Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Damon Bruce views on the serious topic of mental illness...

"Nevuh get in a fight with a crazy man- real mental illness,real,real mental illness 'cause he will be back again tomorrow"  Said the man who has no mental illness and proves you don't need one to be a fucking moron. I cant even begin to tell you how backwards he sounded. Just imagine him throwing things at interns while calling them "retards".  Yep,that's the guy who also in college said "Spank me again daddy" so he could pledge with other moron racists.
How many types of mental illness are treated by experts every day? Bruce has distilled that behavior in one be- all reaction to an argument.
It also sounds like a good excuse by Bruce for running away coward like. He never did enlist did he? uh-huh.
What a fucking dope he is. More of what needs to be swept into the media garbage bin.