Saturday, January 30, 2016

Difference between me and Rich Lieberman- big ones.

He puts down Somersville for helping poor kids? Says it boosts Franks ego? Hey,I might not think Frank is the sharpest tool in the shed, but if he helps people- great. Ask those poor kids.  Radnich? he forces his kids to work the social media and its obvious he does it for himself. Not for them. Daddy needs another status toy.

Lieberman? Hates dogs.  I love Dogs,mutts Pooches,puppys,all of them. Damon Bruce never had a pet. Weird how many local sports guy never had a pet.

Lieberman makes friends with local personalities and turns on them..over and over. I can see every now and then..but he's got a personality disorder where everybody he makes a friend of,he HAS to turn on them sooner or later. Every one of them

Me? I don't know them..and when I do watch and listen and read enough I make my decision. That's it. I just hope none of them are Mike Vick when they get home. And- unlike Damon Bruce,I wasn't screaming Vick was rehabilitated because he threw for 300 yards with Philly. The only thing I'm sure of is- Vick is cured of not being afraid of getting caught hurting animals. Oh,he's cured of that.

And Lieberman- I can tell you - spends  some money on spyware himself. He also has no problems writing some comments that go low..but he doesn't put his name to it like he claims he always does-lol- what a liar.

My media blog is observation. I'm far enough from the forest to see every goddamn tree. He has sources or he hints he knows big things...and then never tells them- right?

Cmon what was Lieberman's take in Snyderman's trip to Africa? Somebody wished her well that she knew in the  local news business.  That's the best he had.  Me? I said,I seen and hear enough of her to know a PR stunt from an egotistical woman. BINGO!..I hit it.

There are more,but I'm calling it a day. Part 2 maybe later.