Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dinosaurs isnt an age. Its a thinking process.

Like the old timers who thought cable was the way to go - and jumped from newspapers/.coms, and found that their new employers "go with the team" was 10x what it was in writing. Some jumped back.

Lowell Cohn is the perfect example. Improves,innovates..sometimes I don't agree- but that's fine. I get the feeling I almost change his mind sometimes. The other Dinosaurs? Petrified brains of piedra.

When the Dinosaur says that's the ways its always been,and we don't want change?..That's proof change is needed.

All this new interactive news? I like it.  Lieberman? pines for the old days when a Fedora and stogie was all you needed. Hey,I remember when this country got half its news from "Huntley and Brinkley" two morticians and men in black who read the news with funeral intonations. Heather smiles,and crosses her leg? That's an improvement.