Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not married,no kids. Media pretends Chip is not different.

He could be gay. Not that its a demerit.  I just see it as why the local media like Greg Papa,Saint man,95.7 seem to be in 1975 with the gay hate humor, wont hint around about Chip. It would ruin the free pass they have to regurgitate good old boy status quo jokes. See? If we pretend (this is L and P thinking) no chance he's the first NFL gay head coach..then we can talk 49er ball and then say that he's a "tight end,wide receiver type" and giggle-- like Lund and Papa do everyday. But!,they are not homophobic. Oh no. They say.
L&P want to do the dirty work on people who cant fight back.

Papa is one little mustache from being a Hitler look a like.