Thursday, January 28, 2016

Does Gary Radnich give Vicodin to Grant Lodis?

You heard that in couples the weak one starts to mimic the stronger?..same sayings,sense of humor,tastes? Its scary how Lodis is fully indoctrinated into the cult of KRON. He's a spitting image of Radnich so often. He slips- he might zing raddy...then returns to the cults convent. Or is it covenant?

Cathy Heenan returns to the convent- that's it.

Lodis and his the man has disassociation problems. Snap! Grant,wake up!.it's the news dude.

Or like the title says,Raddy's happy and glassy eyed pills he takes might be at work.

One last for my stalker...dude,see some Dr. and fix that neck that wont swivel. Enough of the pills.