Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hue Jackson building steam? Good.

I've been pushing the guy for years. A job in 49er land would make the team A league because we know he doesn't fuck around guessing how to score or who his best players are. Hue had Carson Palmer dead on. Do you see anybody in the media giving him credit for that besides me?
I could have led Jed to the promised land long before if he had asked. Hell,I would have refurbished Candlestick. Why the 49ers play where its warmer in winter then where the Giants play all summer nights is crazy. Plus,I would have made SF a fortune. Team and city.
Hue to work on Kap..or squeeze results out of  Blain. Or Troy or Brandon or Chauncy..all them hi falutin funny name boys. Hue can do it.