Friday, January 22, 2016

Kruger really reemed Radnich today. Called him out.

Radnich had been all show trying to set up a heartwarming story of how he will miss the NFC showdown on Sunday so that he can attend the Father -Daughter dance at her school. I'm sure she begged him- but I digress. Krueger wont let Radnich go on without answering back. "Try three letters- DVR."   Radnich did a pregnant pause- caught in his own bs- then came back with,"I get to see the highlights on the news when its over" Kruger said "That's not watching the game- you'll miss almost every play"
Of course Larry is right. Radnich cares so little about anything to do with sports..he BEGS for an excuse to stay away from even watching the game on the tube..or motherboard to be modern.

I notice as he got agitated at Krueger the truth began to come out of Raddys mouth "I'm not paid to say scores or know details of the game,I'm paid to entertain and get ratings"  Well,that view of sports on tv seems by coincidence to match up with what he wants to do now. Not what he wanted 33 to maybe ten years ago.
He dropped the "Do you know how many championships Ive seen in my life?".  Well raddy that's only relevant when you retire.
I liked the truth out of Radnich mouth when Kreuger had him all riled up "I don't come to work to socialize". "I have a job to do"
And that my friends,is his way of taking no blame for costing others their jobs,or having grudges or plain harassing a female weatherpersons back to Las Vegas.
He does all that to be a good father is how he sees it.