Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Media not interested in Raddy stalking me? How self protecting.

Its not often a news stations stalks a guy for being a critic. Watching him take out the garbage,filming it for the Sports Director to study. KRON - real pro's.
I get the feeling a few others have helped. Personal and civil and legal rights? I doubt they consulted company lawyers. Because- no matter how you look at it..its stalking. In secret until a boob let the secret out.
I also doubt they stopped at filming me pull weeds.

All- because I tell the truth. That's what usually happens to whistleblowers. I wonder if Stanley Roberts- who did an unusually high amount of stories sooooo close to my home,might and try to run me off the road soon? Do a Karen Quinlen on me?

Yeah- I'm going to watch KRON do stalking,and civil rights violator stories and see if they don't break down and admit- they do it. Did it to me. Maybe still do.