Friday, January 15, 2016

Mark Davis or Cinnamon Nichole? Who's the bigger freeloader?

She's the 21 year old who spent all her young familys money on powerball tickets "I was sure I would win".not an exact quote. And now is gofundingme for money so she doesn't lose her home.  She's healthy,good looking...stylish. In four hours people gave her $800.

Mark Davis,55 year old heir to a billion dollar+ NFL team,no higher education or degree's, almost was in tears- true- that the NFL wouldn't give him a billion dollar stadium,and only offered him a free 100 million dollars...FREE.  WAAAAaaa! "uh hudrid mill wont buy me a whole stadium" he pouted ,then stamped his feet." "DADDY!"..

Cinnamon? the media paints as welfare queen.

 Mark? "WHAT a punch in the gut this man has suffered! HOW much more can he take???-waaa-waaaaa". ANGUISH OH LORD! 50,000watt Sports leaders are heartbroken for "Mark"

Yeah no wonder mayor Schaff sent them cookies. For their spilled milk whining.