Monday, January 11, 2016

Indiana boy- go home.

You fit the bay area as well as Brandon Teirney on his worst day.
As I am a premier media critic Damon, and a man who could kick your ass up and down the street,I say you have no talent and yer show is crap.
Too bad I didn't turn it off fast enough. But most days being a media critic and listening to you is hearing some of the stupidest shit I ever heard about sports and life. You- and LIE berman,who is TRUTHberman about YOU...get the hint,you are one job change from going back to the ..well,why denigrate honest working peoples jobs?
When you get smart enough to be me? Listening to you is H.S. days. Man,your are a pure moron. A BIG,BIG, M on yer forehead.

Fire Sabean! he's holding the Giants back!..signed D.Bruce.

I like too..Your Mommy is hot and you like men to call in and tell you? Sicko! Oedipus Bruce!
As Raddy would say..he never had a daddy that..Well,you know the rest.