Saturday, January 30, 2016

Its time for Yahoo to dump dinosaur Greg Papa from the Warriors broadcast.

How dumb is Greg Papa- like Radnich-,To thinks he's invented an art form?. Its called baby talk and dumbing down the conversation to the point Monte Poole is the big fool...laughing his head off at nothing funny said. Papa flicks his switch.

Where's the info? None.  And Papa's a man of many personalities I think we all have noticed that. He's a real ack-tor. With Poole,he gets stupid..with Kalanne he was toned down,held his hands together. Like the swing he does on his show from Mr. "I used to be somebody in the Warriors" technical his and Lund's "Booty connection time show"

Papa's time has come and gone with the Warriors. I'm sure Rick Welt watches and wonders how he could get rid of the guy.

I would be surprised if he's back next year. Although Lacob's love of yes men- Gruber,Fitz,Ridder,and many more sort of flaunts getting the best in those jobs. Nonetheless,Papa has baggage. He is baggage.