Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If Jim Barnett feels that way about Radnich- it might be time for him to retire.

I had to shake my head when one of the last I thought men to not go all good old boy- went good old boy- on Radnich, Complimenting him on the money he makes. Nothing about Radnich didn't cover a single Warrior game in person. Or Giants World Series for that matter. Nothing from Jim about the years Radnich spent defending Cohan.
If you want to admire somebody just because they are a old basketball head Jim,I'm sure there are better men then Radnich. Mention them for once. Not a handicapped parking placard cheat.
You really went too far.

Jim failed badly the Radnich litmus test. I wouldn't doubt Jim Barnett doesn't have a single close Asian friend. Am I right Jim?