Saturday, January 30, 2016

Claudine Wong Pregnant?. Stan's theory on the media baby boom.

I bet all I have that kid will grow up to be a better person then a local sports director. Congrats.

I have a theory on all the pregnant stuff. When I was young it was rare to hear that a local anchor was pregnant. My theory is in those days, the pay for anchors- full,weekend,part time was high (adjusted for standard of living) enough,that many woman in the bizz were either not having children or putting it off until they were near implant needy.

Look at the older female anchors now. No children. They chose to be young hot business pros. Who needs little baby feet and smells?  Why admit you cant or don't want children? They are now into "My niece is like my daughter..etc" All that's left.  And dogs.

 Now?,these young ladies have big rings,the relative passable wages means they went out and found husbands who make a good living. So,-- they start a family like regular people. No need to be a stay at home mom. They work and make money- not just think of ways to spend some married woman of a sports director.

ps. If she isn't pregnant?...