Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alicia killing Raddy +KRONs new weathergal gives viewers a tiny peek of her.

She smiled behind the weather chart- in the shadows- as Radnich was having a cardiac live on air . Her first orientation..and Radnich takes over the show.

Maybe Raddy should consider giving up a dollar. He's not exactly quality skipping all the huge sports events we have because his over stuffed arteries cant send enough oxygen to keep him pushing that near 70 year old body.
Oh well, blame his wife. He's working to the grave and she sits home eating bon bons. Did you know he in between shows picks up his daughter at school events? His lazy spend- all wife can't be bothered. There's still Vodka in the bottle!
Who knows- maybe they battled at home. Old Guys cant take the stress of  a complaining wife like when they were young.