Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How Radnich scammed a doctor to get a handicapped placard.

"Oh Doc,my back and my menustis,I can hardly stand up,I think I need a placard to park at KRON". Of course he doesnt NEED a placard,he  WANTED one to be able to park his car that he loves more then his family,and of course so he could be lazy and not have- LIKE OTHER PEOPLE!..look for a parking spot. So the man who has been a con artist and manipulator his whole life keeps on truckin...

Hey Raddy , I want to be fair. You tell me how you lied. You're version is going to be hecka bs.

And Jim? wave at Radnich when he's walking the dog up hills and dales.  He truly needs a handicapped parking spot- not like those wheel chair people.