Tuesday, January 19, 2016

China ruining the worlds economy, Turkey sponsoring terrorist.

Why are we blaming Obama about the economy,when its China that borrowed and wont payback and is a huge industrial thief?  When I hear Repubs talk about "Biggest drop since 1933"...then you have to wait a half hour before they mention China,I get burned up.
China- the country that has no problem also destroying their own environment. Pouring raw waste into some of the Worlds most famous rivers..and all the non famous too. Auto's there have no emissions. The government is so idiotic they would rather walk around Bejing on a nice day wearing surgical masks.

 Turkey..uh,we protect them even as we hunted down Bin Laden in their country? Right next to a military academy.
No sanctions? No bombing of Ankara?

We have more reason to invade Turkey then we ever had to invade Iraq.