Sunday, January 31, 2016

December sports radio ratings IN DETAILS,and Stan commentary.

KNRB with Murphy +Macky 6.1 and Katey over thegames team 3.9 Yet,I don't even know who the games guys are or where they came from,so 3.9 vs a solid 10 year old show (or so) ain't bad really.

GARY RADNICH..fighting for his life. 3.5 (less then the games unknowns morning show-lol)  to 3.0 for Habberman and Middlekauf. Just writing that I feel like I stepped into a German mini market in Fremont. I have no problems with it really...Man, the game is sooooo close huh Gare?

Lund and Papa's lead over Fitz and Brooks held,but narrowed. F&B know that's the Warriors tie in that keeps them on air,not their fantastic personalities. Lund and Papa? They would sacrifice a chicken for ratings.Or, choke their own...

Tolbert on Cruise control vs Damon Bruce. 5.3 to 3.0. Sounds like a big block Ford vs a base 6 cylinder porshee. Maybe Damon gets better gas mileage. You would think Damon would wear a charro suit and big Sombrero instead of whining about the Mexican Raiders. It would help.

And these are REAL ratings. 24-54 year olds. Not those crappy ones Lieberman gives you.
Thanks JB!