Sunday, January 10, 2016

Only men know what God thinks?

I've watched 8,9,maybe ten episodes of "Closer to the Truth" hosted by Robert Laurence Kuhn. He usually has three eggheads per episode go over God and yes,no,maybe. I notice..not a single one has been a woman. Not one.
Interesting. He must feel, I take it, that woman will get all loving and optimistic about "her".  Maybe they wont be critical or he might feel it makes him look like a jerk to smile and then say "Well how about"..With men,normal back and forth includes things like "Yo Mama", even with eggheads when they get mad.

Btw Not a single guest has put it out there that life is not a good thing or that the laws of physics are meant to create a life unfair for all. You see where I'm going?..At least somebody must have a counterpoint. Only me I guess.