Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brittney. A warning to ya.

You are new. You want to fit in . You want to believe what they tell you. Radnich is using all his sistah's and hip hip hop,I have a black wife on ya. Did he bring you flowers? part of his M.O.
 You want to be loved .So did all the other before you.
Now, Gone.

Vanessa Balzac wouldn't twerk- and loudly told Radnich and Pamela on air "I am NOT doing that". That was the end of her. Diane Tuazon told KRON and Radnich she's not into juvenile humor. Radnich told viewers- on air- that "SOME" was a complainer and never once called her by her name. Not once. KRON let him get away with that kind of job harassment.
Dave Spahr at first went with it..did the Radnich funnee bits. Then Dave made a joke about Radnich wearing a Santa Suit.  After that,the coward Radnich- you see a pattern?- went on air and did the incredibly unprofessional mean spirited "impression" of Dave and ended it with a mean stare into the camera and a "You wait by the phone for a call Dave".
Dave- gone. Brian Van Aken's who checked in his cajone's? He's here. That's the lesson Radnich- the man who says he has a big heart,and has a spiritual tweet(ha!) wants to teach co workers. Be my friend- or else.

Kate Scott. He enjoyed torturing her.

Hope Britt that his retirement is forced upon him soon. Because,he's put plenty of people out of jobs. And the man just hates woman. His tenderloin days says "Woman are just objects to me".
Believe that.