Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clarence the slightly crossed eyed cat returns! Again!,then Again!,and one more!

I raised him from a kitten. A semi feral kitten. He's a real talker when he wants to be.
When I had work done- almost never ending- on this old house? Them guys were afraid of all things animal. The same guys that giggled because I had some flowering plants? I had to push them back because they freaked out at a Gartersnake. They were actually going to chop it up. I stop them,picked the snake up and suddenly I was the worlds biggest he- man. I put the snake back to the empty lot next door.
Clarence? I noticed was afraid of them guys. I get the feeling they were mean to that cat. He started to disappear for days,and stopped coming into my house. Those assholes were doing something. Well,the days turned into weeks. I thought I lost him...and then I hear talking cat talk. There's Clarence at the back door looking healthy. I'm like "Clarence,is that YOU?" He mowed,rolled his eyes left and right doing cat talk. I ask if he's hungry?..his tail twitches
Then,I had to have more work took those guys 9 months and we argued plenty. Later,I found they stole everything they could..but I digress. Clarence stopped showing up for months..then it got to be near a year  Hey,I was sure he died. I felt so bad- Clarence was a good cat..never fought with other cats or did any muscle on smaller cats at the feeding bowl..
I remember when he was a ball of white fur and crossed- slightly- blue eyes. Not the usual feral tabby kitten.

I sort of gave up...Mama cat was the one who never left,who I never saw roam. She also would never let anybody touch her,pet her,or pick her up but me- smart cat she learned not to trust (almost) anybody. Like me.

I'm telling you..I come home last week with groceries and what do I see at the backdoor? Sitting calm as can be. Its the Clarence. He's huge!
I have this theory..See,a few years ago I was talking to a guy who driving by my house saw Clarence following me around. He stopped and said - "Nice cat. That's a Abyssinian? I had no idea. "Is that what he is?" I sez. "My wife and I have a few " he tells me.
So it sort of makes sense...Clarence now fearing my home and workers and powertools...was adopted. They must be real cat people because Clarence looks like a white Panther,a sort of big wild cat head on a larger then average house cat body. Very chunky.
Sad to say,He wont come in anymore,I cant pet him...but I can drop chicken at his feet. s'ok. As long as he's healthy and well fed with a local home- good for him.
Yeah,good for Clarence the slightly crossed eyed cat.