Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is Radnich REALLY,REALLY angry at Britt?

Usually she's behind the weatherboard when he does sports..and will smile at the camera. Today,while Raddy was doing sports? She wasn't there. Obviously no interaction.
It could be he gave her the- If you aren't on my team,get off the set when I'm on air- This is me using my (Monk) powers of observation of the lack of Britteney when she had been there yesterday and before that.

I will be monitoring. Raddy and good looking woman dont mix.

Hey- remember when he wanted Vanessa Balzac to twerk?..oh man. Pamela Moore tried her best to offer the young lady for sacrifice to Radnich.  And that is all true. Weird,and all true.

Watch out Brittaney-- THEY wont tell you what yer in for...

ps- I miss Monk. The best show KRON ever rerun.