Hi! I'm Gary Radnich for Depends- my best friend!"...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Laura Kawakami Anthony blocks me. Huh,here I defended her.

How's that for massive ego? I agreed with her about evil pit bulls...she blocked me. I take that Laura has airs of grand self importance. She's the nun that wants to rap your knuckles..because she just doesn't like you.
Well,she wont last much longer at KGO. She needs to move on to do the news for the Piedmont Montclair Belvedere-we name our children Chase and Buffy- Express. There she can put that nose as high as the sky.

Donald Trump for President. What an insane idea.

He's all for totally changing the government I'm sure. To what, even he doesn't know. You don't know. But I think he's capable of anything- shut down the economy if Congress doesn't give him what he wants. No negotiating with the Donald. I'm sure of that too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is the Universe a computer program?

No. But its like the newest fad in science to be near a religion. It goes that look at we have done since the 1980's and pong- to the best CGI and computer power. Imagine they say some other civilization that could take that exponential growth for CENTURY'S.that would be like trillions of times more powerful computers then now.
No Human could tell the difference it goes on,between a program and Original Gangtsa Unie. So to speak.
I mean,think of how many times in your life it felt like something big had set you up. Usually to fail,sometimes to succeed. Its not just me..look at the movies when a character looks up at the sky and asks why that? now?..Why????!   It seemed beyond chance. I felt that one.
I've heard the argument that at all times everything in the Universe is there is no such thing as..well,a program. Chance even in following the unbreakable laws of the universe that stop everything from happening all at once. That would be a pretty random Universe or really nothing but bouncing balls until the end of time.
THAT would be really boring for a programmer..Oops!..That might be a case for it after all....