Sunday, January 31, 2016

December sports radio ratings IN DETAILS,and Stan commentary.

KNRB with Murphy +Macky 6.1 and Katey over thegames team 3.9 Yet,I don't even know who the games guys are or where they came from,so 3.9 vs a solid 10 year old show (or so) ain't bad really.

GARY RADNICH..fighting for his life. 3.5 (less then the games unknowns morning show-lol)  to 3.0 for Habberman and Middlekauf. Just writing that I feel like I stepped into a German mini market in Fremont. I have no problems with it really...Man, the game is sooooo close huh Gare?

Lund and Papa's lead over Fitz and Brooks held,but narrowed. F&B know that's the Warriors tie in that keeps them on air,not their fantastic personalities. Lund and Papa? They would sacrifice a chicken for ratings.Or, choke their own...

Tolbert on Cruise control vs Damon Bruce. 5.3 to 3.0. Sounds like a big block Ford vs a base 6 cylinder porshee. Maybe Damon gets better gas mileage. You would think Damon would wear a charro suit and big Sombrero instead of whining about the Mexican Raiders. It would help.

And these are REAL ratings. 24-54 year olds. Not those crappy ones Lieberman gives you.
Thanks JB!

Jim Barnett really loves the Warriors.

He's in a different category...just genuinely loves the team,all the players..every nut and bolt. I read that the Warriors low balled him on his contract. Maybe hinted that they are ambivalent on his being at the mic.
Jim's like Ray Fosse and Mike Krukow, the team is their other family.  I tell ya- when the team's a winner I love all the homerism..well,almost all. Its when the team stinks,that I get riled up with some of them. Right now, no worries.

Monty Poole is Captain Obvious.

What a drag on the pregame. That whole thing of his flapping lips moving faster then the words can come out? A good speech therapist could help you Monty.
Or maybe that's a side effect of...ehem.
 He sure changed at Comcast. Not a mover anymore. Sure not a shaker.

Gloves are off on the stalking media...all truth. I shake hard.

Love is all around. Ruined by commercialism.

Not just years- but for decades that was a great little song. Almost never played on the newly forming oldys stations in the late 70's..and so years and years would go by never hearing it. Then,in 1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral  dug it out. After that? It was beaten to death by being in every movie in some form,covers,karaoke ..but way too much of it. I almost never play it now. Its not special any longer.

Some songs have had the same things happen to them. Tiny Dancer?..the drunk beautiful people in Almost Famous the movie..I don't know,killed that song. Its bad karaoke to me now.

I don't know how its done it- But a few songs will not be beaten to death no matter how exploited they are. Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" so many movies..and still that dum-dum-dum and spinning rattle sound can grab you just as hard as ever.  "Fortunate Son"..It could be a TV show theme and wouldn't lose steam. Two rare examples.

And so, in conclusion-lol. I ran out of songs to list...

More on Quasi the good dog.

What I notice is that Dogs never have any self pity about missing paws or legs..they never spend a second like that. Just as loyal as any other dog.

I bet Quasi would give all he had to defend the one he loves.

I notice? Dogs do feel bad if you scold them. They are sad because they made you unhappy..yet never feel sad for themselves if you are a lousy human being with no pity that they only have three legs or even just two.

I love Dogs. They never stab you in the back. They thought you WANTED them to chew that shoe....

Today's playlist ...

'Didn't I blow your mind?' -Delfonics. " You laughed when I cried"...
'Have you seen her?' Chi-Lites. " I thought  I had her in the palm of my hand.."..
'If you don't know me by now' Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. "10 long years,10 long years"...
'Nowhere man' "Making all his nowhere plans for nobody"...
'Oh,Girl' Chi-Lites "I don't where to look for love,and I don't know howww"
'My Sweet Lord" George Harrison. "It takes so long my Lord"...

The day is still going,maybe more later for your party...

Steph Currys attitude problem. Still carries it.

He's a very great player. One problem? I will tell you what no sportswriter has the guts to tell you.

Since he's been a rookie Currie's turnovers are because he's convinced he's such a great ball handler he can treat NBA players like D leaguers. He gets sloppy. He gets loosy goosy. And then the bad no look hook pass is easy pickings. It just floats.
 I wont say he's arrogant,I say he has much room to improve.

Now- he does make some great passes..and that's what goes to his head. He will follow that with two turkey passes. Then he gets mad and beats the hell out of the other team with that he does better then anybody in the NBA....


Good erotic movies vs crap porn.

A good adult movie has a story,has a sense of some reality..more heat in the chase sometimes. European and Asian movies like to actually have a decent plot and acting.

And then you have the San Fernando crap.  The ones that have a premise of  "Martian Woman come to Earth" and want to know how humans reproduce. oh-boy. How did they reproduce on Mars into perfect  (Charlie Sheen woman)copy's of Earth woman?-lol. You add the garish makeup,the clothes that comes off like a costume. And all the smiling and laughing. I hate that.

Fetish movies? Same. Although I can't say that I've done any of that. Its why its a movie..fantasy.

Good erotica has what looks like that co-worker- wink wink.

And yeah,I alone am the reason for the 500 BILLION dollar a year adult film industry. I'm powerful.

See? another difference in cultures..most Americans are hypocrites about adult films. Not like that in civilized countries.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

When you stalk me,GARY RADNICH- all gloves are off.

And I see your going to rub it in on kron or 412media?   Anything you say,any person who defends you, I will give answers too.
Its gone on too long that Asshole has put people out of work,then gone on Tv and whined he needs to eat. Yeah? Look at him. He looks like he ate more then an African country this year.

That son of a bitch has been on air too long,and kron? fuck them...they cater to an asshole,they all have his shit smeared on them .

Darya and Pamela and Manservant,Grant-me a living -please- all laughed at his jokes when he harassed co workers. How evil is that?

How wrong that he grunts every night in Britteneys direction at 11:35?

And me worry because I say to the world he and kron stalked me? lol. I don't see any lawsuit..I don't hear any denials do you? Somebody is worried- it sure aint me.

I wont be making things up. If your on kron and have a dog (Doggie Diner) face- you will read it. If you are on kron and want to be submissive..I will write it up. I never need to sink to illegal,unlike kron and Media General,fascist company USA.

Difference between me and Rich Lieberman- big ones.

He puts down Somersville for helping poor kids? Says it boosts Franks ego? Hey,I might not think Frank is the sharpest tool in the shed, but if he helps people- great. Ask those poor kids.  Radnich? he forces his kids to work the social media and its obvious he does it for himself. Not for them. Daddy needs another status toy.

Lieberman? Hates dogs.  I love Dogs,mutts Pooches,puppys,all of them. Damon Bruce never had a pet. Weird how many local sports guy never had a pet.

Lieberman makes friends with local personalities and turns on them..over and over. I can see every now and then..but he's got a personality disorder where everybody he makes a friend of,he HAS to turn on them sooner or later. Every one of them

Me? I don't know them..and when I do watch and listen and read enough I make my decision. That's it. I just hope none of them are Mike Vick when they get home. And- unlike Damon Bruce,I wasn't screaming Vick was rehabilitated because he threw for 300 yards with Philly. The only thing I'm sure of is- Vick is cured of not being afraid of getting caught hurting animals. Oh,he's cured of that.

And Lieberman- I can tell you - spends  some money on spyware himself. He also has no problems writing some comments that go low..but he doesn't put his name to it like he claims he always does-lol- what a liar.

My media blog is observation. I'm far enough from the forest to see every goddamn tree. He has sources or he hints he knows big things...and then never tells them- right?

Cmon what was Lieberman's take in Snyderman's trip to Africa? Somebody wished her well that she knew in the  local news business.  That's the best he had.  Me? I said,I seen and hear enough of her to know a PR stunt from an egotistical woman. BINGO!..I hit it.

There are more,but I'm calling it a day. Part 2 maybe later.

Dinosaurs isnt an age. Its a thinking process.

Like the old timers who thought cable was the way to go - and jumped from newspapers/.coms, and found that their new employers "go with the team" was 10x what it was in writing. Some jumped back.

Lowell Cohn is the perfect example. Improves,innovates..sometimes I don't agree- but that's fine. I get the feeling I almost change his mind sometimes. The other Dinosaurs? Petrified brains of piedra.

When the Dinosaur says that's the ways its always been,and we don't want change?..That's proof change is needed.

All this new interactive news? I like it.  Lieberman? pines for the old days when a Fedora and stogie was all you needed. Hey,I remember when this country got half its news from "Huntley and Brinkley" two morticians and men in black who read the news with funeral intonations. Heather smiles,and crosses her leg? That's an improvement.

Its time for Yahoo to dump dinosaur Greg Papa from the Warriors broadcast.

How dumb is Greg Papa- like Radnich-,To thinks he's invented an art form?. Its called baby talk and dumbing down the conversation to the point Monte Poole is the big fool...laughing his head off at nothing funny said. Papa flicks his switch.

Where's the info? None.  And Papa's a man of many personalities I think we all have noticed that. He's a real ack-tor. With Poole,he gets stupid..with Kalanne he was toned down,held his hands together. Like the swing he does on his show from Mr. "I used to be somebody in the Warriors" technical his and Lund's "Booty connection time show"

Papa's time has come and gone with the Warriors. I'm sure Rick Welt watches and wonders how he could get rid of the guy.

I would be surprised if he's back next year. Although Lacob's love of yes men- Gruber,Fitz,Ridder,and many more sort of flaunts getting the best in those jobs. Nonetheless,Papa has baggage. He is baggage.

Claudine Wong Pregnant?. Stan's theory on the media baby boom.

I bet all I have that kid will grow up to be a better person then a local sports director. Congrats.

I have a theory on all the pregnant stuff. When I was young it was rare to hear that a local anchor was pregnant. My theory is in those days, the pay for anchors- full,weekend,part time was high (adjusted for standard of living) enough,that many woman in the bizz were either not having children or putting it off until they were near implant needy.

Look at the older female anchors now. No children. They chose to be young hot business pros. Who needs little baby feet and smells?  Why admit you cant or don't want children? They are now into "My niece is like my daughter..etc" All that's left.  And dogs.

 Now?,these young ladies have big rings,the relative passable wages means they went out and found husbands who make a good living. So,-- they start a family like regular people. No need to be a stay at home mom. They work and make money- not just think of ways to spend some married woman of a sports director.

ps. If she isn't pregnant?...

Rub Pamela,Darya,and Alicia's foreheads together- what do you get?

You get the static electricity equivalent of an H-Bomb!.

 For a city block diameter around KRON  headquarters, little furry animals are having DNA problems. Dandelions grow into Tree's.

People have to use the KRON decontamination room..shower together. That's popular ironically enough.

Fluorescent lights glow and burn out

KRONmobiles wont start.

Digital clocks start spinning those LED numbers.

Brittney cant free her hair from the corridor's walls..poor Brittney,if it isn't one problem at KRON, its another.

PLUS MORE NOW-Let me remind. KRON,KNBR,Radnich are not denying spying/stalking me.

I will say it again-- not even veiled- has he denied it. Or KRON..Lieberman hasn't said it's not true has he?
Hey,I know what I write- when I hear local sports guys repeat it almost word for word. Same for Radnich and his Stan hitch,,"his admiration for my walk"  95.7's ..yeah I know the word is out.
I also know Stanley Roberts who corrected me on my time miscue?...hasn't reported in to say Radnich and goons never watched me. It was a lucky Gary guess huh Stanley?

Look..they want to tell me they are watching me? I wave and give them the finger...all legal.  When they watch me +  gather info in secret? That's stalking. That's a felony. They weren't admiring me- right?

Funny,you would think Lieberman and Berman would be all over Radnich getting caught. They have "sources"  They wont touch this.  They wont even post questions from readers asking if its true-- notice that also?

I can play for keeps too. I have a lawyer friend I can get hold of who would love to get going I bet.

One more thing- If KRON says they were watching because "they were worried about me"? Radnich didnt look worried imitating me. Hell no!..He was laughing,Pamela and Grant were laughing. "Pam.look at me" he said over and over with a big smile as he hitched his pants up.
No..they were stalking me..they were going to "get me".  A felony.

Rich Lieberman wont tell you the truth.

You notice he does what Radnich and KRON are doing- attacking the victim of stalking, while they never answer that THEY did as accused. Lieberman with all his "inside" sources in the media is quiet about KRON.
He's not saying that I'm wrong. He's not saying anything but what he does- go after me.

 Rich is another who wouldn't be so smart ass in person to my face. He's devious...not honest.

KRON? they are praying I don't get more info (Lieberman? no way in hell he's any help) to press charges. Radnich you might notice makes up names about people he wants to say are me,but how can he? that's how he and the brave Larry Kruger are handling it on KNBR.

Lieberman hates Radnich..but crickets.

 You can always get him to say Mike Weiner and that rightwing radio station are high entertainment.

No denials from Radnich. Just like no denials he's blowing off  ALREADY the new weather woman who no doubt wants to look for another job. Raddy cant work with people he doesn't like!..Waaaa..Waaa. Like he pouted and stayed home over little Daymond Bruce-waaa,waaa!. Or taunted Diane Tuazon. Or told Dave to wait for a call.
A man with a heart of shit.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Radnich: "I'm happy with my money". Ok,then that makes you a sociopath.

You like to kick people who were your co workers,in the ass, even as decades go by. Doesn't change the hate you have. Diane? were happy doing that to her? I bet you were.
Britts turn.
He's happy.

Oh, Diane? Asian bitch. Emerald? Asian bitch. Wendy? Asian bitch?  Rick? Asian punk. I see a pattern.

Poor Quasi. A good dog.

Best Wishes!

Heather Holmes and Nancy O Dell,seperated at birth?

C'mon they are Tiger Woods wet dream. I bet streets of men...just part like the Red Sea. Heck,streets of woman too...

whew! Alicia Radnich has Moffet Field for a forehead.

As Pamela Moore would say hahahahahahHA!  Pink lipstick?  yuck.Is that a request from Daddy's tenderloin days? Don't feel bad-- Pamela is LAX and Darya, Kennedy!..har de har har! I'm a co-median ma!
Alicia beautiful? Gee that's the 5th "Reno" email this year!  "Reno" is really Manservant Akens!

Raddy? how do I walk again? har de..etc.

KRON's weather woman with No Name. How about "Eastwood"?

I've never heard Gary Radnich even once say her name. Never heard Grant Radnich say her name..not even uno.
Cathy Heenan,had too- to introduce,but as a matter of conversation? Nope.
Hows that for your "News Center four team?".

Britt? I feel your pain. Wear a Poncho,lite up a cigaroo. The WeatherWoman with no name!

Why arent the Raiders,Chargers and Rams moving to a stadium that hasnt been built next year?

The media is stumped. Whats the problem they ask?..LOL. Fucking morons. L.A hasn't faced any environmental reports themselves..that's not a one month project.
Stupid fuckers. Nothing but weeds and dirt and wind and they wonder why they aren't moving?

I liked the adopted Lamb and Puppy story..thank god for innocent animals.

Animals are my favorite people. And baby people.

Rusty Stooges aka Simmons on Damon Bruce.

Isn't he the guy suspended because he was posting copy straight from the Warriors public relations man Raymond "The Flunkster" Ridder? I think he was.  Wasn't he also the man who swore that Chris Cohan would NEVER sell the Warriors-  then Cohan did? I think it is.

Ridder? Praised to the sky by Gary Radnich,and the local sports hosts. No wonder!.All in the pocket of big sports bizz.  Some worse then others...

I guess money couldn't buy Gary Radnich happiness. Only a car and younger wife.

Go through all the grudges..nobody in local media comes close in numbers like Radnich. Not Kawakami,not Steve the basg. Not even Kruger.
And he's a multimillionaire!. He also gloats of those people that left KRON for unhappy lives. What a big heart! Kick 'em again Radnich. You never did say those things to their face when they were here.
Diane Tuazon? He rooted her out. It was all her fault. HE NEVER complains!

The war with stalker kron, is on....

Scotty McGrew has a new hip hairdo. kntv in turmoil?

Its combed forward. ok,not earthshaking. But at least with the times. He aint old yet. Almost. Kidding ya Scott.

I wonder why so many media are stubborn to have a bad look..and then try hard to sell that look?. Why wear dresses that look like you rolled up the green carpet around you?  That's for old ladies.  Or old lifeless hair? .Or big frame glasses that you will never look good in and years from now will wonder why did you cover a pretty face with those?. You wont be 24 ever again.

Tight undersized suits. Yeah,you probably work out..but a ill fitting suit is not the way to show it. Or Over sized suits. I notice that as the offenders get raises as the years go by? They get suits that fit-lol.

Gary Radnich tells lovely story about his grudge with ex kron anchor Jim Paymar "He was a mouse".

Something about how his love for Pam isn't phony like the pathetic Paymar was for Roz. I smell GRUDGE! Its only been 35 years since anybody said the words Jim Paymar.
I'm sure Pamela loved the whole sentiment. The tie in.

Gary cant be happy about his life to have so many grudges with so many former co workers.So,so many.
Nobody can be happy..and then slam some guy from 35 years ago on tv in front of tens of thousands,like it happened yesterday.. Gary Radnich must have a sad pathetic life.

Dave and Diane and Wendy and Emerald and Pete and Tom and Bloomberg and..on and on and on- over decades. What a sad pathetic man to be angry to so many.. 

Larry,have you considered Raddy deserves what he gets?

They wonder,and ponder,and get philosophical know they mean me...but! IT never is said- he deserves it. Diane, Dave, R.Kelley,bashing Obama.. stalking Stan. He blows off the newest weather woman because SHE'S AFRAID OF HIM. He spins it as - her fault.
Yeah,they never go for option D. That's the one that says Radnich gets everything he deserves from me. Never go for it...

Funny what blinders kron and knbr use to live with themselves.

Gary Radnich reads me- EVERYDAY.

He's a loyal Stan reader.  What other blog does he follow like mine? I got me a guy who drives a bent car to read ME!

He shouldn't blame ME for his family. Maybe he should take the blame- huh? HE makes them uncomfortable wherever they are. Not me.

He stalks me. I don't break into his PC,have goons follow him. I report the idiots words he says all day on the media that caters to the moron.

Let me be clearer. Radnich and KRON and KNBR have committed felony's. He wont ever say its not true- notice?

That wheezing he does? A failing heart. Maybe he should treat everybody better,not just cult people.

Lieberman has no comment? wow,and its about the guy he hates most.

Uhuh. He knows.
And gee,not ONE PERSON has asked about KRON stalking me- a felony- on that blog. Not one. Who owns who?

Gary Radnich,his daughter and two of her friends. He says GANGBANG!

Like Stern's,Raddys daughter is learning to hate men.
You all catch Raddy playhouse? Where he FEARS saying my name, FEARS admitting his goons stalk me- even now I bet. Bet for sure.
How does he live with himself when he turns into that verbal swine? He oinks when he talks -right? He's the glutton on the Monty Python Movie..he thinks he's cool and classy as he vomits on everything around him.
He's hated by most of KRON people I would say. He's hated by Diane,and Dave and Kate..that's just this months list.
Family? he doesn't mind making other co workers family's go hungry- takes bread out of their mouths and sleeps just fine. How much money did he cause Diane Tuazon to lose? Big money. Why? She did her job,but our local swine legend in his own mind caused her to leave. He's icing Britt. He cant be relied on to not be an asshole says KRON. They know him.
He's wheezing every day now. His day is coming. Wont the world be better off? MUCH!

Hey,we wont have Raddy taking up handicapped parking anymore to kick around!

KRON sponsor has solution for Darya.

"Is your hair thin and lifeless? Try Kerotique!"..boom. There it is Dare. I guess you can call 9-12 today,lucky you don't have to wait until 9-12 tomorrow like the commercial asks.

You know,its starting to bug me that Danon has half the forehead of  Darya. Get manservant- he's going bald.

And to think she once did a fashion show for 4.

Darya- spend less on botox....ya know?. Making a silk purse out of a sows ear thing? Better to just fix the hair.

KRON has money to stalk people,not enough for proper hair care.

Mr.Stan's 2 cents.

How much Raddy paying Leiberman to lay off the story?

What a wild coincidence- a red hot story of the guy he hates caught stalking a viewer-critic..and Lieberman isn't there to answer his readers question- is it true? Oh,It is.
I guess Richie can't be counted on.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Media General. Do you know your KRON station stalks viewers?

Its true. YOU pay for that?  Media General..the fascist company.

Does Gary Radnich give Vicodin to Grant Lodis?

You heard that in couples the weak one starts to mimic the stronger?..same sayings,sense of humor,tastes? Its scary how Lodis is fully indoctrinated into the cult of KRON. He's a spitting image of Radnich so often. He slips- he might zing raddy...then returns to the cults convent. Or is it covenant?

Cathy Heenan returns to the convent- that's it.

Lodis and his the man has disassociation problems. Snap! Grant,wake up!.it's the news dude.

Or like the title says,Raddy's happy and glassy eyed pills he takes might be at work.

One last for my stalker...dude,see some Dr. and fix that neck that wont swivel. Enough of the pills.

Stanley Roberts going to seedy areas as requested. He almost gets stabbed.

So,that pretty much answers my question.

It was a lot safer when Raddy had you doing stories around my happy,happy,hood wasn't it? Just a 10 times coincidence,right Stanislaus?.

Pamela Moore:Hahaha, hahaha,ohhh,hahhaha...oh,oh,HA,ha,ha....

She's Radnich Fluffer- well used, but that never seems to work,- enabler and now laugh track.  Like Radnich says- people who never had kids,never got married..must be demented.

She says to that,Ha,hah hah...She laughs when she isn't even paying attention- after all these years she knows the same noise,the rhythm, he makes that says- joke coming-- so she starts laughing.

When I see overt cult behavior? I have to get it out..

Gary Radnich:Obama talks loud and says nothing. Says crazy KRON 4 Sports Director.

Radnich says nothing all day that's ever right or makes sense. Why he's the joke of the media.Why he stalks me...I tell people what he's up to. I translate his garbage views for you.

His post SB show? It will be all about him. New Years 2010 was all about him..why I couldn't watch anymore any other year since. You will hear more of his old man repeating himself then anything to do with why you watched the game.

btw- Britt was joking about Barbi..Pamela never looked her way,and Grant Radnich the 2 also never really answered her.
Only for the 20th time in a row. It might not be an accident.

Britt- you heard Radnich brag about his LV days- Complexion made the connection right?  See,THAT'S what he wanted you for. When he was told Pero was hiring a black weather woman,THAT was his dream. Mothuh,Caddy,Pimp Walk,JayX and Z. He's knowledgeable about how all you people think,Britt. Why wouldn't you love that?..LOL...

Gary Radnich...why is he always shaking his head about Dawkins?

For the last couple of, maybe three,  years..he's on Dawkins not being able to get it going at Stanford. I smell a grudge. No wonder there are no Dawkins happy interviews on KRON.

Another Gary Radnich sportscast without a "hitch".

The secret is out. KRON had people watching me..reporting back to Radnich..and that is the definition of stalking.
Me,he and KRON stalk. Britt,he can totally ignore.

Wheres Lieberman? Where?

Ken Hoffman has given De La Salle- a high school for christs sake, 50 MILLION DOLLLARS IN FIVE YEARS.

I don't think I want to hear anymore yahoo's bragging that the school goes 240-0 over a decade of  H.S. football.
The ex A's owner- who with Steve Schott screwed A's fans by selling to Gap inheritor and ne'er do well- do well worth billions,that is, John Fisher. A man who then took the Gap into near bankruptcy and has made the A's a laughing stock supplier of players to the real major league teams that want to win with ex A's.

By the way- that Schott money is to make the HS a powerhouse as the main goal don't let them fool you. The wealthy are known to be the worst givers to charity. No,Steve-O wants to beat that other schools 15 year olds soooo bad...

btw,has Nike money made Oregon a uppity Stanford or Ivy League school? Nah. It made a hell of a football team!....

Trump winning the "Presidents Hunger Games".

Its a spectacle, a flashy  game of dog eat dog. Trump,mentions shooting people. "I would still win". Uhuh.

The down and dirty of ripping woman for menstrations,for being fat pigs. Man,put their heads on a pole.

The bizarro HAIR!..oh yeah.

The pedestal speeches of sending back 20 million Mexicans to the outlands- behind impenetrable walls. Gee,thats where the good archers are.

Yeah,its real life imitating a movie imitating a reality show. Que?

Liebermans first ever "On assignment" black out. Like,he wont answer some question.

I read him since SF Gate days. He never once said "on assignment". Waiting for things to die down. So ask all you want..he's got no reason to tell you.

Todaych7 sez "More exercise does not mean better"

See? What did I tell you? Its why Athletes don't have any higher lifespan than the rest of us. 3 minutes of pedaling hard- 3 times a week. ch7 even admitted,your metabolism isn't enhanced with hours and hours of pain and not much gain.
Just what I wrote.
Stan,right again. Right Dan?

Rick Welts Warrior VP interviewed by Kozy tv.

Kozimor..a little nervous..conversed with Warrior VP Rick Welts. Imagine how much more uncomfortable it would have been to have homophobe Greg Papa do the asking?  Papa does the Warriors pre and postgame. Why?,I don't know. Papa also says in an article by Susan Slusser that "Bob Fitzgerald stabbed me in the back".

So,you see I also doubt that Bob has forgotten all, even when he throws Papa a bone of support.

Damon Bruce does funny Radnich impersonation. "Old Fuddy Duddy" he calls it.

"Complaining about the traffic" ITS the SUPER BOWL!.   So Bruce got a tab bit on my good side. I think an all out war between competing radio hosts or just competing stations should have happened long ago. Why all this bullshit "off limits" when you cant stand the other guy?
Hell my ratings go through the roof on Radnich or Anchor woman posts. Surprisingly my takes on the nature of the Universe do not rate highly.
Bruce,knows so much inside info on the KNBR boys..why hold back? Worried you might want back? What kind of sportsman are you? GO for the WIN. You might get a rout.
He also mentioned his GF. I was worried he might be inept with woman. 40,no steady,never married,no kids. Geeky. He might still be..but at least he used "I have a radio show and make over 200 G's a year". Man,if you can't get a steady with that....

Lieberman waiting for you to stop asking?

No way,he comes back with "didn't happen". Its better to let things cool down he thinks. uhuh.

When I hit the lotto? Copy editor.

Man,my typing skills are still one finger,and its a bit hard for me to see the type. I could enlarge,but you know how that goes- it really slows down the PC.
Walgreen's,I might need yer reading glasses....

Brooks and Fitz : "Kozimor a great guy."

He might be a good guy. He doesn't beat his wife,he buys food for his kids. He obeys the law.
So do the new Breed-as far as I know.

But Kozimor is predictable..he's a company man,takes the politically conservative view of all things,sports or life.

Is that the bay area? You also have to know..he's the vast majority of the sports media views,with the news media catching up very fast. Not representative of the vast bay area. Even Damon Bruce notices Mexicans seem to like football.

Kozimor defends Wolff to no end. He's never been critical of even Beane's worst trades. Cespedes,I say and Donaldson second. The media I notice always say Donaldson. Either way- horrible trades,giveaways essentially. He defends that.
Kozimor- smart,smoother talker,fast wit,conservative.  The last is what REALLY- got- him- the- job.

I wonder what part of the bay area he lives in? "Hi Julie!" he says getting in his car in the driveway. "Great day to water!"....

On Britt and Raddy. Common sense advice from me.

Look,she doesn't want any part of his "comedy sketches" But,you can see she tries to make comments on funny stories or those end of newscast chit chats between Pamela and Radnich.  He blows her off, he can never say "That's a funny dog story Britt" with a smile. Nooo. Mr.Ass wont meet her halfway. Pamela? never brings in her into the conversation BY NAME. It might upset Radnich.

So,who's the egotistical blowhard?  it ain't Britt I know that.

Just common sense.

Stubblefield agrees with Stan on Raddy.

"I think Cam Newton is being a punk" on the way Newton brags. Radnich last night praised "Newton"..-really meaning his own attitude towards people- and had to eat shit as Stubblefield did not say what Radnich wanted him to say.
"You will meet the same people you think you are better than,on you're way down" Dana finished with.

Stan. I can't be wrong even if I tried. oop,I might hear that on my way down huh?

Why doesnt Stanley Roberts go where the REALLY good storys are?

ALL the seedy,kinky area's of SF ...he avoids. Just once why not (invoke Stanley's voice in yer head here) " And I turned a corner and saw this: A pickup truck with a man dressed like Cinderella tied up and hanging upside down in a alley way as a Woman--I think she's a woman- flogged the man in the dress".

"Don't they know blocking an alley is a vehicle violation of the California penal code 1050?"

 He never does that.

Gary Radnich: "I'm a real man" Then he parks in handicapped peoples zones.

He's just too dumb. I should do a blog mostly about him!
Oh,I do.

More on last nights kronexpo...a philosophical Stan look at the media.

The 8-9pm was the worst..then Radnich,pissed off at my review,then sulked and whined all through the 11pm sports.
Cam? He wasn't talking Cam in reality. He was talking about himself   " Change for nobody" Radnich advised.   Yeah- most assholes love that one. A built in excuse to be a..well,asshole.
Then he ignored -with that big heart he has he tells you- Britteny. Like she's invisible. KRON,has no HR. It shows badly.

Why is the media in the liberal bay area so bad? Its run by dinosaurs...the men who defended Nixon,younger dinosaurs like Bruce who grew up loving Nixon "Sports are for men" says the guy raised by a single mom.

Nobody even sounds like a bay arean.
 "Braindead Caribbeans"..
"Sports are for men only"
Greg Pappa's "Gay men's problems is they should have stayed in their mothers"..Rick Welt's company is represented by HIM?
 "Oakland agitators" and "I don't believe in affirmative action" both by Jim Kozimor.
 Radnich- laughing WITH Racist Rosenberg - who called Serena Williams an ape. Radnich has black children. You can't get any more dinosaur than that.
(billionaire company owner mark davis) "How much more can the man take?,he's been punched in the gut over and over"- Kruger. Insanely conservative.

As I said before..I'm not hearing this from 95.7's new breed. Not from Guru's,Zachariah's or Amigo's. Amigo's?.eh.. have come too close for my taste sometimes. Trying to please Dinosaurs ain't the right road. Still,no flat out hate or "stay in yer place" like the above dinosaurs.

All these are dinosaurs hired by older dinosaurs.  Even the local dinosaur media who branch into music?  Flan and ch7's Ashley?  Country music. Yeah,uhuh- lol.  Says bay area,sure. Says Danville. When the wealth spreads all over the inner bay area- I wont complain.

 The media dinosaurs promise "they have evolved" Maybe. But if they had done something marxist or yelled Viva CHE!, and been fired? They would never be rehired. I'm sure you get me.

Hey,did the chick who said F-you,I'm growing pot, ever get re hired?-lol. Nooooo

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sicko Gary Radnich and bizarre KRON newscast.

"Pam, do you wuv me?" the strange Radnich looking for validation for his insecure personality. "Yes" The lead anchor chirped. "Good girl" he told her. And then he giggled.  He told the lead anchor "Good Girl"? and she answered like a lonely,lonely woman??. ALL on a newscast!

That is nutty...that's about as strange a news channel that has ever existed.

I have noticed they seem to have cut his time,told him to stay behind the pedestal..all things he does as ordered. But I know him..he will wander soon, he will slip in his manservant Akens Vaudeville routines the day Britteny takes a day off.

He,is off his rocker.

KRON is such a goddamn cult. I have more...  Grant Lodis blank stares and doing all things Radnich like..with Radnich approvingly "I love you Grant".  Freaky.

Then on top of everything- he stalks me. "His" people are nothing but goons as you might have seen one night as he brought them on air.

Tonight was a strange one..Radnich again wanted to portray himself as loving father...then as he found that he couldn't keep that going went right back to smart ass put downs of people in sports. He cant maintain his own created image for the length of his sportscast!.

He is in a lala land. A con artist with a greedy egotistical personality.

 He ended the 11pm by giving Britt a dirty look!.She had that open eye smile that says "Ok,whatever, crazy old man"...

Manning. Steroids to hold that giant head of his up.

No wonder he got better as he got older...But the media never said that when he tore up the league the last two-three years. It fits perfect with older and steroids. Because,I can tell you the natural way is to get older and not be as good as younger. Unless we are talking smarts.

Alma Daetz- hot..

She answered my Tweet. Sort of.  I'm thrilled.

 Excuse me? I'm looking for the worlds sexiest anchorwoman..are you not it?

I dropped something Alma..oh its our conversation,why don't we pick it up-wink-wink?

 uh,That's all my lines.


Kelenna Azubuike brings fresh air to Warrior Pre game.

Yahoo must have heard me. I'm sure of it. They got somebody who doesn't scream company man like Papa,Saint and Poole do..the first two in their own league.
I notice that already Saint has real problems being told he's wrong by Azubuike-love that last name-and seems to pout a bit.
Well,I might start watching more of the pregame. Post game? Hey,they won,I'm happy, no need to hear more,time to watch the ch2 news...

Oregon ranchers want free lands,want to over graze lands,want to drive out native animals.

Ranchers are not the environments best friend,my friends. Cattle are hugely destructive as they stop the natural regeneration of flora. Plants are used to seasonal herds of Elk,Moose,Bison..not a hoovering cow walking in place with 100,000 buds.
Do you know how many streams in California are almost dead because of cattle? They have ruined watersheds all over the state..they turn small creeks into mud ditches- with high eroded banks and no trees. You see that all over the eastbay. "Dry" creek? before ranching it ran all year. True. So many bay area creeks had water all year..ranchers have destroyed that.
Oregon Ranchers want rights that go back to 1840. Well,we know more then what people in 1840 knew dont we?

They are welfare land.

Lieberman "on assignment" or ..avoiding?

I can keep adding all I want. I know I caught KRON and Radnich. So,you might have noticed Leiberman has gone quiet.
Maybe he's one of the helpers? hmmm?
Yeah,you wait for him to answer yer questions about Radnich and THIS.

Deadspin. I have a story for you...

The local media critic gets stalked by KRON4.  Hows that? You don't see that everyday in the 5th largest market in the USA.
Motorcycle punks to my left,KRON to my right....

IF Ann Makovick ran into Britt Shipp at full speed? 44 double D vs 44 Double D.

What sound would that make? I can almost see the super slow motion- Super Bowl caliber- of boobs making waves that bounce forward and backwards...tidal boob waves. Boobies almost becoming one as they smash into each other,flatten out. Whew! the recoil! Both woman hurled airborne. Luckily,mattresses are used on this Stan thought experiment. Einstein had his,I have mine..

And you thought breaking the speed of sound was noisy.

Losing weight gets really hard as you get old. Right chubby older people?

I've been very thin...been perfect...been fat quite a few times. But,I would after 3 or 4 years of extra poundage get to work on it and drop it. Play basketball or start walking the new dog. Now? Too old for B-ball,and I really should get a dog..but circumstances as always are in the way.

My point? I read where Oprah is now pushing Jenny Craig. Oprah is avoiding total honesty. Because it is true that 90% of those who lose 40 pounds or more..gain it back eventually. Oprah gained it back. I see Rachel Ray's guy from the tonight show- Ross? He gained it all back and then some. Typical. Its what I did..gained it back and added 10 or 20 more. This time,60.
If what you do in your daily life-for the rest of your life, does not keep the weight off? It will come back.

Only when you get that job that's high pressure no time to eat or too tired too eat...then that's the Devil's deal. Oh boy,I lost a pound a day then!

When you get older..and see all those "success" stories get fat again?..its deflating to hopes.

Oh- and that other category? Like Rachel Ray?.just keeps adding? She tried very hard I bet to be a cook.and not eat all she wanted for years. Getting older is wearing that down.

I got to get me a dog. Cats just don't cut it for exercise.

Media not interested in Raddy stalking me? How self protecting.

Its not often a news stations stalks a guy for being a critic. Watching him take out the garbage,filming it for the Sports Director to study. KRON - real pro's.
I get the feeling a few others have helped. Personal and civil and legal rights? I doubt they consulted company lawyers. Because- no matter how you look at it..its stalking. In secret until a boob let the secret out.
I also doubt they stopped at filming me pull weeds.

All- because I tell the truth. That's what usually happens to whistleblowers. I wonder if Stanley Roberts- who did an unusually high amount of stories sooooo close to my home,might and try to run me off the road soon? Do a Karen Quinlen on me?

Yeah- I'm going to watch KRON do stalking,and civil rights violator stories and see if they don't break down and admit- they do it. Did it to me. Maybe still do.

Niles Canyon being ruined by improvements.

Somebody in the news should notice that once again,a round of cutting down of old Oaks in the canyon is being done.

Last time it was an idiot Cal Trans with no permission,now its that Sunol- Fremont Railroad cutting tree's down- with no permission I'm sure- of tree's blocking the views from the railroad cars. I saw some old large Oaks cut down to make the once forest canyon even more bare.

 Lets see- Fish and Game want to return cool temperatures to needy Salmon- and Parks wants to tromp down stream banks,ruin habitat so yokels on bikes can get their kicks. The tree cutting of course gets the canyon hot and sunny. Left hand- meet right hand.

Niles is worse then ever. Truth.

Stan to Larry- Bet it all,let it ride. Sell home,cash in policy's...

Whatever the spread is? Bet on Carolina going over- by triple!  Its FREE MONEY. Walk around post SB with a big wad of "excess cash". A sure thang.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Radnich,now a company liability? Up to illegal stalking?

So whats KRON response? Oh,to say Stevie Curry is a great guy over and over..sort of attach to him I guess.
I guess Raddy Tenderloin years and activities translates to stalking. Well,as if handicapped parking with no visible placard wasn't just more of that.

KRON the cesspool of news.

Yeah,Raddy you might be retiring soon when I get going...

Gary Radnich,not one "hitch" of pants since I exposed KRON. I caught him dead to rights.

Yep- a violation of my rights. I wonder if John Burris is worth a lookee into?

You are reading what happens when big bizz treats the common man's rights as none at all.

I'm waiting for somebody from KRON/KNBR/95.7 to show me a slice of ethics to be my mole of truth. I might have a long wait.

Grant? Do you have ethics or just a big phony?

Pamela? Any civil rights you think should not be violated? eh,what did you care about MLK? why am I asking you?

Britt?..soon they will feed on you. Very soon.

I would ask Manning why is he even going to embarass himself?

Its going to be another 49er blowout of Denver,another Seattle blowout of Denver.   Denver blows.

I say the odds are high Manning turns the ball over his first series. That old man,isn't going to avoid anything.

That big head of his has too much wind resistance. What a melon! His neck vertebrate crumble trying to hold up Elephant Manning head.

Gravity is Mannings biggest enemy.

I'm so sure it will be boring..just enjoy the first quarter before Super Bowl scrimmage breaks out.

Is Pacifica the dumbest city in the bay area?

You don't have to be a card carrying member of the Geologists Society to see those buildings are set on 100' or so of packed sand. Not granite.  Pacifica could have torn down buildings 20 years ago and then remounded  the vertical cliffs of sands that take the pounding of the surf  mano e sand-o. Mano is winning easily right now.
But they took the worst action- none- they could take. Its obvious that building codes of 60 years ago are way out of date of modern science. What might have been a few dozen feet of lost coastal lands is now a huge gaping sand pit sculpture washing millions of cubic yards of Pacifica away to El Nino.
Just tear the dam buildings down..bulldoze a gentle dip, a hilly slope, to the new "beach"..and stop risking peoples lives.

Proven:KRON 4 stalked me. Violated my right to privacy maybe too.

I'm sure Radnich thought it was funnee to do me hitching up my pants- I might have gained weight since I bought them 5 or 6 years ago- But,when I saw Raddys new "bit" looked so much like me?...and I posted that? I guess KRON 4 lawyers got nervous that an on air personality was admitting they had been stalking a viewer. That's a felony. He stopped.
I guess,I have become the first media critic to actually be stalked at home by local media. The first private citizen to be stalked by KRON's parent company.

So if ch2 or 11 wants to investigate a local newsroom gone bad,go ahead. Who knows what else KRON did?
And don't put anything past knbr and 95.7.  Nixon lives!, to them.

Will the local media investigate KRON?..or racist local media only worried if a Walnut Creek man is stalked by KRON?  This could be big- involving Cumulus and 95.7   Wheres the 409 blog man? ..

Darya,do something about the forehead.

Man,woman,you have a hot body, do something about the hair. Get those things woman get to thicken hair. What do they call them? Ah,you can afford it.
You would look smoking with hair swept over one eye and giving the camera the sexy eye. Trust me,why would I do you wrong?

Jason Apple Bomber sent to the compost heap..

Radnich made me laugh in interviewing "Mr. SouCal, Sammy Hartman".  Radnich says to Sammy "And you once worked with our friend Jason Applebaum?"...crickets.

I mean, he might as well have named dropped the garbageman to Sammy. Sam,just get kept talking LOL  The Applebomber, Dissed!.

 Always good for a laugh when Raddy's little world is punctured.

Gary Radnich- man of big heart- says NOTHING to Britteney.

He ignores her at 11:35pm chit chat with Pam. Never said "Pam,Britteney,dont you think?.."..No. Just Pam. Or Cathy. Never Britt who is an outstandingly attractive woman that Radnich is blind to. And,she has to stand there and take that..with a smile. Live on TV.  ND Pero wont stand up. He's that short a man.

See what you signed up for Britt?  Crybaby is right.

Scott McGrew drives a Ford Fusion hybrid.

See? Where would auto companies be without patriots? People like Scott who reads Consumer Reports and STILL buys American cars that catch on fire,are not reliable and when that American electric needs repair? It hurts- bad.
Its like those guys in Pleasanton who buy that 50 grand Mercury SUV,when the other guys have Lexus? PATRIOTS!.
Radnich? Nobody in his family ever fought to defend America did they? My brother? Buys American!..purple heart.

Joe Hughs 1994 Bronco? gas hog auto in SF ,where gas is highest price in the world? He better stick to sucking up to Radnich. He ain't too bright. I can it hear it now " I own the car that OJ used to try his escape!" Sure Joe.

Krueger learns- again-what its like to argue with Radnich. You never are right.

Radnich as we all know is a "Multimillionaire who works for fun" or "Only has that car to show for his money" or "I work my ass off to support my family".  I've heard him say all those things to Kruger about buying a car that's worth half of what he paid for it already in less then 5 years. Even when Larry hits him right between the eyes......

Monday, January 25, 2016

Stan calls Warriors blowing out San An tony.

Barnett and Fitz- "I didn't expect this says Jim. Me neither sez Fitz".Of course not. They have not the genius of me.
I tell you- sell the home,put ALL the money on Carolina to beat the spread. Like I'm giving you the powerball numbers. Free. I'm GIVING YOU FREE MONEY!. What other blog does that?

I calls it a day! goodnight.

Nice weather. Go get some vitamin D.

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere...lad dee da..etc,etc,etc.

I'm ready for a break in the clouds to get out there do some manly weed pulling and some manly ice tea to cool me off.
I was at Trader Joes in Castro Valley. Any reason why a store so crowded would not expand? Go double decker or something. I mean they charge a premium for everything and people are walking around with fists of money grabbing anything. Some I notice like the Stan eye admiring them.

 I'm so naughty.

Alma Daetz answers dude who says she "Tries to be whiter then white girls"

For some reason Alma has a couple of Facebook accounts floating around. One only has one post. The one in the title that also has her answer. Also- it was an answer to whoever baited her in 2012 on Twitter.

All people of color get that if they speak better then Damon Bruce. "Oh,how funny that the black,brown,yellow man bought a Volvo!'..OH,trying to be white huh?. Like wanting quality or safety is for whites only.
Alma's answer? eh,google for it to get the exact wording.

Damon Bruce heard football in Spanish HAHAHAHAHAHA!. He went on....

Indiana boy's total lack of culture extends to the point that hearing another language gets him to break out into hilarious laughter,then Smoky and the Bandit's Burt Reynold's laugh.  Like a bird with a shiny object he was totally enthralled.
Maybe next week Damon will play Japanese baseball pbp, "It DON'T sound Americun!" He will be in wonderment.
Any wonderment as to why even Yahoo doesn't  have him on?

He like a couple of others in the media? The Hourglass is running....

Poor Daymond..(oh,whatever his name is) pappy,raised in a wheatfield,drank the yellow snow before he learned...
I have to go easy on the poor boy.

Put the money on Warriors to beat Spurs.

Whatever the Warriors are favored by? Bet they beat the spread. It might take $40 to win $50,but what the hell,its still gambling like you like to do. Bet $500 to win $600 Or is it bet 600 to win 500? whateva-. Its a SURE thing!.

Me? No way. Powerball is the best I can try. lol,My income is un-disposable.

Brent and Laura in court over DV.

That's a tricky one. Its easy to say NEVER touch a woman in anger... But, some woman really love to push buttons. Wives, GF, aren't all angels of the same kind. So,there is a gray area that the law claims is clear- just makes a lazy prosecution's job easier. In real life more then one woman has gotten in a man's face and taunted him to hit her.
And that is the truth.

On Gary Radnich and "If I dont bother you,you dont bother me". His little world.

Of course that philosophy works for him. Sounds humble- but isn't. He rules his little world so why not call it that?
And if you do bother him? out you go Diane,Kate,Dave,Dan,..on and on.

Bother him Joe,see how long you last.

He stalked me. That bothers me.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chip Kelly divorced his wife after seven years. KNBR last to know.

"Never been married? Is he selfish?? or?"

To think I let 50,000 watts put is he gay into my brain because KNBR 50,000 said "No kids,never been married".
He's been married,ex wife just got tired of everything football I read.

TV car shows: A flexing of who really has the toy money?

I like custom cars. Always have. I watch the new fad of my old fad on TV.  I'm a little disappointed at how divisive these shows are. They really stick to a stereotype they want to portray. All the guys wear black,wear baggy the T shirts to have that German cursive writing. Not to mention the Iron Cross is a required adornment. Country music and American Flags behind the biggest gas hogs they can create.

 If its sophisticated cars?.....its sophisticated status quo looking guys. Dapper dudes who are sure only THEY appreciate REAL engineering. They invented everything. Including the Aztec calendar and the Pyramids. As they tell it.

I don't see any reaching out to the melting pot from these shows. The hiring of who's on the shows is strictly non people of color.

Other then Sue..and she's been harassed to work cheap by Richard Rawlings. I see,btw Rawlings went out and got him a hard party,drinking and smoking wife woman. Good luck. I wonder if  he got one of those premarital contracts?. Good luck to her if she got around it!..or soon will. Take him to the cleaners girl.

And then....
The huge Latin custom car tradition? gets maybe a nod every now and then.

The big Asian car interest and 700hp Honda's? Almost no mention at all.

African Americans? music. Take that hint these shows say.

There is a subliminal element to these shows. Sort of subtle like the Swastika carved into Manson's forehead.

No wonder WWII Vets hated the Hells Angels. There they were dying or maimed by the Nazi's for America's freedom and then they come home and their spoiled kids are riding motorcycles with that shit all over it.

Discovery Channel I will bet all I have-- is a rightist leaning company. They seem to think rape of the environment is worth a dollar and a rating point.

Carolina will destroy Denver. Bronco's to do usual SB pratfall.

The Raiders should have beaten Denver. Twice. No way Manning is what he used to be. Like Lebron,just pretty good now.

Super Mex Rivera and  Newtons Principa theory of footballs falling in the end zone will trounce Manning. Omaha? MAAAAAMA!..he will say. Write it down!.

Laura, loco? Say it aint so.

Se seems so nice-lol.  413 Media says she backstabbed her husband AND Christiana Loren?  AND,AND, Marla Telez her- comadre???

I don't get why. Christina did Weather. Marla?..seems to not have been horribly scarred. She's livi'n la vida loca in Los Angeles. Me? I live la vida sofa.

I think her power by that other media blog is vastly exaggerated.

Until 409 media has more facts? I am dubious.

 The BIG MYSTERY?..Why is "10" Cristina on Farm Reports?

Air Force trio of Dufus almost set off A-bomb missle.

They dropped a wrench on it...then did $1.8 million in damage trying to undo what they did.   The Air Force required by law to fully disclose is claiming any more details is "classified".

I wonder how much government horror has been hidden over the decades by the catch all "classified"?.  If you applied that to Manson,he could be Pope for all we would know about his background.

U-2's "The Edge" wants to destroy Malibu ridge.

You would think he would get the hint from the lawsuits and locals outrage considering he claims to have an "edge". 

Well,U2 doesn't often do many environmental causes do they?  And bulldozing a Malibu hilltop is right there with a Rock star's grotesque version of poor mans anarchy.

I bet U-2 goes to Japan to eat whale meat..if not club baby seals in Scotland.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why is it mostly raining at night this year?

You have noticed in many tropical or semi tropical areas of the world some spots are famous for rains that fall at night and stop at dawn  for "delightful  tourist shopping days".  This year in the bay area I haven't seen but maybe one day where it poured all day...otherwise it starts at midnight...ends before dawn. Only our days are 60f not 80f like those tourist destinations.

I haven't heard one weatherperson comment on this phenomena. Sure,some sprinkles in the day..but the heavy hour after hours rains are mostly after hours.

Pamela Moore calls Radnich "Crybaby" he says.

She denied it. But he gave her the look when she did.  He heard her because she probably did call him a crybaby and is a big reason KRON is in this ridiculous turmoil of a sportscaster having the news operation revolve around him.

btw- For the first time in years,PM, did not take a Thursday or Friday off following MLK day. What changed her mind?..

Gary Radnich has not once said the name "Britteney". Not once.

He's on his high horse again. He must be kind of nutso to live with I figure. His wife gets that 100% of the time? Oh boy.
Remember my post of why you never see tweet photo's of Raddy and his buddies? He said on KRON something like "you never will,because I only tweet me with people I love".  That's an angle of  " I don't care about nobody but me" And people know that. And Radnich said something like he's looking forward to the grave,so everybody else but family, fuck off.  I am interpreting his meaning.

He and Britteney? It must eat him alive to have a soul sistah doing the weather..and she doesn't want to go down that road with Uncle Gary.

Do you know what else? I haven't heard him do JZ Beyonce lil Wayne,etc..once since Britteney arrived. He turned off the tap.

She worked more,he worked less...oh boy- a powderkeg marriage.

The fact she worked more because she might have instigated getting him off HER show?. I can see how he might be steamed.
I do remember he talked about playing golf a lot. That might have been an on-air dart to her that was an inside "shove".
The follow up from 413 media mentions nothing about the infidelity.

But Brent doing lots of golf+ I'm on "Sure I can do career consulting, hot stuff- meet me at the motel"....

Friday, January 22, 2016

Laura Garcia Cannon? Laura?

She does have a sex kitten thing going.  Her hubby seemed a bit dull. Still,I never thought of her as having leverage at KNTV because she's seen less then before not more. After Christina Loren,who would have guessed it would be Laura instead that's burning the gossip mags headlines?

Hmm,I wonder if she and Christina?..ya know..a bit tipsy at the Christmas party 2014.."I got some new things from Victoria's want to come over and see?"..And that could be either offering to the other.

Raj isn't wearing his wedding ring . Whats the story about that?..the "Check Please" episode took down his marriage?..ah,kidding. Eh,ya never know.

Grant Lodis censored by KRON.

After a Radnich bit about KRON giving him a fleece jacket- as always,he's too good for cheap freebies- except he takes them ya notice- Radnich said something about Lodis wife and all you then heard was Lodis off camera say  "I 'll  buy her a fleece.." then you see that delay when they bleep people on live tv? Because after he said fleece,Raddys wife did the "Hey-Oh!' Radnich looked like he just heard something dirty,and then his wife said "Ok,moving on to a higher level"..

So what was wrong that Lodis said he will buy his wife fleece? Well..because he must have added "Fleece panties, or fleece bra"..something not for family news. He was bleeped.

Damon Bruce the new Dr. Demento. Only he doesnt know it.

He plays weird songs,and gets that evil villain laugh of his going. Damon has nothing to say. What his act is? Its to convince people that Damon is so cool,that if he rips somebody-..well,you better join the gang..or uh, you're not cool, dude.

Me? I have things to say, opinions backed by truth and many successful ideas put out that were a solution. The whole Dave Spahr -Diane Tuazon was right there with my Billy Beane- Nancy Snyderman. I could go on. Well,let me say when I heard ESPN use "chink in his armor"? the millisecond hesitation? I knew it was racist,not a slip ..and wrote that.

Bruce? His way to handle my critique is to find something in broken Spanish that he can laugh at. Radnich? have somebody watch me and get fixated I hitch up my pants. Do you see any refutations to what I say about them in that?
That's the media. I have had run ins with the local news media. They are biased. They do cater to big business's who advertise on their station or in their paper. I learned that years ago - personal contact. She was so sweet and petite too. Still threw me under the bus.

And just an added note. What I said about Dibs act getting crickets with Guru?..Sure enough, he has Bruce in stitches. Radnich listening, cant stop chuckling either himself no doubt.

Raj Matai is wearing no rings...

 I noticed. He also is a big Radnich fan.
Powerplay,domestic problems? I think 413 is talking about Raj- stayed tuned in.

Kruger really reemed Radnich today. Called him out.

Radnich had been all show trying to set up a heartwarming story of how he will miss the NFC showdown on Sunday so that he can attend the Father -Daughter dance at her school. I'm sure she begged him- but I digress. Krueger wont let Radnich go on without answering back. "Try three letters- DVR."   Radnich did a pregnant pause- caught in his own bs- then came back with,"I get to see the highlights on the news when its over" Kruger said "That's not watching the game- you'll miss almost every play"
Of course Larry is right. Radnich cares so little about anything to do with sports..he BEGS for an excuse to stay away from even watching the game on the tube..or motherboard to be modern.

I notice as he got agitated at Krueger the truth began to come out of Raddys mouth "I'm not paid to say scores or know details of the game,I'm paid to entertain and get ratings"  Well,that view of sports on tv seems by coincidence to match up with what he wants to do now. Not what he wanted 33 to maybe ten years ago.
He dropped the "Do you know how many championships Ive seen in my life?".  Well raddy that's only relevant when you retire.
I liked the truth out of Radnich mouth when Kreuger had him all riled up "I don't come to work to socialize". "I have a job to do"
And that my friends,is his way of taking no blame for costing others their jobs,or having grudges or plain harassing a female weatherpersons back to Las Vegas.
He does all that to be a good father is how he sees it.

Heather Holmes,just one look and I was big mess,that long cool woman had it all-aaaaahll.

The Holleys had Heather down.  She's now got the perfect hair,the black dress contrast to golden hair. Frank and Mark are having difficulty? I don't care. Not at all. She can grind her spike heel into their Chuck Taylor's- Mark or Wingtips- Frank. Doesn't bother me.

btw, Kate Cagler on Linda back in '93. Men tripped over cafe chairs when she went by. I learned the power of  hot blond then. They look identical. Every time they do a closeup of her? pouty lips? big round eyes? I want the way back machine to kick in.

Veronica Del La Cruz. Where she be?

I'm not a big 5 watcher..or Nightbeat. But when I do tune in -says the most interesting man in the world,me- I don't see Veronica.

Maybe these male co anchors see Asian woman as automatically going to be deferential and when they are not- the "get them out of here" pressure builds.

Its been rough on Asian woman in the bay area lately. They seem to be let go asap,or hours cut back. Like a retaliation by the status quo.

Gary Radnich . Mr.El Whino P.O's Kruger

"Oh,the Super Bowl is so hard on me" "Oh,driving is so hard" "Oh,everything is hard but ONE thing I wish was"....

He got pissed in return at Kruger because Kruger is tired of Radnich always spinning his lost zeal for sports as actually MORE zeal for sports. You know,his usual play both sides of any argument.

Raddy says its a bit of contrarian for entertainment...only if you've heard him over the last 33 years,he's not being entertaining complaining about sports bothering him and his new needs to take a nap. "Going to the bank". So what? You are going to you're grave too one day. Take it with you.

So..he means what he says,unless he says it, not meaning it. Ask Dave and Diane and Kate for details.

The Stan impersonation on KRON stopped. Huh,as soon as i posted it.

What he had been doing the last few months? ended When I pointed out that it was like KRON had somebody watching me. NO hitching the pants up now,etc as Raddy imitated somebody for a few weeks. Who? ME thats who.

I just need a kroner with guts and morals to send me details. Then,I can get a civil rights lawyer for the stalking. weren't being bad on those trips that seemed to come soooo close to my home?

So,as usual..the guy the media wants- wishes- they could prove he's wrong? Is right once again.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Haberman and Dumkoff get same ratings as Gary and Larry.

Amazing how the team voted 6th best in the country by some Radio (shill) magazine is in a heated near neck and neck ratings war with 95.7 popgun signal show hosted by two guys with shaved heads.

Like I said before- KRON could dump Radnich and his huge salary and probably get better ratings.

Oh,wait- maybe I also said that Radnich is still on the air because of some under the table deal between KRON,KNBR and who knows what else that offsets ratings. Why do you think raddy crosses his fingers thinking about why he even has a job considering he just shows  more coverage live from him,he hardly pretends he even cares who wins Championships. Metamucil is on his mind nowadays.

Meanwhile? Lund and Papa are crushing Fitz and Brooks. Yet- F&B never seem to need ratings,even key demographic ratings. More,just show up ,and shill. Now that the Warriors are a great team-- Bob can defend them or embellish all he wants- hard to say he's wrong -right? Oof,Bob hit the lotto.

Too bad Papa has turned out to be a degenerate. I thought he was strange years ago when he did interviews with KNBR hosts..angry for no reason. Just a real dick. The talk show has just blown open his cover that he had built up rather expertly- had me fooled- on Yahoo.

What next? Papa in the Tenderloin sightings?

Gary Radnich stays on air until 7pm. Didn't leave early. The force is with Britteney

He was gone when the last 5 minutes rolled around with Diane,Dave,even his man-servant Brian Van Akens.  Today he wanted to prove to Britteney- he supports the sistahs.
I told you. It starts. Now he's over compensating.

I will say it again- She can tell him fuck you live on air- and he will forgive her.  Just like his mad -on at her not wanting to be apart of his Vaudeville routine went away. If she wasn't black- he keeps the grudge until the end of time. He does that to anybody not black.

She just needs to remind him she's black- and that force field is unbreakable.

I got my El Chapo shirt and big buckle belt on and ready to take on the World.

I could use a good hangout in Sinaloa.  Really good Mangoes there... Oh,yeah the Mexican Mango Mafia. Even sounds scary huh?

Clarence the slightly crossed eyed cat returns! Again!,then Again!,and one more!

I raised him from a kitten. A semi feral kitten. He's a real talker when he wants to be.
When I had work done- almost never ending- on this old house? Them guys were afraid of all things animal. The same guys that giggled because I had some flowering plants? I had to push them back because they freaked out at a Gartersnake. They were actually going to chop it up. I stop them,picked the snake up and suddenly I was the worlds biggest he- man. I put the snake back to the empty lot next door.
Clarence? I noticed was afraid of them guys. I get the feeling they were mean to that cat. He started to disappear for days,and stopped coming into my house. Those assholes were doing something. Well,the days turned into weeks. I thought I lost him...and then I hear talking cat talk. There's Clarence at the back door looking healthy. I'm like "Clarence,is that YOU?" He mowed,rolled his eyes left and right doing cat talk. I ask if he's hungry?..his tail twitches
Then,I had to have more work took those guys 9 months and we argued plenty. Later,I found they stole everything they could..but I digress. Clarence stopped showing up for months..then it got to be near a year  Hey,I was sure he died. I felt so bad- Clarence was a good cat..never fought with other cats or did any muscle on smaller cats at the feeding bowl..
I remember when he was a ball of white fur and crossed- slightly- blue eyes. Not the usual feral tabby kitten.

I sort of gave up...Mama cat was the one who never left,who I never saw roam. She also would never let anybody touch her,pet her,or pick her up but me- smart cat she learned not to trust (almost) anybody. Like me.

I'm telling you..I come home last week with groceries and what do I see at the backdoor? Sitting calm as can be. Its the Clarence. He's huge!
I have this theory..See,a few years ago I was talking to a guy who driving by my house saw Clarence following me around. He stopped and said - "Nice cat. That's a Abyssinian? I had no idea. "Is that what he is?" I sez. "My wife and I have a few " he tells me.
So it sort of makes sense...Clarence now fearing my home and workers and powertools...was adopted. They must be real cat people because Clarence looks like a white Panther,a sort of big wild cat head on a larger then average house cat body. Very chunky.
Sad to say,He wont come in anymore,I cant pet him...but I can drop chicken at his feet. s'ok. As long as he's healthy and well fed with a local home- good for him.
Yeah,good for Clarence the slightly crossed eyed cat.

Not married,no kids. Media pretends Chip is not different.

He could be gay. Not that its a demerit.  I just see it as why the local media like Greg Papa,Saint man,95.7 seem to be in 1975 with the gay hate humor, wont hint around about Chip. It would ruin the free pass they have to regurgitate good old boy status quo jokes. See? If we pretend (this is L and P thinking) no chance he's the first NFL gay head coach..then we can talk 49er ball and then say that he's a "tight end,wide receiver type" and giggle-- like Lund and Papa do everyday. But!,they are not homophobic. Oh no. They say.
L&P want to do the dirty work on people who cant fight back.

Papa is one little mustache from being a Hitler look a like.

Brittney. A warning to ya.

You are new. You want to fit in . You want to believe what they tell you. Radnich is using all his sistah's and hip hip hop,I have a black wife on ya. Did he bring you flowers? part of his M.O.
 You want to be loved .So did all the other before you.
Now, Gone.

Vanessa Balzac wouldn't twerk- and loudly told Radnich and Pamela on air "I am NOT doing that". That was the end of her. Diane Tuazon told KRON and Radnich she's not into juvenile humor. Radnich told viewers- on air- that "SOME" was a complainer and never once called her by her name. Not once. KRON let him get away with that kind of job harassment.
Dave Spahr at first went with it..did the Radnich funnee bits. Then Dave made a joke about Radnich wearing a Santa Suit.  After that,the coward Radnich- you see a pattern?- went on air and did the incredibly unprofessional mean spirited "impression" of Dave and ended it with a mean stare into the camera and a "You wait by the phone for a call Dave".
Dave- gone. Brian Van Aken's who checked in his cajone's? He's here. That's the lesson Radnich- the man who says he has a big heart,and has a spiritual tweet(ha!) wants to teach co workers. Be my friend- or else.

Kate Scott. He enjoyed torturing her.

Hope Britt that his retirement is forced upon him soon. Because,he's put plenty of people out of jobs. And the man just hates woman. His tenderloin days says "Woman are just objects to me".
Believe that.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grant Lodis puts the squeeze on Pam Moore...uhuh.

I see his married with a new baby is getting stale with him. Flirting live on TV with Pamela Moore..who didn't seem all that happy about it.
It was so Radnich like too. The man never stops corrupting co workers.

btw.To be fair. Lodis has zinged Raddy a couple of times and no Raddy did not like it. Today Radnich did a slow burn on Lodis rambling about Radnich using a hoverboard. Radnich no doubt didn't like the idea or his on air time taken.

Radnich better go see a doc..I could hear him wheezing on air.  That's not a good sign for a healthy heart.

Did Pam Moore get Diane Tuazon fired?

Huh- I looked at my stats. The title above is what people are asking. Wow,I hadn't thought of that. I'm serious. Maybe my people are on to something.

Stans blog. The most interesting blog in the world. I made reddit.

I see my post on exercise has gotten popular. Alright. Thanks to whoever submitted that.
So did a Radnich post I also see.
The local media quakes.

Should I hire lawyer for kron/knbr/95.7 stalking me?

I hit a nerve with my post. There's getting info and then there's violating my privacy rights. I know what they do..and that's a felony.
Hey- if you work for those people and you know they hack or stalk and you are angry at my civil rights being stomped on..send me an anonymous message with details for all to read. Don't email me..viruses etc. Or maybe send me a snail mail.
There might be a reward for you. Cash if I win the lawsuit.
There are few local corporate types,GMs who are now sweating.

Stan contacts KRON's former SD Pete Leibengood. He answers.

After Radnich took a swipe at old Pete,I thought  "Huh,I wonder what Pete is up to?" Turned out he writes books now.
So,I sez to Pete "Do a Radnich book..tenderloin,fight to the top"..etc,etc,etc,

Pete sent back he wrote another baseball book.

A book with the dark side of Raddy- you wouldn't read it? Better then the history of the curve ball.

Is Radnich REALLY,REALLY angry at Britt?

Usually she's behind the weatherboard when he does sports..and will smile at the camera. Today,while Raddy was doing sports? She wasn't there. Obviously no interaction.
It could be he gave her the- If you aren't on my team,get off the set when I'm on air- This is me using my (Monk) powers of observation of the lack of Britteney when she had been there yesterday and before that.

I will be monitoring. Raddy and good looking woman dont mix.

Hey- remember when he wanted Vanessa Balzac to twerk?..oh man. Pamela Moore tried her best to offer the young lady for sacrifice to Radnich.  And that is all true. Weird,and all true.

Watch out Brittaney-- THEY wont tell you what yer in for...

ps- I miss Monk. The best show KRON ever rerun.

Fitz tosses a bone to Papa. HA!

Now,Fitz is patting Papa on the head. Why not? The Warriors are having the greatest season ever in the NBA. After having the greatest Warrior season ever last year. Fitz won.

All Papa can do is talk to Saintman pregame or "wow,they are SO good saint" game.

Papa,creepy and angriest man in local sports.

I like what somebody on another blog said about Greg Papa " He's a creepier Radnich" How true.

If I was the police? I would start to open cold cases where Papa has been-lol. I mean the guy always talks about woman and his late on the road drunken nights in bars all over the country. Papa also seems so obviously impressed with himself as somebody too smart to be caught. I bet he can dig a grave in record time- smart enough to know the right soils to dig in-LOL. Yeah,when he sobers he says "That was the last time"...ohhh,don't they always?..Je!

Lets see- Buffalo,Syracuse and Miami and all over the globe...hmm Papa's M.O.!
..CSI COLD CASE! get on it!

Stan fights crime. No hoodies in stores. Wear hoodie- no service.

Of course you can wear the lower body part of the hoody,but leaving the top covering your head indoors is like being allowed to wander around wearing a mask. Faces should be clearly seen in cameras.
It wouldn't hurt also if stores put a extra camera at eye level. Get a direct shot of the face- so to speak.

They say no backpacks allowed- It should be the same for a head covering hoody in place.

Why would you need to wear it on your head indoors if not to make people worry?

Zachariah and Guru- a million times better then Bruce and 95.7's others.

I loved it. Dan Dibley came in with the very same schtick that pleases Radnich,Papa,Kozomor,Bruce. And the new breed duo slapped that bitchschtick down!.
THOSE TWO are the bay area. They are the young bay area.

THEY,and Iggy Cohn...that's the kind of journalism bay area sports needs. I haven't heard them fall back on racist drops or bumpers or bits.

I had high hopes for Dibs years ago. But he went down to the level- even lower of the Wheat field Boys for country breakfast sports. Whateva they called themselves. Dibs,went toothless. Never called out anybody on an interview. It was like- why is Dibs even there? The other two guys rub his head for luck? I didn't get his silence.

Greg Papa slaps Warriors VP Rick Welts in the face AGAIN- a big welt.

Oof, He and Lund played some weird anti gay bit. Then Papa went on to say whats wrong with gay men. "They should have stayed with mama". I quote that hate out of Greg Papa's mouth.

When papa gets Faggy? He gets mean. Right Rick?

Lund and Dibs wish Bruce happy birthday. Papa doesn't.

His silence was deafening. Bruce? he took the day off!..He passed on a four day vacation.

 He HAD to get himself to the game on MLK. day.  The best reason he gave? To talk about Draymond Green he joked. uhuh. funny.

How is it Papa- Bruce- Radnich all hate each other? Did ya notice? -lol.

Chip Kelly - all business or much ado about nothing?

Shake man was right on.  We will see.

Long term is when the predictors can say I told you so. I say this- its not a good sign when a coach gets rid of his best players.  Ask Beane.

 Kelly's trump card is the 49ers don't have many good players to lose anymore.
That's a good excuse for Chip.

MTV,VHI pretty much ignored Bowie's passing.

I thought I would see special programming of his vids and concerts to run the day he died. Nothing. No blocks of the mans music. They did that for Kurt Cobain in 1994.  Those were the days when MTV was about music television. Its now money tv.
Ironic- MTV back then as tribute played Nirvana doing "The man who sold the world". That ends with Cobain saying "That was a David Bowie song".

Hockey- the Polo of the northern masses.

C'mon,all those too slow and small to play Football,Baseball or Hockey. No running,catching or throwing. That just leaves kids who have rinks and parents in 4 wheel drives. Elitist.

 They even pretend that they have to fight and have contact like men do in real sports.

Palm Springs should have a NHL team. Live the fantasy sports world.

Grant Lodis already got wandering eye? +...

I just get the feeling..he's got the "wife and baby ball and chain" already. The whole Alicia thing where he made some obscene face that got Radnich angry.
I think Grant is letting local celebrity go to his head...uhuh. He knows chicks in SF would fall over him- straight good looking thin guy on TV. He loves dogs. I get the feeling Grant might be learning from Radnich bad things...

Mr.proud to be a family man---uses show to discuss gangbangs.

A devout Mormon man..LOL.  Yeah,gangbangs are Sooooo weird to Raddy. The man who in old school Mormon tradition has several family's coast to coast. Legal bigamy.

I'm sure Raddys kids at Catholic school just laugh when friends tell them that "yer pappy is talking about gangbangs!"

You notice people that bond with Radnich- like Kruger or Pamela.start to show how creepy and demented they are as time goes by? The normal who work with Radnich...just disappear.

Kate Scott "Still on assignment?"

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

African Americans in droves avoiding SJ Sharks 25th anniversary!

Wow- what unity!. Not a single black face at the black tie event. They even got Mexicans and Asians to boycott too. Except Kristy Yamaguci or is it Gucci? rich repub and selfish no.3 water waster in the bay area? Oh well. She's from Hayward. Genius from there can be hard to understand.

Lots of white woman starved for the dark ethnic meat.  Stand strong people of color!

El Chapo, El- dummo.

LOL,He thought he was THAT untouchable?...eesh. Ironic he thought with his el-weiner-o,because THAT'S what he WANTED touched je!. She's hot...

China ruining the worlds economy, Turkey sponsoring terrorist.

Why are we blaming Obama about the economy,when its China that borrowed and wont payback and is a huge industrial thief?  When I hear Repubs talk about "Biggest drop since 1933"...then you have to wait a half hour before they mention China,I get burned up.
China- the country that has no problem also destroying their own environment. Pouring raw waste into some of the Worlds most famous rivers..and all the non famous too. Auto's there have no emissions. The government is so idiotic they would rather walk around Bejing on a nice day wearing surgical masks.

 Turkey..uh,we protect them even as we hunted down Bin Laden in their country? Right next to a military academy.
No sanctions? No bombing of Ankara?

We have more reason to invade Turkey then we ever had to invade Iraq.

Rod Brooks the only normal African American in bay area media?

At the very least his reasoning is "its a free day off".  Of course, pre union Rod Brooks would never take MLK day off. So,at least he took a step of the easy kind.

African Americans  understand what the day represents. Its not George Washington Carver peanut day. To work on MLK day like lemmings is a disgrace. Take a sick day off.

I guess Alma,Pam,and Keba figure the shooting in SF wasn't a big deal either. He didn't matter enough for a day off either...

 Toss in any others who put their face on the tube that I missed.

Interesting that Lowell and maybe evil Damon Bruce will take off for Passover-rightfully so. Think about that.

KNBR sports hosts..working on a day off. Radnich said so.

Murphy/Macky and Tom work a day off. Huh.

The day about a fat white man in a red suit? They take that day off.   A day about Martin Luther King? No. Even when its a company day off.

What the hell kind of union allows THAT?

I would think African American athletes in the bay area should know about the "statement" of KNBR sports Caucasian hosts.

btw- Kreuger says he didn't take the day off in honor of MLK. He took it because Radnich did. He wants you to know that.

Turns out, Rod  Brooks is the only educated one at KNBR.

Radnich blows off Brittaney. It starts.

As Pamela Moore ended the 11pm news with a greeting to the new meteorwoman,Radnich never said a thing to her. Not a smile,no words. Just looked down...never looked her in the eye. THAT was her big welcome to the Cult of KRON. The word that she wanted no part of his world has her in his dollhouse.

I take that to mean,she and the rest of the country have heard of the KRON Sports Director losing his mind.

My advice? Brittaney needs to watch Twilight Zone episodes. Like the boy who sends people to the cornfield. Watch those Jim Jones movies. For you're safety!

Monday, January 18, 2016

To My international audience- I tell you truth. We have a wacky local media.

To be kind and avoid gratuitous cusswords.... I see I get people from all around the world to read. I'm telling you all- the SF bay area media just gets nuttier the more you understand it. Pam Moore is like the wife of Michael Vick- so sweet,but so what ??? A local Sports Director who costs people their jobs,who parks in handicapped zones- He took a shot at Dave Spahrs you notice while never explaining his own parking. A clear shooting the guy when he's down by Radnich. That sweet anchor? She always smiles when Raddy brags of payback. She learned about playing both sides from Radnich. She's evil.

The is all loco local stuff.  At 95,7 a Jewish guy who hates Mexicans!..Hey Damon look in the mirror. People in Eaton don't welcome you. So,stop looking down yer nose at people for being hard working and dedicated fans. "Raiders furevuh esse" he says in a mocking Latino accent. Then in his corn accent bores the audience with Indiana worship!...Insane shit all the time.
We have not one- but THREE trillionaire in Davis,Wolf,and Fisher..who want a poor county to GIVE  them land and money!!...I am telling the world the truth! A Baseball GM (former) Beane who said being champion is never a goal! Aghhhhhh! insane! insane!

I work hard to find media that represents the bay area. I found some guy from Brooklyn! Him and some former Duck from Oregon!...CRAZY!. Do the local media murder home grown??

My Mexicano readers,My Asian country readers,even my Russian readers- who see that local TV makes Putin seem like Mother Teresa- like to read this blog. I'm big in Portugal!. South Korea  and Germany too.
Read on here,just wait and see what else I have to say....

Stan about KRON. I couldnt be more right.

I said- Dave Spahr rubbed the Cult of KRON and - that was it for him. He made a joke about Santa Gary and the Queen Highness Cult member Cathy Heenan was outraged! She and Grant Lodis were stunned!!. True. All true.

What I predicted what would happen? It  all came true. SO much for what I wrote being hyperbole. It went down exactly as I said.

Diane Tuazon? Does Brittaney know Raddy the asshole never once spoke to her on air by name? Not once. She was Asian- so Raddy never feels being civil is necessary. Does Lexus still sponsor the Asian hater Radnich?

What a strange Cult KRON is . KRONtology. Strange people gathered to do news strangely. Its like live hand jive on TV.

Pamela Moore- big supporter of the black community. Unless it costs her a sick day-lol.

She's got some huge nerve huh? "I'm from Detroit" When I used to be African American like those Oakland people.
Watch- she's going to take a day off..maybe tomorrow..but very soon. She does that every year. What a hypocrite she is.

And the way she delights in every KRON person let go that Radnich kicks-- but never to their face of course? Its weird. Its devious. It is cultist. The only way to understand why. Well,besides she's a jerk too.

Radnich on KRON. MLK no honor to him. He takes a shot at Spahr and Tuazon.

Figures. Like his praise of Mark Carpenter? Does that mean Carpenter will now be hosting a sports show instead of know nothing JR Stone? Hell No!

MLK day mean much to KRON's version of Radnich ? Nah. He got in a shot at Dave Spahr and D. Tuazon. I wish she would sue KRONS ass off. But,I guess Radnich sized her up -as i said before- as somebody to maybe complain- then go no further.

Funny to see Lodis- the man who had obscene thoughts about Alicia Radnich on air--- while Lodis's wife
was watching on TV no doubt- today tried to get back in Radnich good graces. Like any cult member would do. I can predict that rat behavior.

btw- The on air shot at Spahr?  What did I tell you?. Once Dave was out of the parking lot....

By the way Brittaney do you now see what you are in for from Radnich?. ALWAYS remind him you are black! That puts an invisible force field around you to protect from him.

I understand she's afraid of the kook. She should be.

Pamela Moore part of the problem. All white Oscars? Fine with her.

Every year she works MLK...takes off two days later -LOL.  What a bitch. A selfish phony. How does she live with herself!!!!???!

Pamela Moore is for Pamela Moore.

She works MLK day...then takes off Thursday. Do you think a co-hort of Radnich is truly sweet? She plays the game of look out for no.1. Her and Raddy would sell each other out at a drop of the hat. So far the duo haven't come to that

With her and KRON past and present co workers? She works the good cop side of her and Radnich's bad cop. But both are out for themselves-lol.

Brittaney will learn. Brittaney? My advice at KRON? Sit with your back against the wall in the lunchroom. Get me?

 Push comes to shove- they shove you out.

Oh,and Pero starting Brittany on MLK day? That shows all those Oakland people.

No sooner then I write about surgery...Glenn Frey croaks.

Why I said Radnich has to really balance. I might go stints at his age. Damn,I'm always reading about people dying with late middle age surgery. They would be alive ten more years if they hadn't had good medical insurance!
As usual- like I see the future..Glenn Frey dies of exactly by the reason I wrote. Ok,Ive said that before as the reason Pete Wilson and Bill King died..."good medical insurance" That too.

People who work on this day when its a free day off? Dont want to honor..

Martin Lucifer Coon. That's what the KLAN calls him. These local celebs like Bruce- who admit they can stay home,get paid for sniffing belly button lint, for some reason thinks its just important to show the gang "I ain't taking no black mans holiday". "I'm not one of THOSE LIBERAL Jews"
That's the truth. He hates Lowell Cohn too.
Oh,and the black guy  who called in to "appreciate Bruce" for working today? I nominate stupidest black man in America and of course a plant. Bruce couldn't even think of anything to say . 'Thanks for appreciating my flexing my right wing over the man who changed the world for the better" Wouldn't have rolled off his tongue..
Pam Moore? She can afford to take the day off. SO much for those laughable civil rights programs she narrates.

Alama Daetz works. Keba Arnold,just another day.

Spoiled,with no sense of history.

Not a bit of take a stand in them.

Ironic that KTVU is pushing the bridge protest with the same fervor of  "Them there Negro,Mexican and Jew agitators trying to upset our day"
Bill Martin? ugh "Its dangerous what they are doing". Why Bill has said nothing all this time about the SF police executing a man..but this moved him to speak?

wow-Papa and Lund take the day off. Bruce does not. Figures.

Even with it being a company day off,Bruce needs the extra peso. He wont go to the Super Bowl- and extra money. But he will work on MLK day. Huh? The way he tells it the Super Bowl is SUCH an effort. Free parking and seats- he whines still. But three days off? Noooo he's a hard worker and broke too!

He ,Fitz, seem to think its a holiday on par with Beyonce's birthday.

VERY 1996-97 El Nino. Damp,soggy,wishing for a stretch of sun and dry.

In that historic El Nino, my part of the eastbay got 38" of rain. More then Seattle that year. I seriously doubt we will challenge that this year,but we have two more good months of longer days rainy weather.

I pray thanks to the lord nothing leaks. Last time- it proved to me I needed a new roof. Two. The garage needed one also. Both now done. One of the worst things in life is a leaky roof. No wonder people who rent hate that more then just about any other problem. If you cant afford a roof as homeowner?..then you know how helpless that feels.

My advice too? Stay off your dirt. Walking on it when its this soaking wet will make it into modeling clay. Same for the lawn.

Hey! we got through the coooold of late December. Nice to not need the heater cranking all day.

WOW! Rodney Brooks takes the day off. Fitz shows up.

I get it- Union? Well if so- they never would allow Fitz to show up.BUT!,With Fitz you don't even know who he works for,pays him. It could be China.

So did Rod opt out in honor of MLK?

Will we see Kap with his headphones post a losing game?

I want to see how Kelley reacts to Kap priorities. He forgot the time clock during the game,but he remembers to ode to Dr. Dre's bank account all post game.

wow- Radnich takes MLK Day,off. A first.

Every year I point out he and Rodney and Pamela and I think also Spencer, all work on a day that other African Americans I know,take the day off. Some took it off pre it becoming a holiday. Used a sick day. Radnich and the rest would always avoid mentioning the day period.
Since Kreuger is off too?..must not be a Raddy sick day. Unless they thought fast after last weeks episode and he decided that a 3 day weekend would help his condition. Whatever it is.

OR...I had forgotten KNBR unionized since last year. Radnich again enjoying liberal laws.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Raddy sweats...I wonder if he needs a bypass?

That was the third time in a year he's done that,and second in only a few weeks maybe. The first time was last year on cable. He just left the show for an hour because of the sweats...then came back. The second time was just 3-4 weeks ago. He said that he was in his sauna too long. This time like the first,he just passed on coming up with any story. The camera did catch Pamela Moore this last time hand signaling Grant Lodis to take over.
 He's either got some serious clogged artery problems,or is terrible at managing his diabetes- wrong foods,no exercise.
A third possibility? He's on serious pain medication for those placards..and when he runs out,it hits him like a ton of bricks.

Hey,I'm old too. We all get things as we get old. We learn symptoms from aging relatives before we get there too boot. You don't have to have a bum heart to see those who do- and the rest.

If  he doesn't have high overhead- he must be leveraged to the hilt to live large. Knowing people - his first kids must really be burned at second wife Alicia's more-more-more. Forget the Hamptons,rest at home and pay the PGE bill Alicia. You will save that way.

ADDED: A bypass. Usually when you see somebody sweating like that a real possibility is they need a bypass..or at least stints. At his age,a bypass is best. Any older then settle for stints.Major surgery for elderly kills more then it cures..

Marty Gonzalez pulling off the silver fox look.

He seems like a KNTV anchor. Calm.

More on yesterdays Morn on 2 show...

I looked at what I recorded. Not happy. Rosemary who understands media and watchers and happy mornings with men...wore that red dress and it was above the knee. And that thin slice of  knee is all you see Dr,Suess. I mean they never showed an inch more. They even had the two woman hide behind the desk that took a whole Redwood tree's worth of wood to make.
Get this,my friends- during the week? Bill Martin glides around that weather desk to get into the main anchors viewing area. Bill,cool as a cucumber has that "Now for my next song...When the shark -yeah,has really sharp teeth-yeah, MACKY's baaaaaack"..

Bill we see all of, Rosemary and Claudine? We get the censored North Korea like TV shots.

KTVU..I dont get it. I can only come up with one explanation. Claudine Wongs perpetual self conscience mannerisms. Maybe she dropped "sexist" legal talk about the couch and chairs?

OR,the morning show producer has no idea on how to run a show that will get a rating.

Alley Cat joins Hong's smuggling ring.

Allie Rasmus..just as I was ready to anoint her as the new Virgin De Guadalupe..she gets all real and pregnant.
Oh well,dreams die hard. Good luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

You tell 'em Guru.

So,I walk into the kitchen to get something,and I had the radio still on to 95.7   I hear one guy stammer,afraid to say something a listener wrote. It was about Greg Papa. "Just read it. Are you afraid of Papa who isn't even HERE?"

Hey- Papa just regurgitates. The man pushed the Giants propaganda that Tim Lincecum gained back all his weight that he lost from some drug and head issues as "Being to eating Wimpy Burgers". He pushed that like he meant it.

btw- The three tres amigos need to loosen the bolts on fat ass Bruce's chair. Bruce should be grateful that's all they do to him. Fucker. He has a definite hate for Mexicans.

Its what I said years ago-- sports radio needs to dump the dinosaurs. Funny,none of the new breed are dropping about "brain dead Caribbean players" "chinamen" or even "Mexican Raiders". Hey,they don't invite a Tony to drop "Illegal immigrant pitcher" into the conversation...
I'm thinking of that Wickerman movie about now...

Business as usual. Alex Smith loses to a good QB in the crunch.

Alex Smith does what Alex Smith does. 11 wins in a row? yea. Then lose flat as a pancake to a better qb. Switch Brady and Smith to the others team? Brady and the Chiefs win.
Hey if it makes KC feel like they got a steal from the 49ers? Fine.

8 qb's play this weekend. Only Smith was the sure thing to fall short. A sure thing.

Norm still Col. Sanders. Raking in the chicken batter dough...

How dumb is Darold Hammond? He took his winning lotto ticket and tore it up with a evil heh-heh-heh. Lost Millions,because he wanted to be creepy Uncle Sanders for his hip buddies to laugh at?  Imbecile.

You know he's like that nitwit Jackie Martling who told Stern "You need me".and the idiot believed it to the point he was saying it as he was cleaning out his desk, fired.  $250-300,000 wasn't enough. He said he wanted a half a third rate comic?

Clint is right. A good man knows his limitations. Norm must be good.

Since the 2 O.T. Boston game,Warriors a bit slow.

Not as fast..a bit low on adrenaline since that game. Like they really have no reason to fly around the court as they did to start the year. There passing has not been -boon-boom-boom- shoot!...around the world.

Now,its been a slight drop off..they are winning of course and still the best team in the NBA with Curry and co. Yeah,I still big on the Warriors.

Is Bogut still on the team?

Raj Matai on CHECK PLEASE!. Old dog...hee-hee-hee...

KQED is repeating the old episode where he and Thuy Vu almost got it on there in front of everybody- whew- the hormones were airborne big time. Thuy was ovulating like crazy.

  Even the host Lesley got into it by saying Raj "Still has plenty of stamina".uhuh. Double entendre galore. Thuy dropped in a reference to "hot for teacher" to Raj. I wink-wink, at her getting so gurly turned on.

 Thuy likes "Park Tavern" for eating. Raj picked "Roti Indian Bistro". Off air? He ate at "House of Thuy" no her special guest.

 There is that one shot of Raj (probably)getting a boner as he tells Thuy "We should go together"..he wasn't smiling and you could almost see the had eyes locked on her. I think "Lets get it on" was playing in his head...

Raj had no rings on his I bet he and Thuy did "Lets go together"

KQED? They know their most popular Check Please episode. It never gets old. Show it again next week too!

Rosemary Orozco wears eye catchy red dress.

Some cleavage. Red and daring to an otherwise somber Mornings at 2 weekend desk. They can't find ANY talented acts who would perform for free on TV?  Where are the wild animal parks wild animals?? We have a ton of those all over the bay area. NEWTS!..its newt breading season-- send somebody to Garrin Park or Tilden for them.
Again I have to do all the thinking around here. Scott Ostler say Beane seems tired of the GM job? Never!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Aaron Pero would kill Radnich for 50 cents.

I know it. Despite Radnich saying he and Pero are great friends,its obvious Pero has never taken him aside and advised Raddy to call it a day- for your health . Hell no!. Pero thinks "If his wife will run the old man into the ground for a sheckle- why should I worry?"

Huh,has it come to this? big local stations trying to spy on me?

I know. When Raddie does the hitch up his pants- that's doing ME. I don't care-lol. Spy,ask the neighbors,follow me with a drone, and then fuck off..
Like I don't know?

I tell ya- if he's doing me? Then from now on I will sit and put my feet up and light a stogie. "Ah,he's thinking of me". And I don't even smoke.

Grant Lodis disrespects Radnich wife- Raddy warns him...

"I knew you were good at things,but not this (tv hosting) he said to Alicia. Lodis then made some kind of semi obscene face off camera. Radnich- "Grant loves a double entendre joke" Said the not smiling Radnich.

I think Radnich came THAT close to telling Grant "You wait by the phone for the call to come".

Damon Bruce "The Mexican Raiders" with a snarl. Yeah? and proud of it!

Mexican Americans strong support for the Raiders has upset Indiana boy. This wasn't the first time I heard him link the Raiders,crime and Mexicans if not directly,then indirectly. Yeah,Damon doesn't have a single Mexican American friend. What he does have? Boys he doesn't want to know that he's Jewish. The former frat country clubbers. The ones he had spank him at Indiana U.

Bruce? He cant even say the word Mexican without hate.

No wonder Oberman picked him out as dumbest man in America. Including Indiana.

KRON news wont tell the news about KRON.

Diane Tuazon,Buffy the producer (whateva) Raddy's sweats and Parking Zones.  They explain nothing. What kind of transparency is that?
The news station better at hiding the news then telling.

Why does Lieberman now hate Frank?

I mean,I know I once wrote that Frank is dumb as a log..but he seems a genial log.

Nice head of hair. He needs to refer for Jed. A young rich boy like Jedidiah letting himself go bald? Jed swirling his hair like Trump? Bleahh..

I got it. Frank told Rich "We read Stan"...

Mark Davis or Cinnamon Nichole? Who's the bigger freeloader?

She's the 21 year old who spent all her young familys money on powerball tickets "I was sure I would win".not an exact quote. And now is gofundingme for money so she doesn't lose her home.  She's healthy,good looking...stylish. In four hours people gave her $800.

Mark Davis,55 year old heir to a billion dollar+ NFL team,no higher education or degree's, almost was in tears- true- that the NFL wouldn't give him a billion dollar stadium,and only offered him a free 100 million dollars...FREE.  WAAAAaaa! "uh hudrid mill wont buy me a whole stadium" he pouted ,then stamped his feet." "DADDY!"..

Cinnamon? the media paints as welfare queen.

 Mark? "WHAT a punch in the gut this man has suffered! HOW much more can he take???-waaa-waaaaa". ANGUISH OH LORD! 50,000watt Sports leaders are heartbroken for "Mark"

Yeah no wonder mayor Schaff sent them cookies. For their spilled milk whining.

49ers pass on winners,hire a big failure.

Jackson was another Harbaugh. Why wouldn't you want a winner?  Kelley? Oregon wins with or without him. Nike money.
So the 49ers hire a NFL flaming failure.
Funny,at least Singletary was a newbie. It was on him.

Kelley? that's on Jedidiah.

Radnich-Diabetic 2? Weak heart?..

At his age and weight type2 diabetes is nothing to blow off. Those sweat spells are classic blood sugars problems. If he has type one?..much worse.
IF he has a weak heart- and that big bod is taxing his heart? Best to retire now.

Who brags they have millions and brags that he drives better then an American car..goes on live TV to show the world what his young greedy wife is doing to him?

"Oh, and while your having a cardiac dear,can you do the shopping at Safeway?"..Alicia to Raddy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chris Kelley looks intense. That always goes good over the bay area.

He's better off waiting for Boise to get a NFL team. Or North Dakota. Him and HipHop Kap?..oil and water.


All that 6:45 drama? Nada to say.

I know one thing,he's looking sickly. Hunched and ready for the old folks home. But the evil wife of his needs silk toilet paper or toilet paper without paper. So of course the silk...Ah you get me..

 Uhuh,She's got him insured. For plenty.

I wonder if Radnich went to the hospital?

He looked like he could use a IV. Sweating like crazy. Something like a heat stroke. Red, red, face.

Alicia killing Raddy +KRONs new weathergal gives viewers a tiny peek of her.

She smiled behind the weather chart- in the shadows- as Radnich was having a cardiac live on air . Her first orientation..and Radnich takes over the show.

Maybe Raddy should consider giving up a dollar. He's not exactly quality skipping all the huge sports events we have because his over stuffed arteries cant send enough oxygen to keep him pushing that near 70 year old body.
Oh well, blame his wife. He's working to the grave and she sits home eating bon bons. Did you know he in between shows picks up his daughter at school events? His lazy spend- all wife can't be bothered. There's still Vodka in the bottle!
Who knows- maybe they battled at home. Old Guys cant take the stress of  a complaining wife like when they were young.

RADNICH cant do 6:45 sports- ouf of breath. Cardiac? nah. Too late.

He needed Grant to kill time...Raddy sweating like a pig,out of breath. Spa? sweating maybe- but not out of breath. He must wait until the final second to show up..then run! get on air.
If he doesn't drop dead- then a totally unprofessional late dash to do sports. Like he ran up a whole lot of
Raddy needs too,larger sport coats. Its looking tacky that he can only button one button. They just plain look tight. Too tight.

If he drops dead,then "I always thought he was a great..."...nah. I cant pull that off. Hey, we all die. Next!

One last tip from me to Radnich-- Lisinopril!

Jed just wishes he was 63 years old.

Then he might have an effect on the crowd. Be authoritative. Instead of Richie Rich playing with his toy NFL team.His Family is so twisted. The machinations. They love to shoot themselves in feet.

The whole Kap thing..with the surgery not being on the surface and clear as it should be. Nothing on the surface with the 49ers is as it should be.

The 49ers are never caught spying on other teams,deflating the other teams footballs,no they get all cagey to destroy themselves-lol