Thursday, January 21, 2016

Haberman and Dumkoff get same ratings as Gary and Larry.

Amazing how the team voted 6th best in the country by some Radio (shill) magazine is in a heated near neck and neck ratings war with 95.7 popgun signal show hosted by two guys with shaved heads.

Like I said before- KRON could dump Radnich and his huge salary and probably get better ratings.

Oh,wait- maybe I also said that Radnich is still on the air because of some under the table deal between KRON,KNBR and who knows what else that offsets ratings. Why do you think raddy crosses his fingers thinking about why he even has a job considering he just shows  more coverage live from him,he hardly pretends he even cares who wins Championships. Metamucil is on his mind nowadays.

Meanwhile? Lund and Papa are crushing Fitz and Brooks. Yet- F&B never seem to need ratings,even key demographic ratings. More,just show up ,and shill. Now that the Warriors are a great team-- Bob can defend them or embellish all he wants- hard to say he's wrong -right? Oof,Bob hit the lotto.

Too bad Papa has turned out to be a degenerate. I thought he was strange years ago when he did interviews with KNBR hosts..angry for no reason. Just a real dick. The talk show has just blown open his cover that he had built up rather expertly- had me fooled- on Yahoo.

What next? Papa in the Tenderloin sightings?