Tuesday, January 12, 2016

KRON 4 news..like dead news walking. Wow,talk about depressing.

I caught the 9pm show. How else to put it? A very unhappy news crew. Flat and lifeless.
I reread some of my posts I made about Dave Spahr. Oh,man did I get that as right as Nancy Snyderman in Africa or what?. Spahr,has been a good soldier..but KRON is kicking his ass out. I had it.

And Dave? I bet all I have Radnich will quietly snicker and say to himself "Wait by the phone Dave for the call" as you head to the parking lot the final time.
By next week,He will be out loud about it and do the "And the rest of ya take that as a warning". He's not the type to gloat if nobody knows it.

All because Dave Spahr made a joke about Raddy in a Santa suit. eek.