Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Losing weight gets really hard as you get old. Right chubby older people?

I've been very thin...been perfect...been fat quite a few times. But,I would after 3 or 4 years of extra poundage get to work on it and drop it. Play basketball or start walking the new dog. Now? Too old for B-ball,and I really should get a dog..but circumstances as always are in the way.

My point? I read where Oprah is now pushing Jenny Craig. Oprah is avoiding total honesty. Because it is true that 90% of those who lose 40 pounds or more..gain it back eventually. Oprah gained it back. I see Rachel Ray's guy from the tonight show- Ross? He gained it all back and then some. Typical. Its what I did..gained it back and added 10 or 20 more. This time,60.
If what you do in your daily life-for the rest of your life, does not keep the weight off? It will come back.

Only when you get that job that's high pressure no time to eat or too tired too eat...then that's the Devil's deal. Oh boy,I lost a pound a day then!

When you get older..and see all those "success" stories get fat again?..its deflating to hopes.

Oh- and that other category? Like Rachel Ray?.just keeps adding? She tried very hard I bet to be a cook.and not eat all she wanted for years. Getting older is wearing that down.

I got to get me a dog. Cats just don't cut it for exercise.