Friday, January 22, 2016

Grant Lodis censored by KRON.

After a Radnich bit about KRON giving him a fleece jacket- as always,he's too good for cheap freebies- except he takes them ya notice- Radnich said something about Lodis wife and all you then heard was Lodis off camera say  "I 'll  buy her a fleece.." then you see that delay when they bleep people on live tv? Because after he said fleece,Raddys wife did the "Hey-Oh!' Radnich looked like he just heard something dirty,and then his wife said "Ok,moving on to a higher level"..

So what was wrong that Lodis said he will buy his wife fleece? Well..because he must have added "Fleece panties, or fleece bra"..something not for family news. He was bleeped.