Sunday, January 17, 2016

More on yesterdays Morn on 2 show...

I looked at what I recorded. Not happy. Rosemary who understands media and watchers and happy mornings with men...wore that red dress and it was above the knee. And that thin slice of  knee is all you see Dr,Suess. I mean they never showed an inch more. They even had the two woman hide behind the desk that took a whole Redwood tree's worth of wood to make.
Get this,my friends- during the week? Bill Martin glides around that weather desk to get into the main anchors viewing area. Bill,cool as a cucumber has that "Now for my next song...When the shark -yeah,has really sharp teeth-yeah, MACKY's baaaaaack"..

Bill we see all of, Rosemary and Claudine? We get the censored North Korea like TV shots.

KTVU..I dont get it. I can only come up with one explanation. Claudine Wongs perpetual self conscience mannerisms. Maybe she dropped "sexist" legal talk about the couch and chairs?

OR,the morning show producer has no idea on how to run a show that will get a rating.