Friday, January 22, 2016

Damon Bruce the new Dr. Demento. Only he doesnt know it.

He plays weird songs,and gets that evil villain laugh of his going. Damon has nothing to say. What his act is? Its to convince people that Damon is so cool,that if he rips somebody-..well,you better join the gang..or uh, you're not cool, dude.

Me? I have things to say, opinions backed by truth and many successful ideas put out that were a solution. The whole Dave Spahr -Diane Tuazon was right there with my Billy Beane- Nancy Snyderman. I could go on. Well,let me say when I heard ESPN use "chink in his armor"? the millisecond hesitation? I knew it was racist,not a slip ..and wrote that.

Bruce? His way to handle my critique is to find something in broken Spanish that he can laugh at. Radnich? have somebody watch me and get fixated I hitch up my pants. Do you see any refutations to what I say about them in that?
That's the media. I have had run ins with the local news media. They are biased. They do cater to big business's who advertise on their station or in their paper. I learned that years ago - personal contact. She was so sweet and petite too. Still threw me under the bus.

And just an added note. What I said about Dibs act getting crickets with Guru?..Sure enough, he has Bruce in stitches. Radnich listening, cant stop chuckling either himself no doubt.