Monday, January 11, 2016

Newest research in exercise- you dont need it. Well,not much.

This is true. A scientist has done studies on how much exercise and what kind to be healthy,help the heart,clear arteries of fats. What was the conclusion? Riding a exercise bike and pedaling as fast as you can for three minutes non stop three times a week,is all you need.  Its all you need to increase metabolism, make your muscles excrete toxic acids,lower blood pressure. All you need is 3 minutes three times a week.
I believe him. I do. If you want to build yourself up to do ironman competition?...all the training you do doesn't make you healthier- it only makes you capable of running and swimming 40 miles a day. When do you need to do that in life? It wont extend your life- just wear your joints down.
I get what he's saying. It makes sense. There is a difference between healthy and competitive. Jim Fixx the jogging guru died because he did exercise for long distance- not health. Better he should have done some bike work and take a statin!