Thursday, January 28, 2016

More on last nights kronexpo...a philosophical Stan look at the media.

The 8-9pm was the worst..then Radnich,pissed off at my review,then sulked and whined all through the 11pm sports.
Cam? He wasn't talking Cam in reality. He was talking about himself   " Change for nobody" Radnich advised.   Yeah- most assholes love that one. A built in excuse to be a..well,asshole.
Then he ignored -with that big heart he has he tells you- Britteny. Like she's invisible. KRON,has no HR. It shows badly.

Why is the media in the liberal bay area so bad? Its run by dinosaurs...the men who defended Nixon,younger dinosaurs like Bruce who grew up loving Nixon "Sports are for men" says the guy raised by a single mom.

Nobody even sounds like a bay arean.
 "Braindead Caribbeans"..
"Sports are for men only"
Greg Pappa's "Gay men's problems is they should have stayed in their mothers"..Rick Welt's company is represented by HIM?
 "Oakland agitators" and "I don't believe in affirmative action" both by Jim Kozimor.
 Radnich- laughing WITH Racist Rosenberg - who called Serena Williams an ape. Radnich has black children. You can't get any more dinosaur than that.
(billionaire company owner mark davis) "How much more can the man take?,he's been punched in the gut over and over"- Kruger. Insanely conservative.

As I said before..I'm not hearing this from 95.7's new breed. Not from Guru's,Zachariah's or Amigo's. Amigo's?.eh.. have come too close for my taste sometimes. Trying to please Dinosaurs ain't the right road. Still,no flat out hate or "stay in yer place" like the above dinosaurs.

All these are dinosaurs hired by older dinosaurs.  Even the local dinosaur media who branch into music?  Flan and ch7's Ashley?  Country music. Yeah,uhuh- lol.  Says bay area,sure. Says Danville. When the wealth spreads all over the inner bay area- I wont complain.

 The media dinosaurs promise "they have evolved" Maybe. But if they had done something marxist or yelled Viva CHE!, and been fired? They would never be rehired. I'm sure you get me.

Hey,did the chick who said F-you,I'm growing pot, ever get re hired?-lol. Nooooo