Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rich Lieberman wont tell you the truth.

You notice he does what Radnich and KRON are doing- attacking the victim of stalking, while they never answer that THEY did as accused. Lieberman with all his "inside" sources in the media is quiet about KRON.
He's not saying that I'm wrong. He's not saying anything but what he does- go after me.

 Rich is another who wouldn't be so smart ass in person to my face. He's devious...not honest.

KRON? they are praying I don't get more info (Lieberman? no way in hell he's any help) to press charges. Radnich you might notice makes up names about people he wants to say are me,but how can he? that's how he and the brave Larry Kruger are handling it on KNBR.

Lieberman hates Radnich..but crickets.

 You can always get him to say Mike Weiner and that rightwing radio station are high entertainment.

No denials from Radnich. Just like no denials he's blowing off  ALREADY the new weather woman who no doubt wants to look for another job. Raddy cant work with people he doesn't like!..Waaaa..Waaa. Like he pouted and stayed home over little Daymond Bruce-waaa,waaa!. Or taunted Diane Tuazon. Or told Dave to wait for a call.
A man with a heart of shit.