Tuesday, January 12, 2016

54,000 people in Oakland vs 35,000 who show up in L.A.

So Mark Davis needs to explain how broke he is on 54,000 sell outs for normal ticket price is worse then..LA. Raiders have a bad year...18,000 show up.  This year in L.A.? 35,000. at most. You know what? I'm going on history- hindsight because the Raiders went to L.A. won a Super Bowl and only Compton cared. And they didn't buy tickets. East Oakland and McCartherians do.
Mark Davis has- like John Fisher- wasted years wanting free,instead of working and putting up the money and brains to get the job done.
If either men,had a drop of pride in showing ingenuity,things would get done. Bawling Billionaires..what a joke.