Monday, January 11, 2016

His Golden Years and Fame have come to its end.

David Bowie..I hated him as a young teen and Ziggy Stardust. I think I was still a Republican then- true. Later,I knew FAME would be a big part of the soundtrack of my life. I knew it.
This whole aging makes you feel as if after you start to fall apart,breakdown,you get to the finish line and its all reset. Be young again. Everyday I have a feeling that you and I are as likely to have that done as video tape coming back, and everything ever erased on them reappearing. Torn- between emotions and super brainpower.

David Bowie.I never noticed until today when they said it- he has two different eye colors. Funny,not until the day of his death did I know. I see it easy now on all the news clips. Reminds me of what all the lines and bumps of all past relatives I never noticed and those I did but will never remember. Takes a rare photo to bring that back.

Well,that's my tribute. Did I mention David Bowie?