Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brooks and Fitz : "Kozimor a great guy."

He might be a good guy. He doesn't beat his wife,he buys food for his kids. He obeys the law.
So do the new Breed-as far as I know.

But Kozimor is predictable..he's a company man,takes the politically conservative view of all things,sports or life.

Is that the bay area? You also have to know..he's the vast majority of the sports media views,with the news media catching up very fast. Not representative of the vast bay area. Even Damon Bruce notices Mexicans seem to like football.

Kozimor defends Wolff to no end. He's never been critical of even Beane's worst trades. Cespedes,I say and Donaldson second. The media I notice always say Donaldson. Either way- horrible trades,giveaways essentially. He defends that.
Kozimor- smart,smoother talker,fast wit,conservative.  The last is what REALLY- got- him- the- job.

I wonder what part of the bay area he lives in? "Hi Julie!" he says getting in his car in the driveway. "Great day to water!"....