Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gary Radnich loves costing people their jobs. Its what he enjoys most.

Dave Spahr is demoted or maybe gone. Van Brownose filling in.  See,I knew early that Spahr was going to have a problem with Radnich. To Radnich the only good co workers are a woman enabler or a male stooge. Ask Vern what he was for 20 years to Radnich. I have done a thousand posts on Radnich backwards views..and yet all around must pretend he's funny and a beloved icon. If not? You become Diane Tuazon,Dan Dibley,Kate Scott's of the world. Probably Dave Spahr now. Or,that guy with Bloomberg News who hated Radnich with a passion.
He's a coward. Brave in a studio or going behind office doors to complain about co workers. He then launches into his fantasy world of proud family man. Not like you- unproud family man-lol. Well,Radnich does keep making families until he makes one of them happy.  That's the kind of guy he is. Pamela Moore is a co anchor in crime. She knows full well what a fool she has to be to keep her job. Why? Radnich. Do that for 20 years and then she has to listen to him use hypnotism to convince her she needed him!