Saturday, January 30, 2016

PLUS MORE NOW-Let me remind. KRON,KNBR,Radnich are not denying spying/stalking me.

I will say it again-- not even veiled- has he denied it. Or KRON..Lieberman hasn't said it's not true has he?
Hey,I know what I write- when I hear local sports guys repeat it almost word for word. Same for Radnich and his Stan hitch,,"his admiration for my walk"  95.7's ..yeah I know the word is out.
I also know Stanley Roberts who corrected me on my time miscue?...hasn't reported in to say Radnich and goons never watched me. It was a lucky Gary guess huh Stanley?

Look..they want to tell me they are watching me? I wave and give them the finger...all legal.  When they watch me +  gather info in secret? That's stalking. That's a felony. They weren't admiring me- right?

Funny,you would think Lieberman and Berman would be all over Radnich getting caught. They have "sources"  They wont touch this.  They wont even post questions from readers asking if its true-- notice that also?

I can play for keeps too. I have a lawyer friend I can get hold of who would love to get going I bet.

One more thing- If KRON says they were watching because "they were worried about me"? Radnich didnt look worried imitating me. Hell no!..He was laughing,Pamela and Grant were laughing. "Pam.look at me" he said over and over with a big smile as he hitched his pants up.
No..they were stalking me..they were going to "get me".  A felony.