Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mark Davis falling farther into Fisherland.

The veiled threats,the bogus reasoning that its impossible to stay in Oakland.
Its like Damon Bruce today defending Davis "He doesnt have that Walmart money". Well,Damon,then Mark should like the Yorks,Debartolos,Joe the God, go into another business and make a billion or two extra.
You pity him because he lives off the billion $ franchise his Daddy left him? Sell the team and he has all the money in the world. But,Mark Davis wants it both a weasel.

Mark Davis doesn't want to take the "risk" lol. Some risk. 

Off course its the Raider station to say that. 9-12 have no excuse unless its help get a competitor out of the bay area. 9-12  so much loves the eastbay.