Saturday, January 9, 2016

El Nino,hurry up with another 15" or rain,then leave and let the Sun return.

Even though our cool season is about 6 weeks old - Late November was our last 70's or more- I'm pretty much tired of it. We need it- blah,blah,but Sun and warm sounds really good right now.

Its already made the ground soft to walk on..I forget what that's like in our long summers...but ya know- plants look a bit California winter yellowish..not GREEN like they are in summer.

Hills look great,have to admit that. Go figure that in our cool winters trees go dormant. I mean,our winters are much warmer then spring time for parts of this country. Dormant when water is abundant,growing when there is no water all ,what?,May- November?. It is a mystery.

Btw- Its wild animal breeding season. Slow down on country roads. Sure,the sickos enjoy running over small animals- a government study proved some guys will cross lanes to run over anything small. But,since you are not a sicko (Greg Papa excepted),keep in mind those winding roads might have animals crossing looking for a mate.

 Right now its Possum,Squirrels,Skunks. Interesting animals..some people swear the wild Opossum raised as a abandoned baby make gentle pets. Same for skunks de scented-yes it can be done- by removing the glands.
So I am torn. Rains and wind and raw weather is so rare to the bay area,I do like seeing tree's bend and palm fronds swept...but then I miss that warm weather. A heated home isn't the same.