Thursday, January 28, 2016

Damon Bruce does funny Radnich impersonation. "Old Fuddy Duddy" he calls it.

"Complaining about the traffic" ITS the SUPER BOWL!.   So Bruce got a tab bit on my good side. I think an all out war between competing radio hosts or just competing stations should have happened long ago. Why all this bullshit "off limits" when you cant stand the other guy?
Hell my ratings go through the roof on Radnich or Anchor woman posts. Surprisingly my takes on the nature of the Universe do not rate highly.
Bruce,knows so much inside info on the KNBR boys..why hold back? Worried you might want back? What kind of sportsman are you? GO for the WIN. You might get a rout.
He also mentioned his GF. I was worried he might be inept with woman. 40,no steady,never married,no kids. Geeky. He might still be..but at least he used "I have a radio show and make over 200 G's a year". Man,if you can't get a steady with that....