Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hue Jackson my pick. Always has been.

Fuck Greg Papa for slandering Jackson- both of them

 Oh, also,is that Chris  Townsend- Jackson interview going to be uncomfortable? Townsend once said on his show after Jackson was fired that Townie heard that Jackson was caught in Raider HQ doing something depraved. "I cant say what it was,but it was shocking"..not an exact quote- but damn close.

When Mark Jackson takes over Sacramento next season..the bay are media will be the nervous smile face on yer smilies list. "I never liked him" said Papa. I consider that an endorsement!

The revenge of the Jacksons. Karma.

The 49ers know how much better they would be if they had taken my recommendations over the last few years. They would have two more Super Bowl wins. I would have cut out Roman's tongue and Kaps arm if they ever tried that fade pass under me...